Pollution Of The Environment Essay


Desribe about harmful waste materials, air pollution, noise and land take.



Day to day the pollution of the environment has increased in a very rapid rate. In the environment pollution transport system causes the large impact on the environment pollution mainly due to the high range of the burn of petroleum products. Ameh,(2014) mentioned that due to impact of the maximum range of the pollution it causes the various health issues which is the serious matter to take in concern. The serious issues of the environment are described in a three parts:

Indirect impacts: the indirect impacts are the secondary causes of the environmental pollution. The indirect impacts causes the more pollution into the environment and also it is more powerful than the direct impact which becomes the matter of difficulty.

Direct impacts: Direct impacts include some of the recent consequences which become the causes of the environmental pollution in a very large manner.

Cumulative impacts: Both the direct and the indirect impacts come under the cumulative impact. It is the indirect multiplication of both the indirect and the direct impacts.

In this assignment it mainly focuses on the environmental impacts which are mainly generated due to the transport system. Under the environmental impacts it include the air pollution, noise pollution, the reduction of the harmful particles, land take etc (Michel and Rutherford, 2014).

Harmful waste materials:

Both the rapid growth and the modernization of the world cause both the pros and cons in today’s world. To take concern the disadvantage part it includes some of the main issues which are – air, land and water. The harmful impacts of the environment are generally caused by the solid waste materials. The exposure of the harmful waste materials which is generally decomposed causes the direct impacts in the environment and the human health. To take account the health issues it causes some of the serious diseases and in the other impacts it takes the environmental issues into account which leads to the chemical impacts in the environment. The harmful waste materials include the disposal of the agricultures and the factories to the rivers due to which the accumulation of the chemical toxic occurs and affects the food chain. The waste materials which comes from the hospitals, laboratories etc also causes the environmental pollution which becomes the reason of the serious health problems (Othman, et al.2014).

To prevent this pollution which causes form the harmful waste materials it is needed to build the treatment plant of the waste materials which does the treatment of the waste materials of the industries and also the various places before coming to the contact with the environment .

Air pollution

In order to describe the environmental pollution, air pollution is also one of the main factors. The environmental effects due to the impacts of the air pollution are given below (Kr??ger, et al. 2014):

Ozone layer depletion: due to the depletion of the ozone layer the UV rays of the sun comes to the earth directly. The reason of the depletion of the ozone layer is due to the man-made chemicals which cause the serious health problems include cataracts, skin cancer etc.

Global climate changes: the imbalance of the environment occurs the severe climate changes. Due to the impacts of the global warming it causes the reduction of the rain fall.

To get prevention form the air pollution it needs to plants the more numbers of the trees so that it can keep the balance of the environment and also brings the rainfall. It also needs to reduce the emission of the smoke which causes the serious injuries to the environment. It requires following the rules and the regulation which are implemented to minimize the air pollution. There is also needed to do the implementation of the advanced technologies to keep control into the air pollution which include wet scrubbers, filtrations etc.


Noise pollution is also the other impacts of the environmental pollution. Some of the causing reasons of the noise pollution are mentioned below:

Industrialization: industries use the large machines in their work which causes excessive amount of the sound and due to which it results to the loosing capacity of the hearing capabilities of the people.

Transport system: under the transport system it include the excessive numbers of the vehicles, trains etc which produces the excessive amount of the sound and at result causes the serious health issues.

Poor urban planning: the planning of the urban areas which includes the congested houses, large families in the small places creates the serious negative type of the impacts to the environment.

Under the prevention of the noise pollution it includes some of the steps which are described below:

Doing the plantation of the large numbers of the trees and the plants which does the absorption of the sound and resulting to reduce the sound pollution.

It needs to strengthen the rules and the regulation of the Government to control the noise pollution and also needs to make it punishable.

It requires reducing the occurrence of the public function, DJ etc so that it can reduce the noise pollution (Ezeh, et al.2010).

Land take

Land take is also the other means of the environmental pollution. it is also known as land pollution. In this pollution it mainly deals with the misuse of the land resources, destruction of the lands in both the direct and the indirect manner. Some of the causing reasons of the land take or land pollution is given below (Ezeh, et al.2010):

Agriculture purposes: As now days the population rate is increasing in a maximum rate so the demand of the foods are also increasing. To meet the high demand the farmers are using different types of the fertilizers and also the different types of the medications to protect the plants from the pests, insects etc. the use of the large numbers of this medication causes the soil pollution.

