"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Formula sikvelizatsii successful passing in trikvelizatsiyu, invented a long time ago the father of all things - George Lucas, the Demiurge great trilogy. She formula is both simple and ingenious, so that even the surprise that all around do not do. Do not remove the great trilogy
majority prefers the ordinary scheme of prolonging -., Provided that the public, swallowed their liquor, not sober and not give an offer for another slam. Something similar happened with Stephen Sommers - a sobering public and its attendant symptoms happened exactly on the "Van Helsing." Viewers who danced on the tables, using a cocktail "The Mummy Returns", suddenly overtaken by a desire to totally puke after taking on his chest "Transylvanian special." Sated, pancake
more gifted directors -. Such as James Cameron - prefer to shoot the continuation of fully replacing the genre orientation. Not really fair, but it works - really, just before the tongue, which decides that a comedy - is the genre that will lead to a new series of orbit
absolutely different when the director in the head sharp thorn sits thought in three parts. . The second film may be as "Empire, causing retaliation" and "The Matrix Reloaded." And the last option - no nonsense tragedy. Better, really, to be simple and even somewhat charming laughingstock.
Crash and smoky crater happen when doing sequels of staging posts on the way to the third part. When the desire to conquer the peaks, or to look for new (and why should she, I ask, to conquer or to search if audience is already on the hook?) - gone. Simply go the same way, only this time in the company of clowns from the big top or front of the orchestra than to climb steeper and tempt fate again. In short, enough to fit -. And the trick
Sorry for stretched introductory preamble, but to know what is the uniqueness of "Dead Man's Chest" as the movie continued - is vital. First of all, in order to smooth out the explosion of impressions from the meeting.
What is "Pirates" was left of the former? Only a couple of things. Visual range still looks juicier than displayed in television commercials fruit. It seems that the broadcast image comes from some other universe where the palette is richer, any dust is not as a class, and all things look either freshly or nobly antique
But it is -. Not all. In addition to the juiciness was added a healthy, fair bit of theatricality frame structure. Unobtrusive cameraman admiring the simple objects of everyday life - such as cups in the rain - does not make a picture in a still life, but only adds to her life - believe me, no
better believe me, for life beats the movie real hard height of the geyser?. And we are not on local action scenes, which are cost and assume worthy of inclusion in the platinum film fund. Although ... Well, since I mentioned about this topic of no small importance, we consider it more closely
entirely local action -. Not only in the combination of serious action with humor, but also in the length of scenes, during which the audience's hearts beating fast nonstop aki mad, trying to jump out of the chest, and fall down from the floor as far as possible - in a more peaceful place. She-she, amazing cocktails zaboristye obtained from the local bartender. And one must be referred to as a terribly brutal, like "adjustable wrench on temechku" or there, say, "Reinforcing in the pit of my stomach." The name, you know, is obliged to reflect the effect produced on the body.
What did the stunt coordinator and operator in the break between the first and second film, we are even afraid to assume. Well, that is, guesses there - operator of a billion and a time revised the latest film by Alex Proyas ( "I, Robot", favorite blockheads!), Crying constantly, "Wow, e-my, did not know what you can do SO" and the main stuntman clearly not shied away from illegal herbs, zakinuvshih in transcendental consciousness of illness edge rolling huge water wheels and flying men-kebabs.
as already mentioned, apart from the imagination of enthusiastic sobs span almost any action-sequence can not be viewed in parallel not giggling like a real schizophrenic, eyeballs pumped laughing gas. Another tradition of the series, where do without it? That's just - I do not remember how much lasted the first duel of Jack and Will? For five minutes, right? What about a quarter of an hour of nonstop Rubilovo whose members clearly aspire to a presidential award for the quality of execution? We are confident that your body can handle? If not - will be slightly out of place to practice. We recommended to do by raising the rod while reading Terry Pratchett. Similar to the effect of the film - guarantee
In truth, if the worst happens, and "Dead Man's Chest" have cropped everything okromya action, then it would be enough to melt the iron heart muscle expensive edition.. But the apocalypse has not happened - the rest of the content is also ignites. Under the new, in a special way, in a pirate.
found that predsemochny chatter can be a concrete truth. What a fucking surprise! The series really took a course on not bode well for the main characters of the horizon. For example, they are heroes, somewhere lost her, as it turned out, not very something precious positivity. Snapped everything - except, perhaps, the eternal hero-martyr Will Turner. However, the role is clearly found the desired destination - and the story needs at least some character, once the rest are just waiting to put a fellow equivalent whoopee cushion in a large scale
think exaggerating, do microbes from a Tyrannosaurus rex.? Certainly not.
Jack Sparrow no longer looks like a nice guy, who sometimes goes to the dark side of the Force, but zavsegda remains true Jedi. No, this type of ready to go, printing step on the corpses. No, not even that - in the mountains of corpses. By the way, about them, get to know new feature supposedly familiar face - namely, that the mountains, it is that the corpses. In the first film also killed, but as in make-believe (except, perhaps, of the macabre scene on "smashing"), and "Dead Man's Chest" are literally cuts the throat, and then looking at the viewer, appraising look Davy Jones. I do not suppress pop, if popcorn stuck in the throat? Oh, and do both? Well, good.
Of course, there were no casualties. In order to tell a story, submit new characters and old characters in a spicy sauce, almost all equidistant from the plot. Be brave - and Captain Jack Sparrow too. So if you expected that the sequel corny give you a double portion of the corsair beloved of pickled cucumbers, then keep in mind -. Nothing like
Another thing that drop tears on this occasion it is not necessary, because the return is given a lot - posh villain chokes on the tragedy of Barbossa, a distinct promise that it should be regarded as a threat - sea monsters or a soulless people ... and much, much more
in conclusion, we can say that, probably, director Gore Verbinski pick in franchise development. davals It is not easy. It is possible that some fans of the first part of the innovations seem too revolutionary and radical. Most likely, there will be people, raskochegarennye rhythm of the narrative, which will be called the ending of the film the most stupid. Somehow suddenly and unpredictably "Pirates" was the film is not for everyone.
However, their fans still easily be distinguished from ordinary people. They manic waiting for May of next year, constantly whistling hardly changed Zimmer tune (although in fairness it should be noted - is, is in "Dead Man's Chest" are two totally gorgeous new songs!) And repeatedly go to the cinema for the same film.
How do we know? After all, we -. Some of them
9 out of 10

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