"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

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It is very rare to find such a thing as a sequel to the movie is no worse than the original tape. The first film has acquired cult status and present a modern masterpiece. Thereby significantly raising the bar for creating subsequent sequels tape. But tandem Gore Verbinski and Jerry Bruckheimer does not disappoint. The success of the first tape allowed creators to easily implement all their crazy ideas, and how therefore are drawn. Which naturally affected the quality of the tape. This is one of the rare occasions when the sequel was not worse than the original. Perhaps even the opposite. This film has become much richer, entertaining and thoughtful. And most importantly, he has got a real epic scope, which was not in the first tape. Thus, he raised himself heavily on her background is not even just that. But also how the film became more rigid and grim. Aided by the abundance is not as harmless violence that creates the team of the Flying Dutchman. Gore and Jerry is not new to the world of cinema and perfectly know the main rules of sequels. That's just the creators of markedly exaggerated these concepts and this movie certainly won. The picture is replete with a number of mad spectacle, which replaces the next action packed series. In turn, the impressive setting of the incredible scenes that makes the matter drop your jaw on the floor and forget about it completely. I am glad also that the spectacle is not precipitous duration.
Action scenes last very long and frequently unfold in parallel. That naturally enhances the dynamics of the paintings and adrenaline in the blood of the viewer. But it is all the visual elements of the pictures that are only a gem of the project. Especially magnificent final action series. This is something. The good news is that the creators have caught the main advantage of the painting and the film no less impressive, even when the screen is no explosive spectacle. The first "Pirates" were present pure adventure . The same tape, visibly strongly develops not only as an entertainment product. But also as an ideological and serious cinema.
not a rare phenomenon, when the creators attribute to continue so many striking elements of the original tapes. But would cause a nostalgic audience. However, Ted and Terry just decided to come up with a bicycle. They wrote a really tremendous script, which strongly stands out from the events of the first tape. If they were not and are not referring to their existence. But the main feature they kept trilogy. They again managed to tie the many myths and legends from the actual events occurred, which are embodied at this time in the form of Karki, the team Flying Dutchman and its Captain Davy Jones. Impressive is the scenario proved so thoughtful. From what, feeling, they say in the film are inappropriate or unnecessary scenes, there is absolutely not welcome. Moreover. The good news is that the film does not develop merely as a dull blockbuster. The film is both good in its two directions. The spectacle of the most accurately reflects the director's talent. But the semantic load the tape and its ideology, just shows how talented Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio . Because, at the same time the film is interesting for its hidden morality and that mini "Santa Barbara", which develops in the relationship of each of the characters and the desire to get to the first of what will now become a top priority. Particularly pleased with the way the characters have changed a lot and become more profound. Especially Norrington and Governor Swann. The first boy was no longer share. A second longer be humorous character and revealed more dramatic. Well, a great sense of humor, has again become the main advantage of the picture. Really funny and some scenes want to remember with a smile. Especially beginning with the island eater and a great finale that and begs for a sequel. In general, Ted and Terry again created a story that again plunges into the world full of adventure
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Evaluate the game Depp does not make sense. Johnny here is magnificent. Surprisingly, though, he plays himself. Jack Sparrow looks perfectly and naturally on the screen. From what, slip such thoughts. Heroes Bloom and Knightley have become more profound. That had an impact on their game. If the first tape of their heroes were as simple as possible, here they let very positive reveal their acting talents. Jack Davenport is magnificent. Very unexpectedly observe his Norrington, in such a sudden realization. What can be said about Jonathan Pryce . Quartet Gibbs, Cotton, and Radzheti Pintella in the performance of some actors is brilliant and again the most interesting. Particularly impressed me Bill Nighy, which is really played great. Technology Motion Capture apparently completely transformed it into Davy Jones. But did not destroy his game, and facial expressions, which is easily noticeable in the observation. Stellan Skargard, Tom Hollander and Naomie Harris just great. Particularly Tom . How coolly and most convincingly, he is able to reveal the negative qualities of the Lord Beckett
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is notorious as capable of producing extremely high quality work that way, and I want to ascribe to the masterpieces. His help Klaus Badelt to create the music for the first tape, there was quite necessary. Hans Ideally interpreted the music Claus . But from a purely entertaining music, it has turned into something more serious and rich. Music is not slowed down its dynamics and entertainment. But it has become more gloomy, stiff and showy. Which affected the new musical instruments. In particular the organ, which is ideal to reveal all the musical motifs of Davy Jones. Of course, this is one of the best works Hans, which does not make sense to describe. For it is a masterpiece. Over the same track Kraken, Hans is really worth a monument
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Magicians of Industrial Light & amp; Magic is not slowed down. Visual effects in the film has increased and this has allowed us to enjoy a large number of incredibly spectacular and natural sight. What could be more perfect evaluation of the work of masters from the ILM . Particularly impressive is the way the creators have created images of the team of the Flying Dutchman. But at the same time, fully retained their facial expressions
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10 of 10
Continued failed. More rich, dark, entertaining, thoughtful, dynamic and epic. One of the rare occasions where the sequel was not worse than the original. The present embodiment spectacle two and a half hours screen time. The film is worthy of what it would be viewed and reviewed over and over again.

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