Preparation As An Integral Part Of Achievement Essay

Preparation refers to the act of making something ready or being ready for a particular action or activity. Preparation also implies being ready for a future event to accomplish the set goal, for example, rehearsing a speech to ensure one communicates effectively to the particular audience. Preparation enables one to evaluate the output and make amendments where it is needed before presenting it to others. Alexander Graham Bell, a famous scientist who discovered telephone once quoted that preparation is the key to success. People, therefore, have to prepare for action intended to achieve the set goal, failure to do so may make it impossible to accomplish the set objectives. Preparation is an essential part of beginning a development or course of action. Preparation applies in all fields, disciplines or endeavors. It is recommended that individuals should always prepare for the things they want to do. It may be in the course they want to do, for business, they intend to start or play to be performed. It is also crucial that people prepare for things they are hoping to achieve for example dreams, goals and plans. People should always evaluate if they have things put in place for the goals they intend to accomplish in a particular period.

In most cases people ignore preparation forgetting that it is the most important thing when planning or looking forward to something. Some of the important benefits of preparation include enabling one to start well. Preparing in advance makes kick off easy since one would have already put measures in place before beginning. Preparation helps individuals identify what they need to do to attain success. Having an understanding of what is required enables one to recognize some key things to adjust or replace. Preparation also allows individuals to spot weaknesses and strength of their project. This makes individual to be in a position to either utilize on their strength to compensate for the shortcomings or improve on the areas that display weakness.

Some of the tips of preparation include setting enough time to prepare by beginning early. Also, individuals should identify and list all the things they intend to do to accomplish the set goal by noting them down. In the preparation process, individuals are advised to set down the SMART goals which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely goals they aim to accomplish. Discipline is an important principle that individuals should adhere to in the preparation exercise.

Preparing for something requires that I should be able to recognize what growth means for me and others. A good example is when running a company, it is crucial that I realize how the change will influence the organization and the outcomes when the company grows, and a lot of profit is realized. Answering such a question will enable me to evaluate how hard I am going to work and preparations involved in attaining the targeted success. Most people find preparation to be boring and tiresome hence ignoring it. Preparation can, however, turn into an essential skill that individuals can master in avoiding the stress and anxiety that comes with approaching the set deadlines. A large proportion of my working days entails solving and dealing with problems as they emerge some of them which might appear spontaneous leaving me with the responsibility of reacting to them unprepared. I, therefore, have a responsibility to identify if issues that happen unexpectedly could have been predicted rather than being caught unaware. It is thus important to note that preparation is a skill that can be learned and through reinforcement and discipline it can later be mastered.

In most individuals, planning and preparation might come naturally, but to some, they prefer to deal with the problems as they arise. A significant advantage about preparation is that I can be able to handle problems and issues with ease and more efficiently since I already have the solutions at hand to be executed. As a public speaker, one of the most important aspects of delivering a great presentation is by preparation. Some of the important things I take into consideration before providing a presentation include the profile of the audience, their level of knowledge, expectations and the venue where am to give the speech. Understanding such concepts enables me to plan my presentation with content that will appeal to the audience or present in a manner that the audience will understand.

Some of the issues that help me in my preparation include being able to understand my project. This involves knowing what my objectives are and why it is necessary that I should complete the project. Failing to understand my objectives and the goal of accomplishing my project makes preparation to be a waste of time. Another factor that helps me in preparation is by pacing myself. Preparation does not necessarily entail how fast I can complete a particular task it is more concerned with doing it efficiently. This implies that I should spend adequate time on one particular area of a project to perfect it before moving to another. Preparation involves thoroughly understanding the problem to apply the appropriate solution.

Preparation being tiresome will make individuals avoid it wherever possible, however, setting some time for preparation will make me feel satisfied by being able to accomplish the task before time. It is thus vital for individuals to note that preparation is important but not optional. Another important lesson is that preparation saves times and money, for instance, having fire extinguishers installed in a building will save time by avoiding waiting for firefighters to arrive when a fire erupts and money by preventing further distraction of property through fire.

All the successful people that are globally known such as Usain Bolt, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett considered preparation to have played an integral part in their achievement. Preparation can be explained with an example of a mustard seed that when planted, it takes years to grow into a tree requiring patients. After it has finally grown to a tree, many advantages can be realized such as shelter for birds, shade for people and clean air to breath.

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