"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl '- this is without a doubt one of the best films of adventures, one of the best blockbuster movies that I've seen. What was that movie! Bright, cheerful, vibrant, contagious, addictive, intelligent. Anyway, you will be remembered for the film, which was first introduced Captain Jack Sparrow
Remove the sequel to the film of similar magnitude -. Is not easy, you know. What have Verbinski and his team turned to the first continuation of a masterpiece? Let's find out ...
plot is composed of six lines (such as correctly counted - Jack, Will, Elizabeth, Davy Jones, a little Beckett and at some point - Norrington, each of them needs something). Adventure around Dead Man's Chest, which confronts us all the favorite characters. Compared with the first part, there is not only the story more complicated, but the very circumstances that they have to face. More serious, all the more gloomy, scary ... they will have to encounter situations where too great an opportunity to play, and from which there is no ethically correct exit. The film turned out why, in my opinion, not children, and not even a teen. I myself at one time looked (and review) this film with jaw dropped, thinking that here get up my favorite characters (Jack and Elizabeth in the first place) and whether in that at least some meaning. Understanding it's already much later. As well as respect for the creators who, in fact, managed to create quite a coherent story of the six storylines, not scoring with any logic or characters.
one exception, which I still have excuses I do not see - Norrington. But for that ?! What did he do to you ?! What are the reasons for this have been ?! What was bad in the first film ?! Or you give him an excellent storyline would not have come up had he remained what he was? Just imagine: our principle, with honor no stranger to the commander at the beginning in Beckett, but here ... You look at him and - do not know: drunken Gryaznukha with his name, and nothing more. Honestly, it hurts.
But let's see what we have here yet. Here, Jack and his team (in fact, the whole - all the pirates) appears purposeful and an insidious enemy - Lord Beckett, which is backed by the East India Trading Company. Very unusual and clever plan - make Davy Jones himself prostrate in front of him to get through his dominion over the seas ... and over the Pirates at the same time!. However, while Beckett really yet to come, but Jones ...
Oh, this great and terrible evil spirit of the sea, the captain of "The Flying Dutchman". Rightful lord on his damned ship, cruel, ruthless, impatient when he perechat ... but enough already that he, like anyone else so far, Jack puts a spoke in the wheel, not letting yourself be manipulated in any payment of debt, or even when Jack - cunning, as always - trying to take away his Will. And 'what promises trouble Jack Sparrow, will come out and bite us. " I, when I think back, for some reason, always, above all, stands in front of the eyes of the scene with a flogging, overseen by Jones. With such a fierce sense of its full power ... this is what is read in his face.
Captain Jack Sparrow, well, what can I say. All the same, Crafty, cranking the same beautiful and complex mnogohodovki and vyputavayuschiysya of any, even the most hopeless situation. And Will and Elizabeth ... young, though, and have been in the adventure, the boys abandoned, this time in the midst of dangerous events, which would be very useful and cunning, and agility, and manipulyatorstvo. But neither the talent nor the 'Shooting' Sparrow neither one nor the other, no, it turns out they are not very good. Elizabeth with her hard-wired into the brain 'is not it interesting to meet the pirates' and does behave like a boy seized upon the adventure. She lives in the end much better than the others managed to explain that not all of the situations there is an ethically correct way. Although this point and made me (and only me unlikely) hugging on the first viewing head with both hands. The fact that it was for Will, and was not taken lightly, came after ... While Jack himself here to be 'get dirty as ever' too predictable outrage caused by this ... but in fact, he is still the same. Hitryuschy and struggling - although not always successfully - to keep integrity as much as possible for a pirate. And the final scene with him ... Jack, in full growth, with a naked sword, with a broad grin, 'Well, frightened!' - until the last second, he will himself
Although this sequel, released in the wake of the success of the first part, it is in no way inferior to the original on the mentality and creativity!. All the same exciting, full of lively action and excellent, consistently and neuvyadayusche funny humor. That there is the island of Peleg, who every time I from under the table to inspect, even the humor there is mostly a purely 'circus' and so it is difficult to make people laugh for a long time ... this film is obtained, and only "straight from the tin bones, picked clean" - definitely a masterpiece. All the same witty and at the same time easy dialogues. And, after the newly reduced sentence - a little favorite quotations, sorry, that's not rewrite
-. Where is the rum always disappears
-? I sleep? - No. - I Thought so. In the dream I would rum
-. Foldable. Simply. Easy to remember
-. You know me? - and you will find me! - There is nothing to know him ...
- Jar with a piece of land, a jar with a piece of land! What is it, guessing!
A special effects ?! Special effects, which for almost a decade - and that still look brilliant? That's the same people are able to use them - do not only effectively, but also tasteful, with the invention, to the site. Kraken - one of the most impressive and vile monstrous creatures, that I was once somewhere saw, 'Flying Dutchman' with his team, and Jones, of course - it's just a must see for himself, and even seeing hardly can forget. These demons of the sea, with some special, terrible fascination, to the last detail-drawn polyp.
Viewers also that this part did not like, I would advise to revise it again, with feeling, really, with the arrangement, and preferably firmly keeping in mind that if indicate that something unethical, it is not necessary force to do so. For myself, I will say that it is not sorry in general. And it is - a good example of truly creative and spiritual sequel, and we are not to say that it is often spoiled, especially among the blockbusters.

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