"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I. Peace in the world :
remarkable film. Worthy end pirate trilogy.
In the cinema, where I went, it was not much excitement, but when everyone was seated, and began showing the film, the atmosphere has changed markedly. Watched without stopping, many forget about the popcorn and drinks. And in the final and did many succumbed forward, so it was interesting, but the words do not convey the feeling ... The audience applauded after the film is not the end, but left with a satisfied look on his face, cheerful and happy in their own way. No one is discussing. No one criticized, dammit! There was no sebaceous jokes or comments, all just watched. Silence in some moments of the film in the room was such that one felt the experience of the characters.
After the "Island of thugs" Honorable Renny Harlin pirate theme in the film was lost, but thanks to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, director Gore Verbinski and the entire film crew pirates returned to the cinema, and returned not losers, but winners. Let them have no special awards, but they have us, loyal fans, the audience favorite, who presented the second part of more than a billion dollars in 2006
Trikvel "Pirates of the Caribbean." - this is the end of an era in the new film, era, which lasted less than the period of in the usual sense of the term, but that does not become less significant. Millions of children have received the wonderful world of adventure, millions of adults were able to return to it. Naval battles, exciting fights, scintillating dialogue between enemies and allies, untold treasures and cursed, and through it - the river pours rum, slamming slap heard screams of drunken pirates - is Tortuga, refuge of pirates of the Caribbean. Tortuga - is synonymous with endless fun. Discouragement is no place in the trilogy, but there will always cheer for the true pirate - changeable, crafty, resourceful and cheerful. For if you were in my heart a pirate, you give people a good mood. Cinema has always been a MAGIC, charmingly and incomprehensible. Like the world of pirates in the art of a different kind. Teaming up with the world of cinema and the world of pirates gave us a tour ... our world.
II. A successful trikvel :
a) « Welcome to Singapore !»:
Trikvel immediately proceed to business without any stories, throwing us in the dark and mysterious Singapore which is home to one of the Barons of the Brotherhood - a Xiao Feng, strong and cunning pirate whose guys look very impressive, and the ladies hit its eastern beauty
Although Singapore's film a little, as the Baron of Xiao Feng, he is haunting..
actor Chow Yun-Fat beautifully played Xiao Feng, did not lose against the background of vipers Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa cap. Some reason decided that the hero is unnecessary and even once in the entire history. It is not true, it plays a role in the main story. And the hero colorful, curious
very pleased with the game Rush -. He definitely led to imagine the entire first quarter of the film, it looks crazy, like the smile of the innocent, the malevolent, depending on the scene, captivated the audience with a fluff
The unusual change in the image of Will Turner benefited actor Bloom, who managed to make a variety of the correctness of his character. The same applies to the image of Elizabeth Swann, Knightley looked bold and believable. Rare case when actors who were "beautiful furniture" (hello to someone under the name Dolphin), do not irritate a single drop, and only bring in a flat film and therefore leads to the balance of the game luminaries Rush and Depp.
b) « Four of you have tried to kill me, and one is able to »:!
Cache Davy Jones - a great fiction writers and brilliant execution of his role of Johnny Depp, Jack Sparrow showed stratification of individuals, completely gone mad in hell for the pirates. At this point the audience in the cinema hanged on glory, watching the fight with Sparrow himself.
moment when hundreds of crabs translate "the Black Pearl" of the sea, and Jack Sparrow standing on the mast, and his entire team stopped at the water enters the history of "Pirates of the Caribbean" - again captain Sparrow is back, and once again - phenomenally
Prior to this, as we know, the team has gone through a lot to save Jack Sparrow, and I must say, the journey remarkably displayed in the movie - he became visually beautiful, the ice looks great pass camping, as well as jokes associated with poor monkey (that only she did not have to go through!) and Pintel and Radzhetti - this obnoxious couple of pirates. I would also like to mention the game Naomie Harris, playing Tia Dalma. More in the second part I liked it, but in the third especially, this symbiosis funny accent and a tragic love story. Shine!
When Jack Sparrow and the crew found it amusing episode. Here the writers a little joke about the relationship of Jack and Elizabeth, and this is also a plus film: here everything is changing, everyone becomes someone else, and because the tension in the film does not subside for a minute. Everyone enjoyed the time on the ship when the pirates were transferred muskets at each other. Here also it was an important game Rush and Depp playing quarrelsome like an old woman, the captains of the ship. How they communicate "pins" to each other in the course of the film, the audience cheered in
) « Such gatherings in our lifetime has not yet happened !»:.
trikvele In all actions take place in the four different areas: 1
. The territory of Lord Cutler Beckett: this is the beginning of the film, which is in the second part, struck by their uniqueness. Song of the pirates before the execution was etched in my memory. Beckett is a ship, where he quietly with his philosophy of "business approach" to drink seagulls.
