"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I guess I should not say that after the final « Dead Man's Chest » I'm just incredibly much wanted to see the final part. Very much wanted to have a look, what this is all over. And now, I come, finally, the moment when the world premiere finally took place. I watched this movie three times already, and that's decided to unsubscribe. After my detailed review of the first two parts, the third part will be the same great review.
I will begin, according to tradition, to the scene. He is here, as in the previous parts, great and almost shedevralen. But it is not without drawbacks. Most of the minuses is connected with the beginning. The most important drawback, I think that the creators could not clearly connect the end of the second and beginning of the third. Finally, I get some incoherence, which, however, with the passage of time. Yet the beginning is not very impressed.
Actually, the story begins rather sluggish, many nudnovato moments (throughout the film are present). Yes and no significant events occur. Rather, events are, but they are too slow. Also there is quite a large number of unnecessary dialogue of love between Elizabeth and Will. They have absolutely no sense (but only in the primary). But then the lethargy and boredom of events is diluted more and more increasing dynamics. The plot begins to gain momentum since the middle, will start to fly at maximum speed. That's when boredom and stop
Thanks to the timekeeping in the plot instead of a huge number of events:. Here you and the shooting of Singapore, and Cache Davy Jones, and meeting pirate barons and ... in short, a lot of events. Extra characters in trikvele not, unless exemption Calypso was completely meaningless (meaning I did not see the maelstrom in which she created). Final isolation was very impressed. Oh, something which I expected, but not this. Sumptuously! So, if it were not weak start, syuzhetets would have made even canceled. Yes, and I think the timing would have been less.
I also want to say a few words about the other aspects of the story. For example, about the characters. In the first part we are pleased once a huge number of interesting and colorful characters. In the sequel to the survivors of the first part of the characters are added a few more, which I have mentioned in their reviews. But in the third, unfortunately, there was only one notable figure. This is Xiao-Feng by Chow Yun-Fatah. I never thought that he would be able to play so well that character. Still, he's a good actor, and also has a charisma. One of the barons can not remember, since they are virtually unnoticed. Is that Jack Sparrow's father may be mentioned by Keith Richards, mastermind Johnny Depp and his very good friend.
As new characters are practically no, the writers began to change the character of the past and bring vtoroplanovyh characters to the fore. For example, Will Turner ceases to be a noble knight and becomes a real traitor and speculator. Previously, he was thinking only of his friends, now became as much as 90% of the characters of the second part. Many vtoroplanovyh characters now zaimeli voice and repeat philosophical thoughts at every opportunity. However, in most of these moments it makes no sense. For example, during the release of Calypso could be done right the first time, when the spell is said Barbossa. But no, it is necessary to train and vtoroplanovyh characters speak. It turns a little porridge. It is also not very pleased with Elizabeth, who at that time was, almost the central character of the film and acting experience she has, unfortunately, - less than Depp. Speaking of Johnny Depp. He shedevralen as always, but in this film it is too small. This, too, though tiny, but a minus. It's a shame, but true. But Jack Sparrow slightly offset by Captain Barbossa, who once again afloat and again among the main characters. This is good for all and Geoffrey Rush is incomparable, as in the previous parts
But the biggest plus of the whole plot -. It is its scale. As it is now fashionable, in one movie shoved several storylines that throughout the film gradually unravel. This was « Spider-Man 3: The enemy of reflection », is there to « Pirates ». But fortunately, as well as in « Spiderman 3 », all the storylines organically woven into the general plot outline, and the film does not seem complete nonsense of disconnected scenes together.
not really liked the humor. In the first part it was the best, in - the second a little worse. In the third, most good jokes associated only with Jack Sparrow and his commentary of what is happening. The remaining or tasteless (with a broken finger) or frankly sluggish (all moments with pirated couple). As a result, we can say that in general, the plot is very great, but because of the many small mistakes and feeble start it is much weaker than the previous films scripts.
Acting throughout the franchise was at altitude. All were in their places. And I do not really understand what Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom have put forward, almost the first Johnny. That was their biggest mistake. I do not want to say that Bloom and Knightley have no acting talent. He is, but still much less than that of Depp. So they lost heavily on his background. And when they begin to show almost all the time, I felt that young actors have not yet withstand such a long screen time.
As I said before, Barbosa played by Geoffrey Rush is one of my favorite characters. Very clearly defined character. Very pleased with Xiao-Feng. About Mr. Bennet I can only say that it is quite normal villain. Unless he is fully revealed in the final picture, when the background of the collapsing ship comes with a pained face and says « Pure nonsense approach ». This scene really makes you think about this character. One of the most touching moments in the film. I already feel sorry for him became. Naomie Harris as Calypso replay periodically, especially in the beginning, but towards the end, finally, stop reading naive replica and it is already perceived as a normal character.
Shooting for all three parts we have always been on top. Gore Verbinski has not lost its former talent and gave us amazing stunts, great special effects and a gorgeous final battle in a whirl! Of course, the special effects are not at the level of « Spider-Man 3 », but they really are great!
soundtrack once again pulls the soul. The new composition is no better than the old, and I'm saving money to buy a disc with the sound of trikvela.
Well, well, a review really get more from the soul, so to speak. What we can say in the end? Yes, this film is weaker than the previous one (at least the first one), so it's a little nudnovato, but it is a worthy end pirate trilogy. Who is a pirate themed films practically does not go, so « Pirates » no strong competitors. Trikvel box office hardly beat a sequel, but he has already entered the top twenty highest-grossing films in the world, so I think the creators of income they will get, and not small. Franchise as a whole very successful, more than. And if ever I find out that Jerry Bruckheimer Gore Verbinski sponsors for the film « Pirates of the Caribbean 4 », I'm not upset. Even rather the contrary.
P.S. This year, the Hollywood has already given us two exciting trikvela: « Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End » and « Spider-Man 3: The enemy of reflection ». Hell, what do we expect next, because even the whole summer ahead ....
8,5. 10.

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