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Huemer, M. (2018). Unjust Drug War. Retrieved 12 April 2018, from

In the given essay by Michael Huemer, the controversial issue of drug war, where argument has been provided in favour of outlawing the drugs due to its negative effect both upon the user and other people of the society. The author has also mentioned that prohibition of drugs violate the human rights. The current study will help to justify the fact that have been given by the author about the uses of drugs. The philosophical and intellectual matter related to the drug war will also be discussed by providing cogent argument.

Excessive use of drugs is one of the major social issues within the population of America. The total number of crime cases and anti-social activities increases with the popularity of drug usage among the younger generation (Jones et al., 2015). In the given assignment the author has effectively described the role of government in banning of drugs. The decision will be implemented in order to protect the interest of majority of the people, who are also indirectly affected by the negative effect of drugs. The author has provided statistical information by stating that nearly 18000 Americans are killed each year due to excessive usage of drugs. However, it is also important to note that more people are killed by the uses of tobacco, which can be calculated as 15 people per 1000 users, compared to that of drug that kills 2.6 people in 1000(Huemer, 2018).

Hence, in this context I believe it is more important for the government to focus upon issues related to tobacco smoking and obesity. It is also important for the government to consider about the medicinal uses of drugs which includes marijuana, cocaine and heroin. The ethical issues in the given context is the most important challenge that needs to be considered before completely legalising the drugs.

There are currently 450,000 people who are innocently captured by the government due to the drug abuse(Huemer, 2018). I do believe the author has provided strong argument against the government policies that has caused the uprising of the drug war. With the help of these strong facts and arguments, I think it will be possible to justify the movement which is against the government decision. Nevertheless, it is also important to consider the fact that there are several teenagers in the American society, who are getting habituated with the misuse of illegal drugs. Hence, according to me it is important for the government not to completely prohibit the drugs, but rather control the uses of the same (Rudd et al., 2016).

In conclusion it can be said that there are still arguments among prohibitionist about the definition of fundamental rights that are related to usages of illegal drugs. One of the major drawbacks of writing is the fact that the author has not highlighted about the Medical Application of the drugs that could have been a major highlighting point against complete banishment of drugs. Hence, the write up has provided argument both in favour and against the usages of drugs.


Huemer, M. (2018). Unjust Drug War. Retrieved 12 April 2018, from

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