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Initial Fact Find

I have been approached by two brothers for soliciting my advice as a Mortgage Broker, for purchase of two investment properties, the details of which have been shown below. One of the brothers, Tom Broad is single, has no children, and is in a PAYG position. The other, Steve Broad is married, has no children and is self-employed. The brothers have previous experience of having invested together in the purchase and sale of properties. At present, they have disposed-off all their investment properties and these units, which they plan to buy now, will be the only investments they make, until they identify some more opportunities. The cash which they have in their bank account has been accumulated from the sale of their previous investment properties.

Tom Broad’s Personal Information

  • Annual salary $85,000.
  • Single, no dependants.
  • Cash in bank $250,000.
  • Self-occupied property valued at $650,000, with debt of $300,000 and assumed P&I of 4.3% pa.
  • Credit card limit of $5,000 which is cleared monthly, assumed rate of interest is 3% pa.
  • Contents valued at $100,000.
  • Superannuation savings are $150,000.
  • Motor vehicle valued at $60,000 with nil debt.

Steve Broad’s Personal Information

  • Annual salary is $65,000.
  • Married to Marie and have no dependants.
  • Marie Broad’s annual salary is $30,000.
  • Cash in bank is $150,000.
  • Self-occupied property valued at $450,000, with debt of $100,000 and assumed P&I of 4.3% pa.
  • Credit card limit is $15,000 with debt of $5,000 and assumed interest at 3% pa.
  • Contents valued at $130,000.
  • Superannuation savings of Stephen are $150,000.
  • Superannuation savings of Marie are $20,000
  • Motor vehicle owned by Stephen is valued at $30,000 with nil debt
  • Motor vehicle of Marie is valued at $15,000 with nil debt.

Details of the Investment Properties

The proposed purchase prices of the investment properties are:

  • Ground floor unit - $350,000.
  • Third floor unit - $385,000.

Expected Income and Expenses of the Investment Properties

  • Body corporate fees - $2,500 per unit / annum
  • Proposed income - $450 per unit / week if rented on permanent basis.

However, in case they are rented as holiday homes, the expected rental would be gross of $45,000 per unit / annum.


To: Tom & Steve Broad

Subject: Purchase of Unit 6 and Unit 18,

21/36 Flinders Lane, Rockingham WA 6168

From: Fred Broker

Date: 26/04/2018

Hi Tom & Steve,

Further to our meeting held earlier today, I am pleased to tell you that I am in the position to accept your appointment and discuss the arrangements for arranging finance for you to purchase the above mentioned investment properties.

As per our discussion, I have noted below all the available information in this context and have also provided a list of documents which are required as supporting documents for the loan applications. These are essential for preparing your profile for assisting me in arranging your finance requirements.

  1. Asset & Liability Statements, including rental income to be received from the investment properties, the repayment arrangements on the loans, your credit card limits and the balance owed on them.
  2. Copy of your driving licence.
  3. Latest Rates Assessment of the properties owned by you.
  4. Your present residential address and period of stay there.
  5. Your previous residential address and period of stay there.
  6. Name of your partner/spouse, ages and number of dependents.
  7. Your telephone, mobile and fax numbers and also email addresses.
  8. Your employment details, including your period of job at the current and the previous job. Also include details of employment of your spouse.
  9. Details of your Centrelink and any other investment or personal incomes.
  10. In case of PAYG, furnish two latest payslips and Group Certificate for current year and Tax Assessment for the previous year.
  11. In case of self-employed, furnish copies of your tax returns for last two years.
  12. Name and address of Accountant, if any.
  13. Name and address of Solicitor, if any.
  14. Details of your past investments in property.
  15. Details of cash at bank and its source.
  16. Details of Superannuation savings and/or other investments.
  17. Contracts for the investment properties to be purchased. Please include their Strata Plan and details of Title.
  18. Floor plans (if available) of the above mentioned properties.

The Process

I have outlined here the process which shall be followed by me for obtaining the finance for my clients’ requirement of procuring two investment properties which have been detailed above in the FACT-FIND SECTION. Although I may make it clear that the time required for completing the process of procuring the loan shall depend on the quantum and quality of the information which shall be provided by the clients.

From my experience of dealing in these type of loan arrangements, I can say with authority that in case of simple transactions, it takes the process of between 5 to 10 working days. Bur for complex transactions and for obtaining unconditional approval of finance, the lender would normally take another 5 to 10 days, which makes it a total of 15 to 20 days for the finalisation of the loan contract to be prepared, signed by the applicants and settlement made ready to be booked.

All this process cannot be completed until all the following requirements have been fulfilled and checked by me before being submitted to the lender for approval. This means that I must have

  1. Received all the required information and the supporting documents.
  2. Provided the Privacy Act form and the Lender’s Application form to my clients.
  3. Completed the application and would have submitted the same to the lender and advised my clients that the application has been lodged.
  4. Ensured that the lender has obtained the credit check, assessed the application and confirmed to me the approval after subjecting it to security valuation and that the client has been informed accordingly by me/my office.
  5. Ensured that the Valuation Report has been received and has been found to be in order.
  6. Ensured that the selling agent & the settlement agent have prepared the mortgage insurance as is required by the lender.
  7. Ensured that based on the recommendations made in the valuation, the broker has advised the client about the minimum amount of insurance required.
  8. Ensure that the broker meets with the client for going through the loan contract and the mortgage documents for ensuring that there are no errors and also answers any queries if required and acts as a witness when the clients sign the documents.
  9. Ensured that following the return of the signed mortgage documents to the lender, the broker has advises the settlement agent and is monitoring the progress of the settlement and also ensures that there are no undue delays or problems in the execution of the documents.

My Recommendation

  • You must know that you can have the option to borrow up to 100% of the purchase price plus stamp duty in case you offer your private residences as additional security against the borrowed amount. However, the final decision about this prospect is in your hands.
  • I recommend that you make a deposit of 20% ($147,000) of the loan demanded ($735,000) to be secured over both the investment properties you desire to purchase. Your cash contribution will have to be such that it meets the cost of the stamp duty and the estimated conveyancing costs. Your total deposits and costs shall be intimated by the lender after finalising the loan amount and the costs involved for each of the properties.
  • In respect to the type of loan to be availed, we have already discussed the two options - interest onlyor principal and interest payments, which can be arranged either as monthly or on fortnightly basis.
  • As you have indicated that this will be long term investment, I suggest you to select principal and interest paymentsas the asset value will increase, the loan balance will decrease gradually and this will maximise your equity over time.
  • With regard to term of the loan, my suggestion is to select the 30 year term. This will minimise repayment servicing from your net rental income. Moreover, in case of increase in the rental income over time, the repayment amount of the loan can be increased, thereby shortening the tenure of the loan.
  • Based on the assumption that the will be repayable over the 30 years period at interest rate of 6.5% pa, the fortnightly repayment of principal & interest will be most appropriate.
  • Based on the details provided in the table below, my advice is that the indicative 5 year fixed rate being offered by CBA is most appropriate. The Establishment Fee shown in the table includes the valuation of the two investment properties.
  • As CBA is the most competitive as compared to other banks I endorse your choice of selecting CBA for the loan.


Interest Rate

Establishment Fee

Monthly Fee


6.50 %




6.51 %




6.65 %




6.49 %




6.69 %



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