"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It is always a joy - to see the continuation of the beloved stories. I remember in 2006, I rushed to the cinema to the second part of Pirates of the Caribbean. And now, to the release of the fifth part of me again want to plunge into the world of cinema adventure genre! All hands on deck! We go back into the world of Pirates of the Caribbean!
My children, alas, you will remember this day when you just had not eaten ... Captain Jack Sparrow.
dashing pirate and a brave captain of the ship 'Black pearl' Jack Sparrow gets into trouble again. Behind it begins to hunt the sinister spirit of the sea Davy Jones and his crew of the ship of the legendary 'Flying Dutchman'. To confront bloodthirsty and immortal Captain Jack goes in search of the mysterious chest Davy Jones, in which, according to legend, kept the key to his immortality. On the chest are also forced to go searching and old friends Jack - Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, who are forced to work on calculating Lord Beckett, otherwise they face punishment for assisting pirate
Then in 2006, the film brought me to a complete delight.. Now, 11 years later another try to understand and appreciate the 'Dead Man's Chest'
its main task the film on the right:. As a sequel, he was supposed to develop the beginning, established in the first film, and strongly complement its interesting characters, plot twists, and the like . We see the familiar and beloved characters we have a lot of new, equally interesting characters. And most importantly, that the story of Jack Sparrow has been very intriguing development: we learn more about his past, and these events dramatically affect what is happening right now. Writers Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott continue to develop the storyline, ably filling the world of Pirates of the revived mythical monsters and villains. As for example in the film appeared a terrible sea monster Kraken, which is mentioned in the stories of Scandinavian seafarers. Immediately I want to note and special effects because Kraken turned truly appalling ... Naval Battle with the monster look was incredibly exciting! As tense moments when we shudders of fear or mystery stories. Excellent work director Gore Verbinski - he was able to join in the adventure film, many film genres, giving us a truly fascinating spectacle
-! I sleep
-?. No
- So and I knew. In the dream I would be rum.
most Bezbashenny pirate Jack Sparrow is back! Once again, his first appearance was quite spectacular - an escape from the terrible prison in the locked coffin with a very strange paddle. Johnny Depp for the second time to play with all the beloved Jack Sparrow, which all also loves rum, his hat, his ship 'Black Pearl' and is looking for new adventures. But now he has a new problem - to get rid of old debt Davy Jones and the escape from his 'little animals' ... With all these troubles, Jack manages in true pirate style! It does not matter whether it is a tribe of natives, or command the dead.
I see the finger of fate. You've marked it, Will Turner.
As noted above, the Dead Man's Chest is better to disclose the nature of your favorite heroes. That Will Turner ( Orlando Bloom ) does not look naive idealist. He was also brave, courageous and noble, the unsurpassed master of fencing. But now the Will becomes more insightful - is now no longer gets in the pirate tricks! Closer to the second part of the film his story is more dramatic, which makes his character even more interesting
Remember the calculations that you robbed me of the wedding night
Own the joy of the film -.! Is Elizabeth Swann ( Keira Knightley )! It is no longer a lady in distress, not the girl that has to be saved forever. Replacing dress and corset pants and pirate hat, Elizabeth would not wait for the Savior, she escapes from prison, quietly hold talks with the enemy, and it alone will rush into the fray, armed with only a sword. I will say this: after the first part to see such a fearless and determined Elisabeth - a pleasure
- Only the power of the Lord was able to escape from prison
- rather force my little head light
lot!.! familiar characters of the first part moved into the sequel. Insanely was glad to return pirates Pintel ( Lee Arenberg ) and Radzhetti ( Mackenzie Crook ), best friends and the most fun characters in the film; Mr. Gibbs ( Kevin McNally ) - an old friend of Jack's, his most trusted lieutenant, who just sings the same song at the beginning of the film; loud Shorty Marty ( Martin Klebba ) and dumb steering Cotton ( David Bailey ) with a very talkative parrot!
Life is so cruel. Why is life beyond the grave should be different?
Not every sequel, there are new characters, watch that is as interesting as for the main. In the case of Chest it succeeded brilliantly! Let's start with the main
Davy Jones ( Bill Nighy ) -. A sinister and ruthless spirit of the sea, which is terrifying to anyone who is not lucky enough to meet him. And meet with him only on the verge of death, when the captain of the Flying Dutchman offers getting rid of one hundred years of service to his ship ... it is interesting by the fact that there are hints of his past, his tragedy that intrigues the viewer even more.
The second villain acts enterprising and powerful head of the East India Company's Lord Beckett ( Tom Hollander ), which craves more power, power, wealth.
Tia Dalma ( Naomie Harris ) - this character I loved it! A mysterious fortune teller, who knows a lot more than telling. But she says ... I want to listen and listen
a complete surprise for me was the appearance of 'prihlopa' Bill Turner ( Stellan Skarsgård ) -. Will's father, a former sailor Pearl, who now serves on Flying Dutchman ... His presence adds a lot of drama in the plot, placing the characters in front of a difficult choice.
So where is this monkey? I want palnut in something
In terms of humor Pirates are still at the height: it is not only dialogue, but many situations during chases, battles with swords, even in a naval battle. As for example, the 'big fire', 'jar with a piece of land', 'which is why the fuss?' or a situation where all the rescued sea turtles - the list can be long! Composer made famous Hans Zimmer, which skillfully used the composition of the previous section, creating a no less powerful and catchy melodies as for example Tia Dalma, Kraken, Davy Jones .
< i> Well, tell me - what happened to my ship
always difficult to write after a long break?!. But I really wanted to write a new review on one of my favorite movies. I'm madly in love with the world of Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest and I call one of the best contemporary sequels. Dynamic, dark, fun, hilarious. And it ends with one of the best klifhangerov! As I waited then the third part - but that's another story. Dead Man's Chest gets deserved
10 of 10
Happy viewing!

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