Prejudices about the leadership of trump Essay

Prejudices about the leadership of Trump

Under these thematic headings, you should discuss the ways in which the material from the course either dispelled or confirmed your attitudes and prejudices regarding America. Were your prejudices confirmed? This is a research paper, so students should make an effort to use proper sources and citation. Please use 11 pt, Times New Roman font and 1.5-line spacing.

· Wetenschappelijk onderbouwde artikels

· Vergelijken met Obama

· Vergelijken Republicans versus democrats

· Wetenschappelijke artikel en bij bronnen kijken

· Scholar

· Interviews bekijken

· Goeie eigenschappen bij steken en waar hij naartoe wilt gaan

· Gastsprekers soms negatief

· Abolishments


Before entering the courses of Regional Focus North America and doing research on Trump, I had a very bad feeling about Trump. My prejudices mostly consist of all the laws that Trump abolished since being the president of the United States. I was always a fan of Barack Obama and I was hoping his wife Michelle Obama would take part in the elections to become president after Barack. It was a big shock for a lot of people when the news came in that Donald Trump had won the elections and was the new president. Apparently the Americans felt the necessity to change their votes completely and go from a Democratic to a Republicans president.

Air force one / two

Presidential campaign

Prejudice: republican is…

Republican versus democrat


Russian involvement

Health Care – Obama Care


Healthcare is a big topic that Trump has changed as soon as he became president. There are a lot of differences between ObamaCare, or ACA[footnoteRef:1], and TrumpCare, or AHCA[footnoteRef:2]. The individual mandate penalty is gone. [1: ACA: Affordable Care Act] [2: AHCA: American Health Care Act]

Signed legislation repealing Obamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board, also known as the “death panels.”

Trump claims that his Administration is providing more affordable healthcare options. They do this by having associations with health plans and short-term duration plans for the Americans. To make healthcare more affordable, the FDA[footnoteRef:3] had approved to sell generic drugs cheaper that ever before. As many drug companies use a planned price increase, they have been frozen or reversed. Lastly, low-income seniors have been overcharged by hospitals on their drugs. By reforming the Medicare program, seniors are saving a lot of money per year. [3: FDA: Food & Drug Administration ]

In comparison to the Obama Care, Trump has made it possible to…

· Signed the most comprehensive childhood cancer legislation ever into law, which will advance childhood cancer research and improve treatments.

· Signed Right-to-Try legislation, expanding health care options for terminally ill patients.



It guarantees that people with preexisting health conditions cannot be rejected by insurers or charged more than others.

It has reduced the number of uninsured people by 20 million and by next decade it would be estimated at 28 million.

The number of uninsured people by next decade is estimated at 54 million.

Increased access to primary care, specialty care, surgery, medicines and treatment for chronic conditions.

Patients are less likely to skip needed care because of the cost.

According to studies conducted at Harvard University, the ACA is saving tens of thousands of lives each year.

All Americans must have health insurance or pay a tax penalty.

The AHCA repealed the mandate, but if you go without health insurance for more than 63 days than you will have 30% surcharge on your insurance premiums for a year.

A new mandate called the Employer Mandate is made and consists of companies with more than 50 employees are required to provide health insurance or pay a penalty.

The AHCA cancels the employer mandate.

ACA raised medicare taxes on those with incomes above $250",000 and included tax increases that hit wealthy Americans.

Trumpcare cancels most of Obamacare taxes, which is mostly beneficial for the wealthy Americans.

Environmental ignorance

Trump doesn’t believe in climate change. He doesn’t see a problem. This has been made clear when he withdrew the United States from the ‘job-killing’ Paris Climate Accord. Also when he cancelled the ‘illegal, anti-coal’ Clean Power Plan.

The press aka “fake news”

Trump is a master in pointing fingers and blaming everyone for every problem but himself. As he often blames the press for

This is a point where he is right. Not only does the press often search for the bad in people, they also don’t always use correct sources. This makes people believe things that aren’t even true and often without trying to use reliable sources.

Animal rights

As soon as his presidency began, President Trump made it harder for anyone outside the government to access some information about animal abuses (such as puppy mills), and now he’s (twice!) made it legal to import elephant trophies hunted in Zimbabwe.

At the same time, the US Department of Agriculture website that made available documents about animal abuses, such as information about puppy mills, was abruptly removed, Mother Jones reported. According to Mother Jones‘ report from last year, the website was a primary source of information for everyday citizens, journalists, and animal rights groups who need information about abusive breeders, zoos, and research institutions.


As I have heard bad things on the news about Trump being against immigration, I could only imagine what I would find online. Not only online, but also during the course we saw a few of the topics Trump’s administration approached on legal and illegal immigration. One of the most known examples of his ideas is the Wall for Mexico.

How has the Trump administration approached (il)legal immigration?

· Wall for Mexico

· Separation of children from parents

· Questioning of birthright citizenship

· Ban on immigrants (majority Muslim) from countries

· Cancellation of Deffered Action for Childhood Arrivals program

Cartoons 1 and 2: Trump and the Statue of Liberty

Meaning: In the series of Trump he always shouts ‘you’re fired’ and ‘go home’. Now he says it to the Statue of Liberty, because it was a French president so an immigrant.

I think it is quite obvious that Trump is not in favor of immigrants. He wants to make America great again, which means he wants only pure Americans in the country.


· Trump says on both his website and in his First Hundred Days Plan that he wants to make college and vocational school more affordable and easier to access.

· Trump' has made critical remarks that colleges and universities spend too much money on administration, or simply not spending it all and keeping it in investment funds. His website says that he would "Work with Congress on reforms to ensure universities are making a good faith effort to reduce the cost of college and student debt in exchange for the federal tax breaks and tax dollars."

· One quote from Trump himself came from a rally in Roanoke, VA

"...Universities get massive federal funds and huge tax breaks from their endowments, but then they don't spend these funds on their students. I will work with Congress to make sure that those funds are not available unless universities begin to reduce tuition and student debt..."


Employment and income

As a lot of negative points come up when you look for information about Donald Trump, there are a few positive things that come up as well. Regarding the unemployment of Americans, a lot of good had been created. For starters, there have been created almost 4 million jobs since Trump’s election and as a result there are now more Americans employed than ever before. This does not only apply for the regular American, but also for the Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, women, youth, Americans without a high school diploma and veterans. The median household income would have hit the highest level ever recorded in history.

Although, there is a big ‘but’.


As I did a lot of research to understand the ways in which Trump and his party thinks, it was quite difficult to get my prejudices about him aside. I came to a conclusion that a lot of my prejudices where right, but some of them where wrong.


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