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What I already know. The last time I checked the screen time on my phone, I had spent more than 6 hours on my phone, and the day had not ended yet! my weekly average was eight hours per day. So, I chose to write an I-Search about the topic too much phone use, because I face this problem, and I know a lot of people who do too, which made the topic interesting to me. Extreme use in our generation is more than any other generation, because we live in this generation of development of technology. It does have a lot of positive impacts, but it also has it’s negative impacts. For instance, using your phone too much distracts you from far more important things, like studying, and spending time with your family. You don’t study or spend much time with your family because phones distract you to do so. It also effects your sleep. You don’t get enough sleep because phones keep you up. Also, a lot of teenagers are addicted to their cell phones, and they feel the constant worry of missing out on things on their phones. In Addition, parents play a huge role in solving this issue. Parents can set limits for their kids if their kids are facing an issue in excessive phone use. Personally, I don’t spend enough time studying because the sounds of the notifications distracts me, as if it’s forcing me to grab my phone and leave my books. It also wastes too much of my time without me even noticing. I also socialize less with my friends because all of us have our noses stuck in our screens, none of us makes the effort to make a conversation with the other since we’re all distracted with our phones. Phones also effect you socially since it distracts you from the outside world. I spent a lot of time on my phone, and I have realized a lot of teenagers do too. This issue has been concerning me for a long time, because I believe that too much phone use has a negative impact on us from different perspectives. So, I hoped to find a solution to end too much phone use among teenagers that is suitable for all teenagers. So I decided What I want to know. There are a lot of things I want to know about excessive phone use, from multiple perspectives. Like I wants to know to what extent do phones effect teenagers.I want to know what are the health effects of excessive phone use.I want to find a way to solve this issue that is spreading amongst teenagers. I want to know if teenagers are conscious of the problems they are putting themselves into due to excessive phone use. Research. I started the research by gathering primary resources. Many teenagers were very helpful, they helped me prove the issue that is happening by answering my survey and interview questions honestly. I’ve found a lot of teenagers who were willing to help me because a lot of teenagers in my school are struggling from this issue. So, I surveyed the teenagers to know the amount of teenagers my age who spend too many hours using their phones. I also wanted to know their opinion and perspective over this common issue, which I have got from their answers. I also interviewed two students who spend more than five hours on their phones on a daily basis to find more specific information. Diversely, I searched the web, where I found better information for secondary resources, to back up my information with stronger facts and statistics. I used information from multiple websites to mention other people’s studies over this topic, and also provide information from experts like doctors. Because addressing the issue from a professional's point of view will definitely make the search paper well made. While searching and looking for information from different sources, I encountered both successes and failures. I found the most success in finding enough statistics for my topic, since many studies about too much phone use have been done before me. And excessive phone use is a very common topic so it was easy for me to find enough information, especially effects of excessive phone use. On the other hand, I had failures in brainstorming topics, and coming up with a good topic that I’m actually interested in. Because it is easy to write a research about anything, but it’s hard to find something you are interested in and actually want to find a solution for it. I also had failures in coming up with enough questions to narrow down my research. Because before writing the research, I thought the more general your topic is the easier for you to write about. Although, this had made me put too much thought and effort into choosing the most suitable topic, and listing enough questions, which had avoided me from getting any setbacks in the search process. Whereas, I did make a few changes throughout the process; I wanted to come up with my own solution for this problem, but then I decided to combine multiple solutions from multiple sources together to come up with stronger and more effective solutions. Because solutions from experts and people who have studied my issue deeper, would definitely have a better solution. Although I did mention my ideas and solutions, only with other solutions to make it more effective. The Results. Excessive phone use can physically effect you because it can interfere with your sleep. According to Nadi (2017), When the person’s eyes are exposed to the light that can suppress melatonin which is a hormone, from the phone screen, the person’s sleep will be pushed back due to the hormone because it has control over sleep timing. So , phones keeps us up late, and several negative effects falls under it. Like not being able to focus the next day, or not gain enough amount of energy to perform one’s tasks. Sleep loss can also effect your health, According to Nadi (2017)",it could lead to heart disease, weight gain, depression and anxiety. And after conducting a survey consisting 35 girls, 29 of them said they go to sleep with their phones, which is more than 82%. This means that a lot of teenagers are exposed to damaging screen light before sleeping which will cause them to lose sleep, so a great a amount of teenagers are exposed to the harmful health effects of sleep loss due to excessive phone use. Also, excessive phone use can cause mental effects like anxiety and depression. According to a teenage student I interviewed, “I always feel the need to answer a text message or a phone call right on time..” This means that teenagers are pressured to be around their phone at all times, they feel that they are responsible in texting back or replying instantly, in fact, they stress over it. They fear that they are going to miss out on something important, or maybe they have to be around their phones incase their friends needed them . Also according to the survey I conducted at school, I had found out that 72% of teenagers feel the need to answer text messages and phone calls