Plot Summary Of Adorkable By Cookie O'Gorman Essay

The book Adorkable is told in first person. Sally Sue Spitz is telling her life story about high school. Her best friend is Lillian Hooker, who tries to set Sally up with all these blind dates. Lillian is like the matcher of people and really wants to find Sally a man. Sally’s mom helps Hooker try to set up her daughter. Sally’s other best friend is Becks, he is her oldest friend. Becks is the hottest, most popular, and best player on the soccer team. Sally has a crush on him and just keeps it on the down low.

As her best friend Lillian sets her up on all these dates, Sally just wears sweats and does not want the dates to work out. Her best friend and mom start to question if Sally is gay. Sally gets mad and begins to not talk to her mother nor her friend. Lillian begs sally to go out to the movies with her. Lillian gets her all dressed up and Lillian says that she will meet her there because she has a date. Sally gets ready to go and a guy shows up to take her. Sally realizes that Lillian has set her up. Then they get to the movie to find out that Lillian has two guy for her. Sally was mostly upset because the two guys were opposite. One was like her and the other was a bad boy. She got mad, because she could not hear the movie. Both boys were arguing the whole time. The guy that brought her was like her. Lillian called him a nerd. Sally was so mad she did not let the boy take her back home. Instead, she walk to Becks work. They talk like normal best friends, but then Sally trips and Becks catches her in a romantic way. Someone from their school was there.

The next day at school a rumor flies around the school. Becks and Sally are dating! Sally was so confused. Then an idea strikes. The only way to get Lillian off her back was to get a boyfriend. Sally takes control and pulls Becks in the janitor closet. She tells him about a plan that involves him being her fake boyfriend for a month (F.B.F). She told him that they just had to make it real in front of the school and her best friend Lillian, but when they were home everything would go back to normal. Becks agrees on two terms: she had to give him his candy and had to do one thing for him whenever he ask. She agreed happily, because she still liked him.

Everyone revealed that they were a couple because they have known each other for ever. They only one that was skeptical was Lillian. Becks had Sally come over after to school to practice on how they would ask, because Sally was jumping when he touched her. Everything was going good, until Becks parents catch them in a lesson. They did not know that they were “dating”. Three weeks into the fake dating, Sally becomes upset, because she knew it was going to end soon. She thought that he was ready for it to end, because he could have any girl that he wanted. She tried ending it over a text and he would not allow it. He said it had to public and that they should just wait it out. The next day was his game. The game was going good, then Becks sees Sally in the stands talking to another guy. Becks becomes jealous and gets distracted. All of a sudden a guy runs into him and rolls his ankle. Becks is mad because he thinks that she wants the other guy over him. They went to party and Sally breaks up with Becks in a dramatic way. Later Sally gets with junior which makes Becks mad. Becks spillis his filling to Sally. Becks tells her that he has loved her this whole time. She was not taking it. During their state championship game Becks gets the microphone and profess his love for her. He shaves off his lucky beard. The crowd goes crazy and stares down Sally. They all thought if they lost this game it is her fault.

They won the game and Becks was going to college for soccer. He picked the college 10 miles away from the one that sally was going to. Sally with happiness in her heart goes to Becks to congratulate him. Becks states that he risked everything for her and that he loved her. Sally and Becks have become the best couple and they name was Bally. It was a happy ending for Bally.

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