2. The territory of Captain Jack Sparrow: this cache Jones, and "Black Pearl", and Tortuga, and the collection of the Brotherhood nine Barons. The episode with the Brotherhood, I liked, especially the appearance of Keith Richards as Jack's father. Incredibly pleased with the appearance of (finally) of the Pirate Code. Barons each other's faces, I swear.
3. Davy Jones territory: it is, of course, "The Flying Dutchman": here Bill Nighy played great Jones (pleased when viewers see his real face) and do not forget Jack Davenport as James Norrington and Stellan Skarsgard as Bill prihlopa .
4. The territory of the total: it is closer to the final, where the terrible maelstrom meet "Black Pearl" and "The Flying Dutchman»
g) « This business approach ... »:.
I will not tell, How did the film, I want only to draw the audience's attention to the fact that trikvel so good that clearly and nicely puts everything on the shelves, and explaining the sequel, and even the first part.
Praise be to those who survived, honors those who died even if it were the villains. All the characters were brilliant level in a brilliant trilogy of pirates. Death, in fact, get a beautiful and memorable (with one exception, but will not say how - see the movie).
Someone make a sound, they say, nothing in the movies about pirates brought everything in mysticism, they say, is for those small who like "Harry Potter". So, dear friend, must be clear: this is not mysticism made the pirates, and they her. Pirate world so beautiful that it is full of tales and stories are of different kinds, and why not mysticism in them? Mystic - addition to a diverse and sustainable world of pirates. No more.
As to whether a continuation in the trilogy? Who knows, it may be.
In any case, bad I can not see. After all, it is "business approach» ...
d) « Repeat it often ... »:
Trikvel completed a four-year era of the pirates in the film, concluded, but she continues to live in our hearts, anxious concerning mentions such figures as Jack Sparrow and captain Barbossa ...
«Jolly Roger" will now always waving in the breeze of our efforts, and the tower up proudly above the rest of the flags, reminding all of us that discouragement has no place in this world, and that we are born in order to make a story come true ...
Long live joy!
III. What we were presented with "Pirates of the Caribbean» :
1. Captain Jack Sparrow: insidious, cunning, but at the same time cheerful and funny pirate on a ship plowing his Black Soul of the Caribbean 2
.. Captain Hector Barbossa: malicious, reckless, but at the same time dull and powerful pirate, captain of the true "Black Pearl»
3.. Captain Davy Jones and striking in appearance, a great player in the bone, a great musician, an excellent opponent in combat with sabers. The legendary owner of "The Flying Dutchman».
4. Governor Weatherby Swann: naive and sweet man, a dandy of clean water, a loving father
5.. Elizabeth Swann:. The girl, coming out of the governor's daughters in the pirates, brave and charming
6. Will Turner: former blacksmith, is fed into the pirates, the real son of his father, brave and fiercely fighting for the love of the one for which he is willing to do anything
7.. Prihlopa Bill:. Piracy faithful man Davy Jones servant, his father, who is capable of any folly for her son
8. Lord Cutler Beckett: aristocrat, craving for power over the Caribbean Sea, tea lover, a connoisseur of "business approach" a man of principle and prudent
9.. Boatswain Gibbs. Person who is always under the command of Jack Sparrow, an ardent supporter of rum drinking parties, dancing with a Black Tags and going into the fight for the sake of saving the ship
10. Commodore James Norrington: the doubting man, no doubt, a strong will, able to play a good opponent
11.. Tia Dalma:. Woman, charm is not a pirate, a fortune-teller with a funny accent, in a word - the goddess
12. Pintel and Ragetti: daring pirate couple, whose overweening
13.. Cotton and his parrot: a couple is clearly wise
14.. Monkey: A character is extremely dangerous
15.. Xiao Feng:. Stately Baron Brotherhood, with the sublime and elegant syllable speech
16. The barons of the Brotherhood:. People with thin neural organization that speak
17. Father Jack Sparrow: a connoisseur of black humor
18.. A couple of officers:. People who are ready to clear everything in the world
19. Cuttlefish Kraken: very demanding gourmet
20.. Dog: nice guy, he knows how to keep the keys
IV.. Smile "Jolly Roger» :
Perhaps I did not receive the distinct review
Well, it means that I was greatly impressed by the view of the most anticipated for me this year the film.. And this, in turn, means that the trilogy of "Pirates of the Caribbean" was completed as they should. Nice.
I wrote a review on trikvel five times, but each time stopped, shook his head, and began again. Something did not suit me, I do not like. Until I realized that it was: the lack of truth. And the truth is that I really love this pirate trilogy.
Someone she presented a good mood, and I gave it a second life.
possible by going through all the negativity that accumulates in different media, through all human indifference, the vices of this world - greed, envy, hatred, smile Jolly Roger gets to our hearts. Awaken in us the best thing is still left.
will take years, and this pirate smile never be erased from our soul.
never disappear.
« Start the day with a smile » ( unknown author).
« smekaet? » (Jack Sparrow).
10 of 10.

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