Plan For Upgrading Club Capacity Of Golf Club Essay


Replace a deck and the front yard landscape for a private golf club recreationcenter. There are 2000 members of the golf club recreation center.

On the Basis of Above Information Write The Project Scope And Prject Exclusions.



In this project we are looking forward on the scope of activities which are followed for the recreation of the deck and the landscaping system of the golf club. The proposed capacity of the golf centre is around 2000. The purpose of the project is to create a plan for upgrading the entire club capacity of the golf club.

Project goal

The goal of the project is to develop a deck and the front yard landscaping system for the recreation centre of the private goal club.

Project Scope

The popularity of the golf centre is becoming high in the local community members. The customers want to take the membership of the golf club. The project owner wants to renovate and increase the capacity of the deck and the landscaping system according to the increasing capacity of the members which is to be around 2000. The architecture of the new model should have the capability to attract more and more customers towards the club for increasing its profitability (Delhi Development Authority, 2017).

In-scope activities:

  • Periodic arrangement of the meetings between the project manager and the associated stakeholders of the club.
  • The requirement specification plan should be developed according to the requirement placed by the project owner
  • Providing clearly defined role and responsibilities to the team members
  • Developing the team structure plan and organization chart
  • Training and development program for performing ethical conduct
  • Designing of the project plan on the basis of requirement specification structure
  • Focus should be given on the constraints which can be hazardous in the completion of the project (Passenheim, 2009)
  • Proposed fund should be approved from the project sponsor for managing the resources and equipment according to the demand of the site (Ditto, 2016)
  • The activity plan should be developed so as to complete the project within the approved timeline.
  • Taking agreement from the contractor to manage supply and demand of the material on demand (Morris, 2015)
  • The starting date of the project should be 10 April, 2018
  • The completion date of the project should be 31 July, 2018

Out of Scope activities:

  • Assumptions should not be made
  • Literature review should not be taken under consideration
  • No focus should be given on the marketing strategy
  • Designing of the Landscaping
  • Alternate program to the contractor for managing supply and demand of the resources


The development plan of the project should be designed within the period of four months. The project activities should be scheduled for managing the interdependencies of the undertaken task. The resources should be allocated to the activities on the basis of their requirement. The emphasis should be given on the approval of the fund from the project sponsors.


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