Plot Summary Of The Cask Of Amontillado By Edgar Allan Poe Essay

Years ago, there were two men who seemed to have a good relationship as friends. The first man was I Montresor and the other was Fortunato. One evening, there was a carnival event in town. It was the biggest event of all times.

Montresor was very excited to go to the event since it was my first time. I dressed in my one and only tattered suit and left home for the event. The event had lots of free drinks and food. On reaching the venue of the event, the lonely old me intoxicated myself with so many brews. So much that everyone who was present at the event noticed. Fortunato was amongst the present guests in that event. He saw me by far and he was not pleased with my behavior. This raised much concern within him that he got up his seat to confront me. “Hello gentleman”, Fortunato begun. “My name is Fortunato and I have been watching you from a distance….”“Do I know you?” I replied. The two of us continued talking and after some time, and we seemed to be getting along well with each other. Later we began to become friends and went to Fortunato’s house. Fortunato didn’t like the fact that I had a drinking problem and was always drunk. Fortunato would always bully me for being very poor as well. When we got to Fortunato’s house I got a warm welcome from his family. Fortunato wasn’t too happy with me being spoken of so nicely. Eventually Fortunato couldn’t take it anymore and began to beat me up, and it really put a toll on me.

I didn’t like the idea of being beaten like I was for being poor. I began to try and turn my life around one step at a time, to a much wealthier state. After months of hard work, I started to live the life that I always wanted to live. I worked day after day to achieve my goal to be something other than a poor lonely man. Unfortunately, I still had a major drinking problem and the money I was making fueled my drinking issue. I was still always drunk not making anything of myself.

Fortunato would constantly bully me over pointless things. He would mainly beat me up for my drinking habit but that never helped my drinking. Fortunato beating me up would only make me drink even more I had to drink all the pain away.

One fateful night, Fortunato bullied me so much that I couldn’t take it anymore. I got angry and went back to my drinking. I intoxicated myself with so many brews to a point that I became so much disorderly, lost my senses and passed out. I was rushed to the hospital which was a few blocks away. After I regained consciousness, I realized I was in a hospital bed but could not even tell how I got there. I got so disappointed with myself that I could be heard talking alone. “I should quit drinking, but how?” I questioned him.

A few days later, I was discharged from the hospital since I seemed to have recovered fully. However, this was not the case. I got back to my usual drinking habit to a point disappearing from time to time. It had been a while since I had seen Fortunato and so I decided to pay him a visit.

“Hello, it’s been a while since we met my dear friend; I hope you quit your irresponsible drinking. It makes you stupid you know!” said Fortunato. This time I did not take it lightly. “I am now responsible enough to take control of my life” I replied. I went back to my place having made up my mind that I would never drink again.

Thereafter, I quit my drinking and my life seemed to take a new turn. As from that moment, I now took charge of my life and became in control of my wealth. I finally sober up and started taking part in constructive activities to help myself get my life back together. Unfortunately, everything I tried was in vain since I still Fortunato was the cause of his drinking behavior that cost him his wealth therefore I must have revenge.

At the end we were two totally different people who put each other through hard times in such a dark setting of “The Cask of Amontillado”. This means a place of death in catacombs. The catacomb is a really smart place to hide a dead body. The catacombs is a place no one goes only to see old loved ones deep in the ground were u couldn’t hear the screams Fortunato cries out while trapped down there alive From beginning to the very end there was always a sense of suspicions with all of the shady things that went down. This makes the story even more likable with all the suspicious activity and all of the unanswered questions Montresor made it seem as if he had no cause of killing Fortunato, therefore it brings concern to the reader. His weakness was red wine and he would eventually be tricked with the red wine resulting to his death by Montresor. Montresor went back to my drinking eventually, losing all of my wealth and money.

I believed that he uses his family’s wine room as the perfect place to trick Fortunato. The family wine room leads to the catacombs where he was going to take Fortunato. This would be the threatening. End of Fortunato’s life as Montresor buried him alive to just sit and die. This shows the reader that Montresor has seemed to have done this before and that t brings up many red shows the because a Family catacomb is a place to bury people that you love and care about, but with respect instead you will later find out that the further Fortunato and Montresor walked down the tunnel you can see bones basically see that the bones have been thrown there possibly as a huge sign of disrespect or hatred towards another.

The catacombs are a place for a respectful burial, not to be disrespectful to the dead loved ones that there bones are just scattered all around the catacombs. This probably explains Montresor’s Family Quote which is “Nemo me immune laces sit”. Nobody will harm me without being punished is what it means. This tells the reader that you can only conclude that in Montresor’s Family death is a punishment for doing harm to one another such as hurting or threatening.

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