Positive Social Change Through Healthcare Practices Essay


Explain how your health care services marketing plan would help to promote positive social change.


The healthcare programs and services provided by the organization can lead to position social changes through a number of events and camps, in which the healthcare practitioners serve the individuals who need help in the surroundings. These programs ensure that all the healthcare practitioners put their effort into making the world a better place, which in turn initiates a positive social change. For example, the Walden university in the US uses the program, ‘Global days of service’ to make a positive impact on the community through various acts including the healthcare programs. These healthcare programs also inspire other institutions and organizations, which in turn leads to significantly positive social change (Jimenez, 2014).

The marketing plan of the healthcare organization focuses on the promotion of the services provided by the organization along with the activities to initiate positive social changes. So the marketing plan for the organization involves spreading the news of the initiatives taken by the organization to bring about positive social changes. For example, the annual ‘Scholars of change’ video contest in the Walden university allows the healthcare students to create inspirational videos to explain how the activities of the institution has led to the greater good along with the promotion of positive social change. The inclusion of these videos in the marketing strategies of the organization, in turn inspires others in the industry for positive social change. This results in the promotion of the positive social change through the marketing plan of the organization (Lefebvre, 2013).


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