Police cracks down on open prostitution Essay

Though driven underground and forced to use a variety of unorthodox disguises, prostitution remains a highly profitable market. This might come as a surprise to most citizens, who have been impressed by newspaper accounts of vice clean-ups from Jacksonville to Spokane. City after city has doused its red lights, and swept the scandalous ladies out of town.

Behind this façade of civic virtue, tens of thousands of prostitutes continue to carry on their dismal trade. Not that the renowned clean-up campaigns have been frauds, open prostitution – flamboyant brothels, hordes of streetwalkers – is a thing of the past and has been happily curbed to a great extent, but then comes undercover prostitution. It is disorganized, scattered and ingenious in its camouflage, it has emerged in a variety of forms that would have taxed the credulity of the modern age. The days when large rings used to run regiments of girls from city to city and have the resources to bribe entire police departments are long gone. The passing of Lucky Luciano and his breed is a great boom for public decency, but the new challenge of undercover prostitution also arises. More and more girls are becoming part-time prostitutes – a significant change in recent years. They would either patrol the streets or operate in more congenial surroundings. Some of them, carefully groomed for the role, specialize in expensive bars, whereas others are known as “lobby girls”, working the hotels. Often, they would be equipped with a best-selling novel to make the opening gambit easier for the male. These women have legitimate jobs in the daytime – as waitresses, stenographers, saleswomen; and in one case, even a teacher. Ironically, they often do not regard themselves as prostitutes. Their legitimate jobs, they feel, make decent women out of them; as for their “dates”, they undertake them “for kicks” as well as for pin money. A real prostitute, they feel, is one who takes on all the corners and is entirely dependent on tainted money for her livelihood. However, no matter what form prostitution has evolved into, it still represents a grave health menace. It still involves moral degradation for both customers and practitioners that an enlightened society can hardly tolerate.

The Laurel Police Department has been fast to respond to this new threat, and as part of the state-wide crackdown which have led to the arrest of hundreds of these indecent ladies, the despicable woman which goes by the name of Blanche Dubois, who has drained Laurel of its prestigious reputation is also among the list. In fact, she has caused such a social outcry that the mayor himself took notice, and ordered the police to dedicate an entire investigation team to expose her criminal deeds. Even though there has been no direct evidence of sexual exchange linked to her as of now, the countless accounts from witnesses will certainly speak for themselves. “I knew something was fishy right off the bat",” said John Smith (who works at a shop nearby), a citizen who works as a receptionist at Hotel Flamingo, “Every night she would be seen with a different gentleman, with her hands all over him. I have to report this to the manager, this is just not right and should not be tolerated by any kind of decent society.” Other than men aged from 17 to 70, she has even set her eyes on innocent boys using her position in one of the high schools. Luckily, actions were swiftly taken before she could lay her fingers on anyone else. “The father of the victim expressed great gratitude towards the work we have done",” commented the chief of police, “No matter how sly these ladies think they are, it will only be a matter of time before we find them and bring them to justice. This is our first step towards eradicating such intolerable behaviour, prostitution should not be condoned by any progressive society.”

In the last two wars, prostitution has enjoyed a tremendous boom; it also caused a loss of millions of days of military service by venereal infection (fact?). And as we are moving into an era of rearming against communism, the dangers of prostitution would create a huge burden in our national defence, which we cannot afford to lose, under any circumstance.

It must not happen again.

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