immediately no matter what they are doing. This means that teenagers’ phones are their first priority, they would pause anything they are doing just to reply to a text message or answer a phone call. In addition, according to young post teenagers expect their friends to update them constantly and text them back immediately, but they worry they won’t always get them, they worry too much about it which leads to anxiety. Also, according to Arshi (2019) Depending on messaging as an essential method of correspondence can build tension in teenagers. Messaging is right away satisfying, yet it likewise creates nervousness. Which means that the survey I conducted and the interview answers that I received, match the information that I got from the experts who wrote the previous information. Furthermore, not only do excessive phone use cause anxiety but also depression, according to young post “Nearly half of the teens who said they spend five or more hours a day on a smartphone, laptop, or tablet said they had thought about, planned or attempted suicide at least once.” Also specialists at emergency clinics affirm they are seeing an increase in the indications of anxiety and depression among teenagers. This means excessive phone use plays a huge role, and could be a main factor of depression among teenagers. Although, my survey didn’t match this information, since less than 50% of the teenagers I surveyed believed that excessive phone use could lead to depression, but this study that young post conducted was shared world wide which makes it more accurate than my survey, because it includes teenager’s perspectives from different areas and cultures. These are all only some of the many negative effects that teenagers face due to too much phone use. Teenagers shouldn’t get through all these negative effects that can damage them from multiple aspects. They must avoid using their phones excessively in order to avoid all these physical and mental issues. Although, it is hard to leave any habit, or even addiction, but any issue or problem could be solved if you plan a solution wisely. So, I found came up with multiple methods that they can pursue in order to bypass excessive phone use. I also combined the solutions that I came up with, with solutions from experts that I found on the web. According to pumpic Parents have a huge role in solving this issue, so they can put a limit on the amount of money their kids consume on their phones by decreasing their monthly payment. If parent decrease the amount of money they give their kids, the less objects and materials their kids buy, including things that are related to their phones. Also, a student I interviewed suggested that parents should limit the data in their kid’s phone, so that once the data finishes they can’t have access over the internet or any social networking application . I think it’s a great idea since teenagers mostly use their phones for social networking, so setting a limit on the internet will make a huge positive impact. On the other hand, teenagers should also be responsible it decreasing the amount of their phone use, so, they should monitor the amount of time spent on their phones by using screen time. Screen time gives you the exact amount of time you spent on your phone, and it also clearfies how much time you spent on what app exactly. Teenagers should use screen time to put a plan for themselves and watch their progress. The Reflection. After conducting a research paper as complex as this, I have learned a lot of new information and gained skills from different aspects. I learned that I have to put a lot of effort into narrowing down my topic, because the more specific my topic is the more organized my research is going to be, and the easier for the readers to understand my main focus, also I can explain my claims even more and include a lot of details and examples about this specific topic. I also learned that I will face a few difficulties and frustrations, like getting my paper on the correct word limit range, and restrain my writing to a rubric that I have to stick to. But all these frustrations are what makes me a better writer, because it forces me to get out of my comfort zone and write something harder than usual, which makes my level of writing higher. But I also had many successes throughout my research. I have easily found many statistics and studies related to excessive phone use, since a lot conducted surveys about this topic. Also I have found many teenagers who were willing to answer my survey and interview questions, it was also easy for me to people who can give me information because it’s a common issue. Also, I was able to add information from my point of view because I face this issue too. This is why having a personal connection and being interested in the topic your writing about can really help you. I learned new information about excessive phone use I never new before, like it’s health effects both physically and mentally. I also learned many things that can help me personally, like how to plan my time more efficiently. Since writing a 2500 word research would take a lot of time, I learned how to plan my time so I could submit my research right on time. And this is a skill that will not only help me in english class, but it will also be effective on a daily basis since time management is a very important life skill. My writing skills also improved, since it was my first time writing an I-search paper, and it was a new way of research for me, so I learned a lot of new elements that I can include in my future essays and researches . In addition, I learned how to differentiate between websites that will help me and websites that won’t from the web, and how to differentiate between strong information and weak information from the web. Elseways, I faced difficulties in paraphrasing, since most of my findings were facts and studies and statistics that were hard to change and put in my own words. Because there is a limit in the amount of words that I could write down exactly without changing anything, I had to learn how to paraphrase, so I used the techniques that the teacher taught me while writing the research, and gained the skill of paraphrasing. All these success and difficulties will help me in my future research. But in the future, I will focus only on one claim instead of two or three, so I could expand in the explanation and details. Because I can’t expand in the explanation of three claims or more because I should stick to a word count. But in general, I really like my topic because I felt that it was personal because I face this issue myself, and also I think my research talks about a topic a lot of teenagers are interested in because they can relate to it, and they can use the solutions mentioned for their own benefits.

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