Practical experiences of internet security knowledge Essay

Practical experiences of internet security knowledge

Cyber security activities are increasingly drawing a lot of attention due to the fact that they perform important roles in the areas of trade, armed forces, health, top government jobs, sports, religion and other key areas. They tend to attract a lot of attention on security architecture due to the vulnerabilities caused as a result of breaching the information security practices especially to the national defense system of a country and the respective economic activities (Gordon et al.",2015).

Private companies in most countries around the world usually own larger shares of the key assets for information security. This increases the possibility of breaches in cyber security disrupting the important infrastructure in a company, such as how electricity should be delivered. This leads to huge economical losses. This in turn increase the chances of other companies facing the same problem (Gordon et al.",2015). I had a brief spell at IBM as an intern and we were tasked with identifying firms which did not have reliable malware protection. The idea was to rely on the market techniques to overcome the problem.

It is obvious that lack of government regulations and rules will cause an underinvestment in cyber security practices. Our main role in the business services for information management department at IBM was to organize events at such companies and give talks regarding the provision of incentives to the companies so that they invest in the security techniques involving the private losses and the overall cost of external parameters that are caused by the breaches.

A relevant application of cyber security that I experienced at IBM involved working with independent doctors who were specialized in certain departments of health. A lot of people were joining the firm and therefore the management of security and data belonging to individuals needed a system that had accurate security enhancement which involved tracking the personnel and their activities in the system.

Tools such as IBM Mass 360 are employed for security reasons. This enhances a broader conglomeration of the collection of each product which is followed by rolling them up into a IBM Qradar system. These activities give a full dashboard of the activities that are taking place in the firm. This enables the clients to have visibility and data that they have never experienced nor have an insight.

Prior to the provision of these services by IBM, it took longer periods like a couple of weeks to peruse and make an analysis of the data. The security services and products which are provided by IBM allow the clients to get the necessary reports in real time. This allows the IBM staff and clients to know the external and internal effects to the network. The dentists and opticians have a proactive security which tackles the reactive one. The general effect of this is that the threats can be analyzed when they are entering a firm’s system and then research is conducted to be able to find out whether they happened.

At IBM and in native India, where one of my schoolmates once worked email services are used as one of the mechanisms to protect against spam effects. Studies are usually conducted concerning the familiarity of mail accounts which the clients utilize as a means of avoiding any chances of being victims of fraudsters who have malicious targets in the internet (Zhou & Luo, 2017). Filtering of the spam messages occurs and they are grouped in one common folder. Such an option will give a consideration that they are alternatives when compared and analyzed with the messages that occur in the inbox.

Many firms employ the use of anti-virus and anti-malware software. This software fosters the detection and removal of files which are not required and are stored in the programs but utilized in the computer (Kanai, 2018). The practice is also applicable in a situation involving email messages due to the fact that it allows the mails which are unwanted to be checked and removed.

These messages are then saved in form of trash in order to prevent the dangers of cyber-attacks or phishing activities. Clients can also be educated concerning the effects of spam messages so that they can have techniques of prevention against such dangers or their effects.


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