"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Pirate Jack Sparrow suddenly learns that the debtor is the captain of the legendary Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones. If the hero will not understand this now, it will soon expect slavish existence on the mythical ship. And then suddenly declared Will Turner, with a request to give him his compass, otherwise Elizabeth awaits the gallows, for the fact that the last time they helped him avoid arrest. Jack decides to use the young man for selfish purposes, and sends the sinister Flying Dutchman to Davy Jones. Meanwhile, Elizabeth escapes from prison and penetrated to the ship goes in search of her lover ...
«-Elizabeth in prison for having helped you!
is a regular for his mistakes sooner or later have to pay." (With )
After the phenomenal commercial and critical success of "Pirates of the Caribbean" (see, the most successful film project is a joke created under the auspices of "Disney") simply could not continue. And they got it. And how. On this grand sequel can dream of any potentially aimed at franchise picture. The budget of any high level of $ 225 million, again part of the first magnitude stars (Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom to 2002nd those already began), luxurious decorations, extras, spectacular action scenes and high-quality computer graphics. Add peculiar only to Hollywood glamor and scope, and you get superblokbastera. What actually is the "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" (rental World brought an impressive $ 1 billion plus-more than 300 million on sales of video!). By that time, someone no doubt in the birth of a new film series, comparable in popularity, spectator love, commercial success and a certain "milestone" in the film, which of itself represents this project, which is comparable with such hits of the past as the "Indiana Jones" and " Star Wars". Picture of Gore Verbinski set the tone for expensive blockbusters throughout: to participate in the entertainment film stars Category A, to advanced computer and (most important), "realistic" effects, magnitude and scale shown in the screen events (in this regard, "Pirates" inferior unless " Lord of the Rings "). And so, what is decided to please and surprise the viewer Gore Verbinski in the second part of the mega successful movie?
«Do not worry, I'll cover your ass.
-I longer worried about before ..." (c)
In order -to start the story back almost all the characters from the original tapes. Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), Elizabeth (Keira Knightley), and Jack Sparrow (which has suddenly become the central characters of the film). Just kombek made governor (Jonathan Pryce), Commander (Jack Davenport), Mr. Gibbs (Kevin Makkneli) and shortstop pirates Bald (Lee Arenberg) and One-Eye (Mackenzie Crook) .Even Captain Hector Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) was spectacular Comeau not to mention the annoying undead-monkey. And among the newcomers cycle note Swede Stellan Skarsgard (father prihlopa Will-Bill), Tom Hollander (villain Lord Beckett) and Naomie Harris (mysterious black witch Tia Dalma). And old Bill Nighy in the role of a stern "sea lord" Davy Jones' s completely incomparable, although in this film plays with "lowered visor" (his "octopus mug" -sploshnoy master-class make-up and visual effects. This ensemble is just decoration pictures ! All the "old" already inseparable from their characters and newcomers masterfully got used to the way proposed, and watch the game of the same made-up beyond recognition Nighy is a pleasure!
"the life is so cruel, why the coffin it should be different?" (c)
The film crew also about oshlis virtually no change. Is that the composer was another. Now musical accompaniment of the film involved needs no introduction genius of Hans Zimmer. And the soundtrack went even deeper, atmospheric and pathetic than the original picture (intact left only the main theme of the original). Dariusz Wolski growing on them. in terms of entertainment, effektnosti and steepness, many action-packed episodes of "Dead Man's Chest" Zadran exceed the bar of action in "The Curse of the Black Pearl." Recall at least three long duel (Sparrow, Will and Commander) started at the beach and continued on a rolling mill wheels. Or battle with the giant Kraken on the deck. Or difficult to put comic escape from savage cannibals. These and other scenes are stuck firmly in mind, one has only to see the picture on the big screen. Sets, costumes and household items and interior of the era in which they live screen heroes -vossozdany reliably and immerse you in the atmosphere of the first century to the head. In technical terms, the blockbuster Gore Verbinski is very powerful and impressive looks and sounds in the cinema hall.
«-We have to ... I mean-not hurt, will not be superfluous, but in general it is not necessary?
-No. Strongly urgent need. "(C)
If the main stumbling block in which all men will come across this -baby, for the sequels it is indisputable-plot. Successful, or at least worthy to keep brand-extension films predecessor can be easily counted on the fingers of the hand. One might have expected "liquid" and stilted script and the second "Pirates". But instead of passing the tape, "Dead Man's Chest" was released majestic and memorable adventure Opik, hereby standard "adventure" genre. The history written by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio very capacious, complicated and long. It turned out, "the movie Big Style." Many events, lots of action, lots of characters, lots of jokes and a lot of action. Total is not just a lot, but very, very much. And in this film, many critics saw the problem. Like, his script hurt difficult for entertaining, summer blockbuster. Yes, the movie has become for many of the original heavy-weight. But in all honesty we recognize that the outstanding tandem writers from under its feather lightweight pacifier, critics have criticized the painting for little content and stupidity. But as I said, the film came to fame. And billions of dollars in fees is the best way confirmed. Although I tend to express an opinion on that "complication" of the plot, Rossio and Elliot went in the footsteps of their brothers Vachavski sequel "The Matrix". What is it that here -The second part is not final, and is a kind of prologue to the main spectacle that awaits viewers in the third picture. In other words, the second "Pirates" end up in the style of "to be continued ..." And that's not very fair to the public. And so the final brazen "tricks" allow creators to audience interest trikvelu, which promises to dot the i. Only when "The Matrix Revolutions" was weak and stupid crafts hiding behind a cool special effects, the "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" -Perfect and majestic magnificent adventure trilogy completion of the new millennium. Which "we leaked" to the rolling green greedy cunning producers, led by permanent Jerry Bruckheimer. Which is now preparing the next "Pirates", already the fifth in a row ...
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P.S. To be continued...

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