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In the year of 2016, the venture of small business management set up a website for the sale and marketing of t-shirt under the name of “Philosophy-T”, a simple clothing business retail website. The main purpose of which was to cater to the growing market of t-shirt with quotes that claim a meaningful message. The website for the business is registered and thus a website for everyone was created to make a change in make a change in the ideology of the youth by the help of these t- shirts. In today's day to day work no one usually cares about the inner meaning of life and the internal messages that are going through going through the nature and various people that will help both the nature and the living being to create a better world.
Does the use of philosophy world would help us to create a better world through these messages that would be printed on the T-Shirts the more the use of the T-Shirts the more will be the effect on various human characters various peoples who will see the T-Shirts. The business has a unique agenda i.e. to make t-shirt those are easily differentiated by the fact that there would be quotes on them saying valuable messages based on education and also our ecology. The basic idea of the project was quite innovative as can be seen. So, the business set up has an identity of its own, the area where the business is targeted for are friends, family which is quite an upcoming and emerging market in terms of quirky t-shirt, that seems witty at a moment’s glance. The website is currently operating under the “Massey University”. This necessarily implies that that all the functionalities of the website that is related to legal, and also on financial terms is totally dependent on the university. Which is something worth noting as this fact will influence the analysis that is being carried out here. There were many hurdles that was faced in the starting phase of the website .As, the website is invariably related to the university, there were serious problem faced in attempt to integrate the website payment gateway with that of the university (Broom, H. and Longenecker, J. 1975). The difference is created not only by the idea but the unique idea who is not only healthy human world to visualize the current concept of the various ongoing processes in the world whatever you like the problems of the nature we humans for example problem in nature like global warming if someone use the shirt and other youth will see it and will have the effect on him and at some point of life would change his ideology and thus will indulge him to take a necessary step. That is how valuable messages and notifications could be shared by the help of the T-Shirts it will not only create an effect on various human ideologies but will enhance the ideology of different peoples and well indulge them to take a step against what is wrong and for what is right. The most obvious choice present at that time was that of the most widely used service known as ‘PayPal’, which is nothing more than an online payment portal, but due to complexity issues the website could not be integrated with it. Another, major concern that was raised at that time was the issue with the IT guy present at that time, who was unable to work out the sophistication of the website due to advanced technology that was used, and so this created problems in customizing and maintaining the website. This translated to no provision for making of budget oriented sheets or taking in cash. Which was a serious blow to the startup and so the students were unable to sell t-shirts during the current semester. During the early times of the project there was an assessment of the class resources and many potential pools were identified which can be broadly written as-budgeting, market research, web designing and development, knowledge regarding social media marketing, design skills, corporate planning, customer care and also inventory management skills which is very critical in business setups like this (Ames, M. and Wellsfry, N. 1983). The naming of the website was another haphazard event, since most well known and accepted extensions were unavailable so the name was adopted in lieu of the fact that it was the best option present. The core platform that was used to build the site also proved to be very complex for even the IT guy, and he was unable to link the cash payment system to the website which was a serious downfall. The main motto behind this website was to achieve a blend between t-shirt marketing which would allow the students to have a closer more detailed look at all the procedures associated with sitting up and running a small business, and spreading awareness with the use of quotes which aim mostly at the young generation. The concept was to set up a project which would not only sell t shirts but also associate an educational value to it, by using quotes. It helps the students to increase their potential on business and marketing on digital media and other marketing areas (Gaedeke, R. and Tootelian, D. 1980). The concept of using quotes has been extended to also include ecological topics. Overall, this business venture was a very healthy idea .A logo has not yet been decided to associate with the website, this is also an area that needs attention .An interesting part of this idea is that students are allowed to vote for their quotes and the quotes are then chosen likewise, this invites immense student participation. The students have also been in contact with a local t-shirt printer who has given them an outlay of the cost to decide and proceed accordingly. The various other business parameters have been worked out effectively. In recent times, the businesses have sold a limited number of t-shirts, but several complaints have also been received raising many flags. The customers want better variety, warranty and if possible a simple return policy. With increasing time as the business will increase it will increase the company its potential in giving the best experiences to its customers and increasing its market Around The World does it will create a change and we will help everyone to change their ideology through in simple business idea, a touch of customization is also being considered as a welcome move here.

