Pharmaceutics – A Path I Desire To Take Essay

Pharmacy is a way of life for many and includes many layers of experience, knowledge and gratification which I’m optimistic about unwaveringly during my time on this course. Knowing that you will always have family relatives whom are inadequate to such basic medication in less developed countries is what galvanized me to want to take this course at university along with the thrill of lab work along with my interests in physiology. We all know that “You can’t go to the pharmacy to buy a pack of experience; you have to be in those games in order to acquire that experience,” which is why I’ve encompassed myself with individuals working in this field to constantly learn something new every minute.

Ever since I was certain that this was the path I desired to take, I thrived of researching new drugs, medicine and cures being developed on a daily basis- my favorite being the many riveting ones on cancer research featuring on, Medical News Today. Through numerous clubs and competitions I would attend and take part in my confidence and communication skills improved immensely. For starters, I took part in a debate team as a part of an extra-circular activity which allowed me both project my ideas and beliefs forwards, but also listening to the ideas of my peers. This along with the combination of taking part in a TED talk competition has allowed me to pitch topics I feel heartily about in front of an audience in order to intensify my self-motivation and independency. To help support the school, I was also awarded the role of becoming prefect. I have shown commitment throughout the course of being a prefect as I would sacrifice my lunchtimes to make sure regulations are followed as well as my evenings occasionally when being a guide during school parents evenings. This only emphasizes my reliability and responsibility when it comes to my character. After taking part in some unpaid work experience at a local pharmacy I began to imbibe more about working around medication, strengthening my confidence and communication skill further as listening to orders, serving customers and ordering prescriptions are examples of the roles I actively took on. My passion for such things did not begin here however. Despite not yet physically being able to provide dispense medication and benefit patients, at a young age I took part in a race for life walk to actively support those facing their battles. This motivated me to want to make a difference. To want to thrive of of my ambition. And to want to have part in bettering those around me. I recently took it upon myself to become a part of a charity committee for my school in which I showed great perseverance, team-work and leadership skills when helping to organize a week of charity around the whole school and making paramount decisions. My efforts with working under pressure and with time management reflected through our end result in managing to successfully raise thousands of pounds to 3 varying charities.

Not only do I candidly devote my time to these areas voluntarily, but when I was previously taking part in a training course in order complete my process to become a volunteer at Kings College Hospital, I decided to become a Dementia Friend to help support people with dementia by providing information about the dismaying disorder, to encourage them to do the same. During recreational activities at school, I have used this time wisely and judiciously to participate in a first aid course which I believe would help me with everyday life and supremely in this field. Recently while on holiday, I would realize that I did in fact need this training as I would be asked to help aid someone who would become unexpectedly unconscious on boat ride. This experience and knowledge allowed me to simmer the situation down as well as caring out basic checks other passengers weren’t comfortable in doing. My cooperation mainly being due to my extreme confidence during the situation. Other than my devotion to the world of science I have numerous hobbies which I strategically balance my time with: Photography, cooking and reading being a few. I tend to cast my reading around my interests and fondness with science. For example, When Breath Becomes Air is one of my top books as the min protagonist’s shares similarities with myself having interest with both Biology and English Literature at their time in school.

Being a very academic individual I use my time with photography and cooking to express myself and devote time to certain areas where I feel most comfortable. After my time at university I intend on continuing my ambition to do pharmacy by beginning work to in one, whilst simultaneously using my efforts, desires and intellectual knowledge and experience I gain from university to fulfill my hopes of one day working at a pharmacy I launch. Overall, I believe that my dedication, creativity and motivation is the fundamental foundation to successfully achieve my dream within this field.

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