Construction purposes: as the urbanization is increasing it lead to the increase of the construction. To meet the construction purposes the large numbers of the tress and the plants are cutting down. And also the rate of the harmful waste materials are also increasing like plastic, woods, bricks etc (Gardoni, et al.2012).

Industrialization: the numbers of the industries are also increasing in a very large rate which also leads to disposal of the various harmful waste materials which are not degradable in nature. The maximum use of the medicines and the chemicals also affects the soil which makes the soil more contaminated.

Human health effects: the lands are getting contaminated due to the toxic materials which affect the human health by causing the respiratory problem, skin cancer etc which cause the major impacts in the human health.

Nuclear waste particles: the rate of the production of the waste materials becomes very high which makes the nature more toxic which becomes harmful for the environment and the peoples. These types of the waste material are caused by the production of the energy by the nuclear fusion and fission.

In order to the prevention of the land pollution there needs to follow some of the major steps which are given below (Duncan, 2014):

It needs to use of the bio degradable products so that it becomes easily decomposed and also not becomes the reason of the various environmental pollutions.

It needs to minimize the usage of the insecticides, pesticides and the fertilizers at the time of the agriculture so that the land cannot get contaminated and also dangerous for the environment.

It also needs to organize the various programs, campaign so that the people can get more aware about these types of the pollutions and also cab gather the knowledge of the concept of reduce, recycle and reuse (Ljungman and Mittleman, 2014).


In order to minimize the environmental pollution there are some of the recommendations which are needed to follow (Cincinelli et al.2012):

  1. To achieve some of the objectives of the appropriate combination of the various means with the efficient use of the energy, and also by controlling the dangerous emissions various air pollutants and also by increasing the non-fossil energy sources.
  2. It also needs to refer some of the guiding principles to set so that it becomes the important recommendation of the environmental pollution.
  3. It needs to implement some of the policies to keep the control of the pollution more effectively to decrease the rate of the environmental pollution.


In order to conclude the above study it needs to describe the overall impacts of the environmental pollution and also discusses the prevention of the environmental pollution and also some of the various steps to maintain the prevention steps so that the pollution can be reduced (Chen and Ye, 2014).. In the above mentioned study it tells about the issues which raise the pollution of the environment and also affects the human health with the different types of the environmental pollution.

Reflective log

In this report I discusses about the types, causes and the prevention of the environmental pollution. In the mentioned study I describes about the prevention of the environmental pollution in an elaborate manner so that all the issues gets solved. I also get to k now about the critical description of all the types of the environmental pollution which includes the pollution by the harmful waste materials, causes of the air pollution, causes of the noise pollution, pollution of the land which is known as land take or land pollution. In the first part of the report it discusses about the environmental pollutions which are caused by the air pollution, soil pollution, harmful waste materials etc. throughout this study I also acquire some of the knowledge of the various issues concerning the matters of the pollution. Including to it I also get to know about the implementation of the renewable type of the energy system which include the electricity generation and also the bio fuel production in the system of the transport system. There are some of the issues which make me more shocked to know about the harmful materials of the industries, hospitals etc are disposed openly to the environment and also causing the injurious issues to the environment. I also get know how the ozone layer are depleting and the harmful UV rays of the sun are coming to the earth and also causing the serious problems to the nature. I also come to know how the vegetables which we are consuming are infected due to these various types of the pollution. After acquiring the ideas of the pollution of the environment I also get to know how to prevent these types of the pollution to some extent as I know to reduce the pollution in full manner is next to impossible. I also know how to make the people more concern about these types of the issues and also make them understand how to take the preventive measures to get the protection from these types of the problems. As mostly in the rural side it needs to take the some of the measures by organizing the different campaign, programs so that they can take part more actively and comes to know both the causes and the prevention of the environmental pollution. I also describe some of the recommendations which confirm the sustainability of the entire social, economic and the environmental issues. According to me, every person needs to do some of the things in their daily basis which can improve the environment and also reduce the rate of occurrence of the environmental pollution. as every person needs to remember that everybody are living in this environment so by polluting this environment we are effecting ourselves both direct and indirect manner.


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