"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Jerry Bruckheimer, Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp is actually their own hands revived the genre of sea adventures, once destroyed by Renny Harlin in his deafening box office failure of 'Cutthroat Island'. Taking the idea of ​​filming 'Pirates of the Caribbean' eponymous amusement entertainment theme park 'Disneyland', the filmmakers were able to restore confidence in the relevance of a given subject, for adventure on the boundless seas and oceans, boarded the ship and did not dry out partying eternally explosive Tortuga have no affection for time. Verbinski managed to deliver truly exciting movie, not devoid of humor and amazing entertainment, in which he was strongly helped Bruckheimer, accumulate all the links he had collected over many years, and successful careers in major studio movies. A fabulous Johnny Depp, is built around a boring image of the average pirate dizzying adventure named Jack Sparrow, he was finally confirmed as a top-class actor, able to decorate as a modest independent productions, as well as a serious blockbuster. The finale of the original "Pirates of the Caribbean 'can be regarded as a logical ending of the story, but Verbinski and company left no blueprint for the continuation of that course was followed. Working through the further adventures of Jack, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, the creators decided that they need to increase the scale of the action, double the production power and throw the viewer everything waters of the Caribbean Sea, hides a wondrous miracles that can sing forever.
Sending Jack Sparrow on the horizon favorite 'Black pearl', Verbinski and Bruckheimer brought him back after three years not less spectacular 'Dead Man's Chest', tells the story of how the free pirate soul begins to shrink in the grip of valid Ia rapacious East India Company, led cold-blooded schemer, Lord Cutler Beckett. Giving the history of the alarm of danger, the authors have drawn into the story of the remarkable villain of those that just walking on the sea, saturated narrative incredible battles and clashes, while leaving an intriguing innuendo, promising sequel 'Dead Man's Chest' in the subsequent film ends the trilogy nicely started in 2003. As you know, shooting 'Pirates of the Caribbean' On the edge of the World 'took place in parallel with the production of the second film, that is, the writers initially sketched out a full synopsis of confrontation with the East India Company, but we have to admit that unlike perky, dynamic and incredibly positive for all scene voltage of the second belt and final chapter history was not so balanced that periodically led to controversial points and partial tightness timing. But for all, with 'At World's End "has a clear and strong virtues that ensured movie audiences attention and love on both sides of the ocean.
Thus, the action of the plot takes place some time later, after Jack Sparrow (Depp) has become victim of a gigantic monster Kraken, and went to an untimely link in the trunk of his longtime detractors, the captain of the ghostly "Flying Dutchman", Davy Jones (Bill Nighy). Left without friends, the team and the ship, the eccentric captain has no choice but to slowly go mad under the scorching sun the place that is best characterized as 'nothing'. Yet very long link captain can not be, because the hour is nearing the final battle with an armada of Lord Beckett (Tom Hollander), who considers himself a true master of the sea surface, regardless of borders and spheres of influence. rescue team led by rebels from obscurity Hector Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) and hopped on the light witch Tia-Dalma (Naomie Harris) is doing everything necessary to make Old Jack, because from him will depend on the outcome of the battle for the future. But as is often the case, only one salvation from the clutches of death is not enough ...
twirled by a serious affair in the second half of the 'Dead Man's Chest', Gore Verbinski was necessary to build dramatic and truly unforgettable spectacle that can impress even the most demanding audience. and all the technical possibilities for that he had. On shooting the third film in the budget allocated striking, so that the director has the right to re-create all that your heart desires only, as long as it has conquered the hearts of millions of viewers. However, where Verbinski felt wonderful, it kind of summed up the writers, with some doubt and logical Throwing lined Jack Sparrow back into operation, as well as the real role-Tia Dalma in the submitted stories. No doubt, 'At World's End' carries, makes no separation observe what is happening on the screen, but the most recent and elegant battle can not help feeling that most of the plot moves grind and they are simply designed to fill the void of timing, has reached a very impressive sizes.
But with all the complexities of plot and questionable explanations of the key episodes in the history, the tape Gore Verbinski zavsegda has up his sleeve a couple of high cards suit. We are talking about a truly magnificent cast, find a flat which is not easy. And while the antics of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow heart known to all fans of the franchise, he continues to be witty and restless, pulling even the most contentious issues on their shoulders. Depp is made for the role of Sparrow, and although in his future career, he repeatedly tried to repeat the successful gaming achievements than a few fed up tired audience in 'Pirates of the Caribbean' it is in its rightful place, and nobody has the right to push it. A very successful transformation occurred with Captain Barbossa by Geoffrey Rush. Former foe Jack is now on the side of the main characters, but he is in no hurry to change its essence until the very end. Barbossa still sly and cunning, but now it is possible to rely on any issue, which of course pleases fans of Geoffrey Rush.
his share of attention and received the notorious Davy Jones, stepped on board the 'Flying Dutchman' thanks to the talent and charisma of the British genius Bill Nighy. History of the hero presaged some fundamental revelation, and we waited for them. You could even say that the study of the nature and motivation of Davy Jones, is the best thing invented Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, prescribe plot outline 'At World's End'. And, of course, a logical ending also received love line between Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, which reached its climax drama. Banality inherent in their image in the previous parts, are in the past and even the most callous viewer does not get to put the claim to the denouement of their personal history. And Orlando Bloom Keira Knightley too strongly rallied with their characters, knowing exactly how to present and to complete a note real hard storm erupted sincere emotions
In the end I want to say that the 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End'. Although and far from perfect, but the final part of the trilogy has turned out decent. Gore Verbinski managed to brighten defects scenario thoughts, building a spectacular, dramatic adventure film, which despite exaggerate leaves room for hope. And so with all the confidence I wish you the most pleasant and sincere view!
8 out of 10

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