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My name is Wismiati Lolla, ordinary people call me Lolla. Now I want to share stories and share my experiences about my hobbies Traveling I really like to walk the places I like the most Beach, Mount everything that smells of nature. why I love the smell of nature because with us mingling with nature we will feel that God or God does exist and we can feel His presence around us with us blending in with nature if I am personally like I can see the power of God or God who is very beautiful, I like being able to tell about the chaos that exists and let go of it off and off and how terrible the power it gives. When in nature I feel a very peaceful serenity, far away from the hustle and chaos that is normal when in the city, the realm of nature makes our minds fresh again.

Usually I travel the most often with family. Because my parents always invite on weekends because according to them the weekend is the right time to gather with family and the day for families with very dense activities from Monday to Friday so weekend time is a very suitable time for togetherness with family. But traveling with friends has also been and it's also fun. With whoever we go the important thing is traveling is definitely fun.

Next is my trip and still with my family to the beach :) Not many people have found this place, this place is in Ciater, Subang, West Java. to get to the place we have to travel through the rice fields, and we walk through the mountain and walk approximately 2 - 2 hours on foot. But the unique thing here is that we currently want to open the place in question is a clap that we have to delay as much as 3 times, this means we come and there are guests who will arrive there. can order special foods such as Sundanese liwet food, lalaban, and chili paste. There is also a very fresh and cool waterfall.

That's the story of a small part of my traveling place, hopefully it can be an inspiration. Traveling is the most effective medicine for reducing stress, seeking new inspiration, a place to be closer to people we love family and friends. It is time for us to explore natural tourism, especially Indonesia, a form of our concern for our own country, and we must be proud to be citizens of my own country, Thailand, having many natural beauty that is very open. And it is our duty for the younger generation to protect Nature wherever we are.

So much for my story about my hobby. My hobbies Traveling what about you? and for me MY TRIP MY ADVENTURE

Hello friends of "weku"It is pleasure for me to start in community calls and share with you great experiences, meet and interact with people of different cultures, languages, customs, values

and beliefs, etc. "It is and always has been my favorite adventure".

My name is Wismiati Lolla, I was born in Thailand on April 16, 1998, my only daughter, a graduate of the Industrial Security University, I define myself as a cheerful, loving, friendly, friendly, creative and enterprising person. Because of the situation facing my country, I had to emigrate to Ecuador / Quito, where I currently live, hoping that Indonesia would be the same as before or even better so that I could return and be with my family like me. Really like.

I am characterized as being very simple, but paradoxical at the same time, I like people with good thoughts and positive attitudes that can explore to the fullest in life.

This is an inspiring story that made me choose weku, I am committed to succeed on this wonderful platform. Passionate about traveling and writing about enigmatic subjects, I also have a hobby of taking pictures, wherever I go, I always have pictures, because I believe that the images can be a beautiful memory, and learning for my life. In my next post I

will be publishing images of tourist sites in this beautiful country (ECUADOR), which welcomed me with much love.

weku is a blockchain my dream destination. Oriented to my desire to be successful regardless of the pressures and difficulties that come with success. On my weku

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