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Oliver Stone's "Platoon" movie for many is the most truthful film about the Vietnam War, including for "kinopoisk" visitors. The main reason for this is that the director himself served in Vietnam a year, and like should be aware that there has been. However, the film bears little resemblance to the person autobiography of the last war, and is more like a set of stereotypes and clichés of various liberal media. Vietnam veterans themselves, and about whom the movie was filmed, just spit on this "masterpiece". His review, I decided to stand up for the brave Yankees. All I want to say is that there are heroes, who for his country bled, and there are those who are ready for the dough and pour a handful of Oscars of dirt and falsehood.
Vietnam War, as it is known, began with a confrontation between the north and the south of Vietnam. Northerners supported the USSR, respectively southerners supported the United States, each of the superpowers fought for influence in the region. And after having problems in the south in the face of the communist Viet Cong underground, the US did not hesitate to give their allies military support. As you might guess, the Americans fought in Vietnam, defending the interests of his country
The main idea of ​​the film "Platoon." - that this war was a criminal, and American soldiers who fought for their country - criminals. Here and kinopoisk, solidarity with fellow Stone retsenzory, write about what the Yankee bastards, bastards and scoundrels. And there is nothing that the Soviet Union also sent troops to Afghanistan, which overthrew the king Amin and killed more than a million people. It is known that only the Russian / Soviet people are fighting for their homeland, but the Americans are fighting is not clear why. And of course, the American soldiers, the last war, obliged the rest of life itself to blame for it. What is interesting, the veterans do not think so, they are proud of the fact that they had a chance to serve his country, and the film is considered a lying liberal shit.
Stone gathered in his film, probably all the most negative that ever heard of Vietnam . Soldiers here very often drug addicts, combat missions are constantly killing civilians and raping children. In his reviews in the first place fans to discuss just that. From their point of view, if it's all show, it testifies to an unprecedented truthful film. Oh, who, if not them, "experts", it is known what the Americans bastards. Ash stump Russian troops in the war do not behave as yourself can lead only insidious Pindos. In reality, of course, the war is not conducted in white gloves, and crime also happens, but they were just that typically do not exist for most Americans, since for each crime, the American soldier threatened to court. The vast majority of war crimes in Vietnam, including mass murder, was just on the conscience of the Vietnamese themselves, especially the Communists, who made terror against the civilian population a key element of its strategy. They became victims of their village elders, doctors, teachers, social workers. Americans, for whom perished civil fault, received sentence for war crimes, and the Communists, who have done similar, received awards. Let me remind you, by the way, that northerners sponsored by the Soviet Union, and the Soviet military were their instructors. In the film, the Communist crimes subject is not affected in any way, as well as their abuse of prisoners of war. Naturally, Stone does not care about oborzevshih Gukov, he hates his own citizens.
Black friend of the protagonist is surprised to learn that he signed up as a volunteer in Vietnam, he says how he could voluntarily plunge into this shit? In the film, generally most of the soldiers - negros, and often black people complain about their black life and all sorts of oppression there. Apparently, Stone that raises the issue of racism, saying the government sends to slaughter the poor blacks. Immediately comes to mind the episode of "Forrest Gump", the president of the organization to protect the rights of blacks, "Black Panther". In fact, almost all who served in Vietnam were just white, and the volunteers were 2/3 soldiers, they knew perfectly what they are there, and what they are fighting.
film fans love to pay attention to what the US government has refused to provide any assistance in making the film, considering it unpatriotic. They say that time does not help the government, it means that everything shown in the film - the truth. Of course, even in a defective head can not imagine that the normal state is usually a pity to waste the taxpayers' money on any shit. And it would be strange if a country that sends its sons to defend it at the other end of the planet, then suddenly start to sponsor false nedofilmy designed to defame them.
By the way, in the image of the main character Chris Taylor director showed himself. And, of course, to defame and blacken their comrades, putting them cowards, drug addicts and pedophiles, a favorite Stone showed character. In the final battle, he is the only one who does not run away and hide, and bravely smashing crowd approaching vrazhin. But after the battle in the place dust-drives detachment of soldiers on an armored personnel carrier on which sitting next to a black man flying a Nazi flag. Worthy end of things happening on the screen idiocy
conversation with Sergeant Eliza Taylor -. Is a key episode in the film. Looking at the stars, the two heroes talk and philosophize about the current war. At this point, the mouth of Eliza tells us the author, expressing its position. It lies in the fact that America is sure to lose, and of course, fans of the film with Stone's position fully agree. Idiots like to dream on how America infamously blew war.
What happened really? When it has been agreed date for the withdrawal of US troops, the North Vietnamese refused to make peace on the terms put forward by the United States, then to bring them back to the negotiating table, the Americans conducted a two-week bombardment of North Vietnam, so what is not spent for the whole war. After that the sugar guki with a smile agreed to all conditions. So where in the withdrawal of US troops is to defeat them? And it is worse than the withdrawal of troops from the Afghan Scoop, which is known to not defeat is all the more shameful?
All the war the American army in Vietnam has not lost any of any significant battles that from a military point of view was unique case. The famous North Vietnamese offensive in Tete, which the US and international media coverage of the Yankees defeat, but in fact was the biggest victory for them. Guki received in the ass on all fronts, carrying thousands of casualties. The Americans have not lost the war, it lost to South Vietnam.

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