Plot Summary Of The Movie Instructions Not Included Essay

Having a variety of movies to choose from we just happen to base our interest in movies from other’s opinion. In present times they manage to have good actors starting in modern movies that are being produced and sometimes it is difficult to tell what your favorite films can be. Having multiple varieties of genres there is one movie that stands out amongst the rest “Instructions not Included” produced in 2013, has everything a family friendly movie can incorporate like tear jerking happiness, gripping suspense, and dynamic character development. “Instructions not Included”, has Eugenio Derbez starting as, Valentin, a dad in this comedy. He is an Acapulco playboy, dirty, and irresponsible character, that soon develops into a charismatic dad when his daughter is left to him, then soon he is on a journey to find his daughters mother.

The plot starts as Valentin having his background being told as he is just a little kid, having his father trying to make him fearless. Which is later is ironic since his character is revolved around his father’s traumatic actions that leaves him the fear of love or settlement. When Valentin is first left with his daughter his only solution is getting Maggie, his daughter, back to her mom. Yet as he is unable to find where Maggie’s mother had left he is stuck trying to raise his first daughter. His first character showing fatherly love towards his daughter is when Maggie being a new born, crawls towards the water and after falling in, his only choice is to jump from a high building. Having done this leads him to his only job as a Stunt Man and this is one of his major problems as the movie develops. Having his character work and develop into a father is different for him due to his past life.

This plot is now based more on the six years he has had with his daughter. However, as Maggie is growing she develops under a very imaginative and creative mindset, Valentin rarely takes responsibly to take her to school instead he manages to give his daughter everything. Although believing he is a responsible father, the setting of their home where he is raising Maggie contradicts otherwise. The setting of their home is very cheerful and a child’s dream playland.

One of the most stunning plots is their medical checkup, this shows Valentin getting a shot while his daughter is there for support, in this since the background is set on a very normal doctor checkup but as you look close this shows a very ironic scene, as the doctor tells Valentin that there is not much time left, but prescribes both him and his daughter the same medicine and vitamins. Small details are very important as Maggie’s mom left them, somehow, she keeps sending notes. This is again the father giving his daughter everything possible and showing her mother is working and creating imaginary working plots just to give her everything. Having Valentin showing his character development with Maggie’s mom coming back it is now sent to court as the mother wants her daughter back.

The plot revolving around the court is devastating as the mother is showing more of a mature character with a more stable life, partner relationship, and most importantly a safer job. During the court trial setting Valentin is set to find a new job that is safer, his love as a father makes him try his best yet in the end this never turns out as planned as the court agrees on Valentin’s custody over his daughter, they set another plot twist with a paternity test. The mother shows a very sophisticated character with a loving parental side willing to do anything to get her daughter back. Although throughout this whole movie the father’s goal is to give his daughter everything she wants, even as going as far to fake a mother figure for Maggie it is strange how much Valentin’s father character gives her everything as if it was a dying wish.

Valentin has a very particular friend guiding him since he was first hired under his management. This character is very firm and set towards a very straight forward character. He guides Valentin through the court setting and keeps insisting on having a truth be told that will grant him automatic full custody over his daughter. Eugenio plays his character with such determination he is set to wining his trial as he wishes not to discuss this character’s secret. In the setting before the end his character shows a responsible, caring, and acceptance father as his daughter is being taken away. He is still very convinced that he raised Maggie as his own daughter and from not having and father responsibility in the beginning he is determined to end it that way. He then decided to leave everything behind and return to his homeland, this includes taking Maggie, as he shows a very developed father figure. However, this doesn’t end there and soon a police report is filed by Maggie’s mother it is soon dropped as the friend reveals a long-held secret by Valentin’s character.

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