Policy brief Essay

The United States which has always been known for its diversity of people has become an unsafe place for immigrates to live. It operates the world’s largest immigration detentions system and it is overseen by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)and in recent years the number of immigrant’s jailed by the U.S immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has nearly doubled from what it was a decade ago, according to the data obtained from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. As stated on the ICE website, “ICE must prioritize its enforcements efforts to best protect the security of our communities and the integrity of the immigration system, including criminal aliens, fugitives and recent border violators” (2018.) Unfortunately, we know this not to be exactly true as the system has jailed parents who have been taken away from their children, asylum seekers and community members who have done no wrong are taken from their loved ones during random sweeps. These people get thrown into jail’s where they suffer unsafe conditions such as inadequate food, temperature control problems, and unsafe medical conditions.

During the last fiscal year, ICE has held an average of about 42",000 people a day in its network of more than 200 detentions centers and jail as stated, by Seville, Rappleye and Lehren (2019). This number jumped from several years back as those detained are not only migrants crossing the border. These increases come from ICE making arrest in communities throughout the United State for those persons who do no harm and just wish to work to make a living. These arrest and detainments have led to 22 people dying in detention centers as of 2016 many where young and half were not 45 yet, as stated by Seville, Rappleye and Lehren (2019). The New York Times, Dickerson (2018), reports that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) separated more than 700 children, including 100 under the age of four, from their parents at the border between October 2017 and April 2018. Immigrants are no longer safe here, even those who have established their lives here and done no wrong.

The question that remains would be what can we do, how do we improve these conditions. We want to stop the funding to these detentions centers and find another way for immigrants to be processed. These persons do not deserve to be treated in this way, it is unfair and unjust. Most of these people do not do any harm to be treated like their lives aren’t as valuable because they are immigrants. Cut ICE detention budget. The conditions in these places are unhuman and they do not practice the Human Rights law. Under the Human Rights we as humans have basic rights and freedoms. The immigrants in these facilities are often being denied their fundamental rights and often do not even know. By ending ICE detention centers as a country we can work on improving our government immigration systems, and giving immigrants a proper process in order for them to be heard.

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