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Fire Light Slot Review

It is never easy to stay relevant on a gaming industry. Especially when competition has engulfed almost every sub section. As a result, stakeholders are required to enhance their creativity day after day. So as to attract clientele base as well as drive the intended point home. A fact that has been vision and mission of Aristocrat Software Developers. Witnessed immediately after watching Fire Light slots. A product that was in the market and still is with possibilities of extension.

Game Review

Being incorporated amongst the Wonder 4 never came as a surprise. It is a factor attributed to its 5reel coupled with 243 winning combinations. It was styled to showcase not only high paying icons like K, J, Q, Queen, King but also specific symbolism and imagery like warriors, idols, rings, Phoenix, volcanic mountain, drums and more. Usually players can easily play Fire Light free online slot machine or visit accredited gaming stations with as little as £ 0.1.

Bonus Rounds

There exists a myriad of opportunities to generate extra income from Fire Light. Ranging from scattered images, multipliers, substitute images to extra spins. Which aims towards rewarding players. Usually, a substitute image assumes positions of flowing magma and lava and has capabilities to substitute every image rather scattered images. Landing 3 or more substitute images as a revelation that your stake is set to undergo multiplication of up to 5 multiples. On the other hand, scattered images assumes positions of Phoenix and are known as extra spin activators. Landing 3 or more scattered images rewards up to 12 extra spins. For instance; 3 scattered images rewards 6 extra spins, 4 scattered images awards 9 extra spins whereas 5 scattered images awards 12 extra spins.

Mobile Version

Fire Light is a middle low variance slot with an RTP of 96%. A factor that makes it suitable for both novice and professional punters. Although players can play Fire Light free online slots on phone as well as desktop, it is just a demo play from flash technology and therefore cannot stake real cash. But still, they can visit any land based gaming stores to stake real cash. You are going have fun be it on mobile or land since the gameplay, graphics and sound are dope in both stations.

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