"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I have very mixed feelings from watching this movie. On the one hand it seemed to me that the first two films were better, and on the other, to show the third I did not take a big fan of movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean', whereas now happily reviewing them for the tenth time and spoil the home life Quotation and discussion.
Actually, I have always loved two kinds of films: the historical and science fiction / fantasy. It is this, rather than a pirate romance spodviglo me to watch 'Pirates of the Caribbean' (hereinafter referred to as PCM) . Already then it was an unforgettable feeling of immersion in the atmosphere of a fantastic world, both from 'Star Wars' or works of Tolkien. Perhaps, in terms of the atmosphere is the brightest spot in the trilogy takes RMB-3.
What PKM
1 is the atmosphere for me. The whimsical combination of humor and realism. I love it when funny, but at the same time openly clowny but rather all the normal adventure. Humor RMB great. This set of quotations, which are ridiculous even for the hundredth time. This is a great game actors.
2. Pleasant lack of black and white contrasts, where the goodies are fighting against the universal evil. Since the vast majority of books and movies I tend to sympathize with negative characters, I was incredibly pleased with the figure of Lord Beckett, charming with all its hideousness. Pleases and Jack Sparrow, which can not be called positive hero in the truest sense. Generally, those in RMB-3 is positive from beginning to end? In my opinion, no. Even a 'good boy' Will Turner suddenly picked up bad manners.
3. Sea, sail, coats and cocked hat, adventure, fantastic stories ... No comment.
4. Very detailed drawing. It can not fail to please a bunch of little things that sometimes you do not notice at first view, but which make a full rescan of small discoveries. All the characters, even minor, do not remain without raisins. Storylines intertwine and pop up in unexpected places. A lot of recognizable objects, not just occurring in the course of action.
5. Constant movement. Nothing in this world is not standing still. Changing conditions heroes. Changing atmosphere of the film from the first to the third. And at the same time, some things remain unchanged. Otherwise, it could be said that the action takes place in different worlds
- in PCM-1 is a mention of Christianity. SMP-3 already Pagan's fingertips;
- in PKM-1 characters believe a fairy tale cursed pirates; in RMB-3 one is no longer surprised by any return from the dead, neither 'Flying Dutchman' at the service of the East India Company; though oddly enough Beckett speaks of the insignificance of all immaterial ...
- in PKM-1 appears piracy still as evil; in PKM-3, all mixed. What remains? Remain humor, unpredictability and pirates.
Heroes PKM
same 'Star Wars' I love above all for the fantastic atmosphere RMB distinguished by the fact that a sufficiently similar set of characters (eg, Will like Luke, Elizabeth - to Leah, Jack Sparrow - on Han Solo, Beckett - by Emperor Palpatine, Jones - by Jabba the Hutt, etc.) all of them - that is, the characters - make still the main charm of the film
. And because I can not say about my favorite characters RMB. In order to appeal to me:
1. Jack Sparrow - a nice guy. Most of all I love its impenetrable optimism. In my opinion, a man who can smile when nothing amuses, and hope for a lucky star, along with his own dexterity, when the situation is worse than ever, worth a minimum of admiration and imitation
Chutzpah -. The second happiness, clearly about him. Excellent ability to put a good face on a bad game. Unpredictable and original. Skillfully hides the fact that he is not such a scoundrel, how trying to seem. And, perhaps, he did not realize until the moment when the wall puts the need to make the final choice. Well, needless to say that the good half of the humor keeps it on Jack. And the ending is simply charming. Bravo, Jack Sparrow. 'Take it all - do not give anything!'
2. James Norrington. Handsome specimen of English reserve and a great example of altruistic love to idiocy. The most positive character of the film, though not the most successful. Charming, both officers and ragamuffin with comical slips sometimes aristocratic manners.
at him insanely nice to look at and even more enjoyable to hear the voice of Jack Davenport. By the way, for me it is the only hero of the film, which I seriously sympathize, while the other can only admire or laugh at them. So it lodged in the film. But here, as Captain Sparrow said: "I support you! '
pity that the RMB-3 Norrington little
3.. Lord Cutler Beckett. A special type of villain who is hard not to admire. Impenetrable calm, clear understanding of goals, self-sufficiency and self-confidence. He charmingly mocking testy Jones. Charmingly drinks tea. Adorable smiling Jack Sparrow, to see which dead wants more than anything else. Fascinating walks down the ramp at the last minute. On the other hand, these scoundrels still need to kill all of the 'good' and 'nice' that their deed.
4. Elisabeth Swann. Femme fatale. Who kisses her, the dead man, as shown by the last two films. Unfortunately, men do not know. Engaging blend courage with hysteria, sentimental readily deliver low, with the ability to manipulate naive male. In general, it has the strength of character and charm and audacity - there is something to love her
5.. Captain Barbossa. Pirate. Just a very colorful pirate.
6. Radzhetti and Pintell. I love the way this couple pervert morals and does what he wants. Again, the most lovely pair of idiots in RMB.
7. Will Turner. The PKM-1, it was commonplace Ivanushka fool, whom I could not look otherwise than through the eyes of Norrington, but then the boy perfectly revealed, showing leadership talent and willpower. Although I still hesitated a long time whether to include it in the list of my favorite characters.
Location 'At World's End' in the trilogy PKM
The final film of the trilogy turned in my opinion a little less ridiculous and more gloomy, gloom though, in principle, uniform increases from the first to the last movie. And yet something has gone from PC-3, being supplanted epic. Maybe humorous anti-realism gave way to the mythical anti-realism.
three hours fly by unnoticed due to saturation and sometimes oversaturated action. Sometimes you want to stop and enjoy something, but the action rushes on.
We see the denouement of the plot lines. All the characters, or get what they deserve, or loses on the merits, but in any case, or find their place in a changed world, or leave. In my opinion, if they see the light of PTP-4 it has to be a prequel, because PCM-3 in general, all is said to end. Although in this case the RMB will become even more like 'Star Wars'.
Among the shortcomings it seemed to me that some things in the story is not very well served.
Tangled Calypso. I did not understand why Xiao Feng thought to Elisabeth. And why was this funnel into the sea.
I do not understand why did not fire the gun 'Endeavor' and why retreated armada of the East India Company.
I do not understand why Elisabeth could not just take the 'Flying Dutchman' and they would have been more fun with Will. Yet
10 of 10

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