Philosophy Of Nursing Essay


Identify similar themes/commonalities that your classmates have written. The point value is based on your response to others posts.


According to Aysha Ortiz having a nursing degree from well known Schools and her common goal is working together which I believe is the major opportunity for me as a nursing professional because team work and togetherness make us what we are today by serving the individuals at the right time in right ways. The profound idea of care giving is a kind of philosophy that I think is quite acknowledgeable and similar to me as I have entered into this profession having a primary aim of serving people and development of community (Brencick and Webster, 2000).

In these current times, the nurses are being competence with machines and however, I believe that machines are one of those necessary equipments that provide better and accurate care giving facilities simultaneously this are readily controlled and monitored b the nurse itself. Having a good feeling of participating in someone healing is the great achievement particularly in nursing profession. Besides that, communication is another major factor that provides crucial impact to the overall care giving procedure and it has been accomplished significantly with the help of effective communication with the patient. With the advancement of technological applications the surgeries can be carried out by the robotics mechanism but the nursing is something categories in humanistic care that helps in patient recovery (Sellman, 2014). Most importantly, it would not be possible by a machine to provide care to a patient instead of a human thus, the philosophical prospective of my class mates are pretty similar to my own thoughts and philosophies related to nursing.


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