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Oliver Stone is now with his head went into a political movie, but the glory he brought war movies. Stone - twice winner of the award "Oscar" as a director and both times for the films on the Vietnam war - «Platoon" (1986) and «Born on July 4" (1989) . About the war a lot of good films have been made. But only from well-known directors Oliver Stone knows firsthand the subject. More than a year he fought in Vietnam and as the protagonist of "Platoon" was wounded twice. All this invaluable experience he put into his script, which is then turned into a film «Platoon»
«Platoon» -. The legendary war film. It deals with the war than indirectly, and looking at it from the inside, through the eyes of a simple American soldier. Cruel and truthful film about the war. His honesty and says such a fact that the US government has refused to finance it, considering unpatriotic. In this film, starring well-known actors Tom Bérengère, William Dafoe, Charlie Sheen, Forest Whitaker, Johnny Depp . «Platoon» won the "Oscar" as the best film of 1986.
«They say if you die in Vietnam, it is better to die in the first few days, so you will suffer less »
The first part of the picture is devoted to the hardships of military service in Vietnam. The story is carried out on behalf of rookie Chris Taylor ( Charlie Sheen ). Recruits with little or no training thrown into the inferno. And the worst thing for them is not even physical and mental exhaustion, and their lack of experience, which is why they have very little chance to survive and because of what experienced fighters find their "meat" and avoid contact with them. And so, day after day ...
«What happened today - is just the beginning, we will lose this war»
key scene in the film - a pogrom Vietnamese village. It was she who shared the first piece platoon into two opposing camps - supporters and supporters of Sergeant Barnes sergeant Elaisa. Only in severe stress conditions of a person shows his true essence. The platoon was divided into those who are willing to go to the end and those who are not ready. Those who have left something human, and those who have become ruthless animal.
also an episode in the village shows that in any war the most affected civilians. They are always in the crossfire of the two opponents. After all, if they will not help his army, punish them. And if they help, they also punish. This is war.
«I have nothing against the person who carries out the orders. But if he refuses, the car breaks down. And when the machine breaks down, we scrap »
Sergeant Barnes ( Tom Bérengère ) symbolizes the war, represents the machine of death, which was sent to Vietnam. We see that by 1968 it is already battered, crippled as he Barnes, but still strong. «Barnes believes in what makes» - in orders in its goals and will achieve their fulfillment at any cost. He has no doubts, no remorse, no feeling. He is ready to kill anyone who gets in his way, or fails to comply with his orders. From the point of view of the military he - the perfect soldier
«We have been kicking ass the other, that it is time for us to someone kicked it»
In contrast. sergeant Barnes Elais ( William Defoe ) symbol of pacifism and humanity as a whole. Those soldiers who are contemplating on the meaning of this war and the correctness of their actions (including ordinary and Taylor) support Elaisa. It's like no one understands that they can not win this war. His platoon called "crusader" in the sense that he went to war for the sake of atonement. For him, his squad is not just soldiers, meat for others, and above all people
«There is a civil war within the platoon»
Civil War -. War inside, the war between his. It is in the local civil war resulted confrontation Barnes and Elaisa. The apogee of this war is the scene when injured, betrayed, forgotten by all Elais runs to the helicopter flies away, then falls to his knees and raises his hands to the sky. He died as a martyr and his death inspired guys like Taylor to fight the system, the fight against Barnes.
«There is no such thing as a coward. This word here does not mean anything »
last episode of the film contains a lot of thought on the subject of cowardice and fear. Foreseeing a bloody battle, many are trying with all available means "hang". During combat, someone immediately fled, some hidden, others ignominiously killed. The main thing that everyone did not care that they were defending - the positions at headquarters, to his comrades. Everyone cares only about his own skin. Taylor himself, at first glance, heroically behaved, but most likely he smoked up to such an extent that he was already anyway. And so he ran on the enemy alone. The massacre was shown not heroes
. «Good guk - guk dead»
word gook, which has spread to all Asians after Vietnam, it symbolizes the hatred of the US military to Vietnamese. The enemies hate each other, but in any case, the Americans here - foreign invaders and the difference between Americans and Vietnamese in that for the past - it is the people's liberation war. Since ancient times, the US lead wars of conquest. The essence of such wars do not change, just change the enemy. In this war, the place of Indians ( "a good Indian - a dead Indian") took the Vietnamese
«where you can do whatever you want.. And for you it will be nothing. The only thing that worried, you can kill. However, if you are killed, you still do not know about it, so what's the difference »
Moral degradation of the soldiers - that's one of the main reasons for the defeat of the US in this war. Lack of motivation - it's hard. And when there is a constant fear of death, you begin to lose control of himself. And it seems that everything is possible, because you have nothing to lose. Then some began to get drunk, and other drug use, and some begun bespredelnichat. A superiors cared only execution of orders, so they turned a blind eye to what was happening inside the units. The platoon was left to himself and lived their lives.
«We did not fight with the enemy, and with yourself, and the enemy was in us»
This Taylor thought comes (and with it, and Oliver Stone), summing up the results of the war. This is the main wisdom of the movie and beyond. The concept of "struggle with oneself" is rooted in the Japanese philosophy and it is associated with a sense of Ways of War . After defeating yourself, you can achieve something. After defeating ourselves, we can defeat any enemy ...
«Platoon" - a film about war, hatred, cruelty, indifference, cowardice and courage, betrayal and revenge, finally about life ... no, most of death
«death ... What do you know about death? ...»

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