Phone And Android: What Do They Have In Common? Essay

Technology is the main source of communication for people nationwide. “It makes the world a better place”. People drive with technology glued to their ears, in their car radios and on their desks. There is always a debate on which device is better than the other. Androids and I phones are used by the entire world. The question that is on everyone’s mind is; can one device be better than the other? Is it possible they are similar or are they completely different? Is this a strong debate? Similarities and differences can solve this debate once and for all.

I phones and androids do have a lot in common. People have tried to say these two types of phones are different. But actually, they are both the same. The most obvious similarity I phones and androids have is they both come in all of the same colors such as Black, white etc. As well as cases can be made to match one another. Both phones are touch screen which means they do not have hard buttons to push. You are pushing the actual screen. All phones have a front and back faced camera feature. It allows people to take picture and/or videos with the screen facing them selves or the camera facing outward. Lastly, the android and the Iphone are smart phones.

On the contrary, I phones and androids are different. Iphones have an actual home button, which is one single button on the front of the phone. Androids have a back button, home button and it can pull up your recent applications you have visited. They’re physical appearance is different. Both of these phones have different brands. I phones have I phone 6, 6s, 7, 7 plus. Who ever makes I phones come out with a new type of phone that has a new feature almost every year. Androids, on the other hand, have the galaxy, Samsung Lg, HTC, HTC tribute. All have different names for each phone. The android has a removable battery and rechargeable. When you have to replace a battery on the Iphone, the whole phone would have to be replaced due to the battery not being visible. The IOS has more apps than the android. It has 230,000 apps while the other has only 70,000. The Samsung Lg android has limited memory. When a phone has so many photos and videos including face book app and snap chat, there is no option to get another memory card. You would have to delete an app that is on your phone in order to add something new to your phone. The Iphone 7 has unlimited memory. In order to charge an Iphone, there is only one charger that will work. It has to be an apple charger. These are hard to find but the apple store has them. For an android, it can be charged with any micro USB cord. The “dependable phone” (iphone), does have a lot of upgrades. The android does not.

In conclusion, I feel the Iphone and the android devices are more similar than different. This debate was necessary because people should know each device actually has the same features. The prices on each type of phone are ridiculous. In my opinion, a phone is a phone and it lets us keep in contact with others. A phone in general is a smart idea to create. Iphone and android should not be rivals. This debate has been going on for a long time. I think I have gotten my point across when it comes to comparing and contrasting these two phones.

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