The performance of the business cannot be stated so easily in view of various factors those are involved, this job will require a detailed and structured breakdown of every aspect of the business to understand its functionality (Hubbard, R. and Hailes, W. 1988). The various challenges that are being faced presently by the business are the factors that dictate its performance. And, so truly understand the performance of these challenges that are looked at with care. The firsts and foremost thing that have playing folly with the website, is the issue of not having a proper trained professional who can manage and maintain the various systems and technologies being used by the website. The first bumper in the road that was hit was because of the lack of technical expertise which later translated into a lot of problems. The accounts part of the system needs a total revision and also thorough integration with the website so that the students can operate it effortlessly. This will also solve many issues related to taking cash and preparing budget. Since, this is basically an e-commerce website the most viable point of the whole system is to maintain fluid transaction processes. And, if this problem is not taken care seriously, other improvements will in the end be futile. The good news is this problem can be addressed quite easily; a person well versed and conversant with current web technologies will serve as a boon in this regard. Time to time market research about what people need what type of T shirts is required. What type of messages can be printed, what type of ideologies can be expressed time to time changes and the demand of the T-Shirts will time to time change with increase in demand the company (Klar, P. 1989). The organization has to increase attention in delivering proper experience to its customer’s local area around the world. On the area of attracting customers it will have to focus more on his services moisture that has become fluent among the customer's motor start up, the company has to use the best possible resources like the Internet as it has this affect all around the world and a plan on simple idea that can be expressed around the world by the help of Internet and the earth. Further the company can take the help of The E-Commerce companies in the world like Amazon and Alibaba which will help the organization to increase the market value simple idea. Moreover tie up with different brand with different quotes and messages will have to attract more customers.

Generally there are two types of customers one who opt for low prices and other see for brand store to entertain this type of customers towards the product of their choice. The details of the customer should be there for the organization to go for the low pricing products and do high quality work for the people who chooses branded products It will help the company to increase its popularity and marketing advertisement by the help of Internet in the months reduced cost which will be famous later. The electronic payment is used in e-commerce business system because of its user friendliness and it's also time saving capabilities that help the business organization to expand it's market reach. Paperless monetary transaction takes place with the help of debit, credit card and following B2B business model which is its first selling product to intermediate buyer who then sells the product to the final customers (Murphy, M. 1996). The items are used in B2B E-Commerce or electronics shipping, warehousing, motor vehicles etc where key technologies are electronic data exchange, internet, intranet, extranet and back end information system. The architectural model involves supply oriented Marketplace, intermediate Marketplace and the B2C model that states from websites all the business transaction that further takes place between the business organization and the customer directly maintenance and development of this website. It is useful for attracting customers and will also deliver a promising experience this will help the organization to implement its idea in various countries. Moreover these types of companies should tie up with the company so that minimum support in terms of cost experience performance can be delivered. We have seen the examples of big companies such as Amazon who have these small startups to increase the potential and the growth of the particular status in case of his t-shirt Idea making different types of ideas of T shirts that is supported by many people who knows the idea that could get supported by some of the big companies and it can be attached to the big names. At last the main motto is to make the idea popularized among the common people and to help the common people to change the ideologies and their thinking with the help of these messages which is printed on the T-Shirts because at last philosophy is the mean criteria to reach people influence to reach at least influencing a small number of people to create innovative ideas could help a small change in this world. The philosophy T-shirt could become a premier change in ideology and ideas of society by the help of a simple step that is conveying a message by the help of a T-shirt (Pickle, H. and Abrahamson, R. 1976). As the company will rise the time of modernization will also rise with rise in world problems but the demand of T-shirt will maintain its position because of simple fashion idea. This simple idea will be worth a million words. The main customer it will attract will be the youth or the younger generation but this younger generation can greatly affect the ideas of common people so the main motto should be to change the idea of youth or to philosophically unite them.


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