"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Or the benefits of the pirates. In general, something like that, most importantly, that alcohol - just evil, and pirates - not such an obvious
Instead of an epigraph:.
- And you go to the Pirates - Kaneshno! And you
- Still
- That together and go
... and went
The film begins as a standard historical thriller. Of course MANPADS extracted Elizabeth amused, although he was still a stamp. Not good, sir. Although the little girl showed the potential, if you know what I mean.
Then begins sYurailizm . Why I write that? Yes, that's just, I wanted to, the same nonsense as the first scene with Johnny. And of course, the epigraph epigraph and actually - my tribute to the writers delirium. Only faded likeness. The film nonsense, of course, top-notch. Nonsense with a capital letter. Of course, sur - it's fun, but here with him is clearly delayed. Yes, and not funny. And this is all firing article. Watch 10 minutes unfunny affectation Sparrow (!) - that still pleasure
About the story will not, I was told privately -. 'Lying is not beaten. " Did this person to make a film about the very highest rating, so my comment is superfluous - all-too-obvious mistakes, inconsistencies, sagging line of characters ...
About the actors
- Look, it's Johnny
Next comes the noise curtain -. baby screams, applause, rolling of eyes to the ceiling and other massive attacks
Johnny no longer lights. Here, by golly, no lights! If after the second part talked about it only a few, and I argued vehemently, saying nitpick, then there ... just goes on the thumb. And the truth is difficult to keep the attention of your character for three films with such timing. Because decrease screen time Sparrow - no doubt winning commercial move. Swan and Turner carefully pull the blanket. Mystery (ie, boredom) adds under-Callisto. Geoffrey Rush went into a rage - the only one I really wildly pleased. Bloom also began to look better - for the previous part learned from Sparrow betrayals and now does not look so ridiculous, clumsy as before. But a full-fledged character could become interesting only for a few minutes before the end. And the bread.
single word about a couple of pirates. As usual - the best of fun, no more and no less, the same eggs - side view. A monkey undead couple of times pretty amused. The first time was shaking from the cold (touching spectacle, the girls next to a crying!), The second time - a shot from a cannon. Not a bad deal, it's you in response to everyone there infinite ammunition ships and provisions. Monkey, if desired, can be shavat (lope there kilograms of meat and wool?) Or Knock it on the horns of the enemy muzzles.
The little parable is not the topic. 'Why did I fall asleep on the movie three times'.
now not joking. Yes, sleep. Yes, three times. This is not the antics and posturing (although it could be and it), simply a statement of fact. For the first time in my life I wanted to leave the session after an hour of viewing. It stops only the knowledge that the last half hour will be standing (this before viewing heard repeatedly). Well, besides it 'Pirates 3'! That is, must see. The main reason was the same ch0rtov alcohol. Very glad I did not do with a cinema is no shame, though sometimes drove. Somehow I remained sitting. Half asleep. Concha session at 4 am, I literally crawled out into the fresh air and realized that survived. Somehow, in spite of all plagues, pirates and monkeys immortal - survived
That's all appreciated-in-kinetic
Wait mochilova final was not easy, but I.. did! Perhaps, this is my greatest achievement over the past couple of years. With than itself and congratulations. Boarding in a funnel - a very effective and even innovative trick. It's all on the highest level. You look, and his eyes are happy. It's a shame that this spectacle is necessary to break with the battle as much as two and a half hours.
began to suspect the writers in clinical idiocy when krasiveyschy powerful battleship Beckett made themselves know that, when he came out against the two ships is clearly lower rank. It is unclear why the Lord abruptly fell into a stupor, probably reached him the meaning of the first half fell to the devil, and the second (which will appeal to all, and which, bi mei, will be remembered) his participation is minimal, and the Oscar he is not threatened. Then yes - played out brilliantly. For some reason, I remembered 'The Matrix'. And all sorts of thrash filmets style 'enchanted'. Okay, I will not find fault - it looks a bang. Even sleep discourage. At some point.
Dialogues about pirates.
In the previous parts amused. Then the director decided hesitated viewer that chew some misunderstanding which is not chewed in the previous parts. It looked disgusting. scenes can be cut and half castrated so Makar film would benefit. But I have been handed the sacred assembly 'scissors', not me ... alas. Dialogues solid 'unsatisfactory'. Screenwriters - the count, then hung from the yardarm, and let them hang out until someone does not come up to remove the fourth part. Then untie them from the yards, and again for the count. Yeah, to teach it.
Fragments. They passages. Something nice that I can remember.
+ shorty shot from a bazooka in Singapore. After that, I called him exclusively Rambo. Impressive small.
+ dispute with Sparrow Barbossa. Here's the scene to break into fierce nostalgia. He remembered the first part of a great and a very good second. Smiling, perhaps even quoted Kabala (tee-hee, yes).
+ Board Barons. More precisely a vote and the moment when explained why '9 pesos' so strange.
+ the wedding ceremony (we call this bacchanal so). More or less. Surely the most spectacular in the film Les Noces. Pleasantly surprised, because I did not expect the film is absolutely nothing.
seems more and remember nothing. Even a couple of jokes, maybe, but for 'Pirates ...' - it is little crime. Gore Verbinski advised to scare most writers view the gallows outside the window, to arrange demonstrations of execution and torture, but a little late.
Cheerless math.
Even arithmetic. For such a small number are taught to consider as early as kindergarten.
for acting game can be put ... uh ... too heterogeneous. Depp tries, but he became a hostage of his own image. I developed it. And it turned out just schizophrenic. No, I do not presume to assess. Only Barbossa Respect, hats off to Davy, and I will not curve from Knightley
Simply because:.
first half of the film - 3. Still qualitatively removed, installation, composer's work, lighting, make-up if you want ... I can recall many more abstruse words. crew effort considerably. But I do not appreciate the effort, and re-Dhul-tat. . 3 points
final batch - another plus 3 points. I usually do not do, but marine scenes at the end of an extremely savory and completely demolishing the tower.
3 + 3 = 6. Not a bad movie. Although if you look at the term - a good final and hlipenkaya very long prelude to the finale. If you swap them - neither give nor take -. See agony
need to fail, but even if you miss / missed it, the film will bring together an impressive box office. You can come an hour before the end of the movie and get a storm of positive emotions, which will not be diluted by the obscurantism that we see the beginning
Overall -. 'Six'. Above the average. That film such power (I mean the expectations of fans, advertising, cast) - humiliating. Here, let it be humiliating, can then come to their senses and stop kinodela stupidly cut coupons from the crowd ...
... ish dreaming something! :)
6 out of 10.

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