Personality Essay

Part A

1.From “Who Are You” reflection I am a human being who feel that I am inspired by my family very much just because they are very kind to everyone and value each other very much. Also, I get many traditional values from my parents like respect elders, love youngers, wish everyone, being honest, team work in kitchen and many more. My grandpa is best part of this chain who always motivate us. Secondly, I could wish I will be financial free and gift a house to my parents and get a big smile on their faces because they have done many things for my education and life.

2. ENFJ is my personality type in Myers-Briggs. Which means Extraversion, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging. Whose explanation is “focused, enjoy busy environment, energetic, mostly interested in ideas and options, be bored by routine details, often have a sixth sense about things, serving others, engaging emotions, create plans and stick to it, see tasks through to completion and many more” .As explanation I think I’m moody so some time I didn’t like to be busy. moreover, I did not like to be focused by other. Although, sometimes I’m not able to come with good ideas. Also, I can’t judge possibilities in future very well. However, sometimes I did not like to cooperate.

3.I feel Psychodynamic theories is most believable. Psychodynamic theories are a view that explains personality basis of unconscious mind and childhood experiences on personality. This theory is personality are impacted by the work of Sigmund Freud. Freud believed theory consists of Id, Superego and ego. It is responsible for instincts and pleasure-seeking. The superego normalizes ideals and morals. The ego mediates between Id and superego acourding to the demands of reality.

Part B

1. Learning thinks with interest is one of my strengths. I am learning a lot of things from collage and use this knowledge in my personal life. Like, JAVA language is a subject from my course. I learned how to use code and how it works then practice that code and make my own programs in my computer which helps me a lot to be creative and make my life easy. Being Focused is my second strength. As I am networking student. I must be focused with commands and codes because just one incorrect word spoil my work and I must spend a lot of time to troubleshoot it. Whereas I can use that time to do another work, so I think I m very focused on little thinks that helps me to do work very well.

As come to weaknesses, working slow is my weakness. I’m very focused on small things so that’s why my work is very slow as comparison to others, but this helps to save my time not to stuck in troubleshooting. As my work I must work on same commands so improve my time speed i practice these commands and codes in my free time and try to use short commands which do same work as long commands. Second weakness is Patient while working in group. I don’t trust others when I’m confident I can do it very well as comparison to others. In last semester, we have a group project I don’t trust anyone in collecting information then my one group member noticed it and talk about it in personal. I also noticed so he I take suggestion how I can change this habit. He suggests me to join volunteer groups. Now I am learning to let go and trust others.

2. Needs are basic things with whom a person can’t survive like food, cloths, House. Wants are choices. A desire which a person wants to get but survive without them like Car, MP3, PlayStation etc. Values are things that you believe are important in the way you live and work. Like, A Person can buy a simple car but wants to buy luxury car is value. As talk about needs, wants and values. These influence everything that we do. Also, Impact on decision making. Like, what we prefer in situations that can’t effect on finical conditions for e.g. if i wants a car to travel from home to collage it depend on my decision which car I have to buy. Its will luxury car or sports car. Other way I must travel by bus. As it impact on decision making it affect on character to. For e.g. these things encourage us to think what think we have to buy and without which thing we can survive that’s means this will help us to control our impulse, emotions and some other ways to our character.

Part C

1. Culture is group of people who learned behaviour and beliefs which is characterized from their diet, religion, family structure, jobs, even from their entertainment. As example, people belong to Indian culture, No one like to go wearing slippers in kitchen but in some cultures, it is normal to wear slipper in their kitchen. Society is group of people living together in a large area and are connected to one another. As people interact with each other in society they get impacted by the people culture surrounded by them which provide an expected idea how to behave in group.

Like, positive outcomes: attentions, love, praise etc.

negative outcomes: Frustrations while disagree, guilt while acted inappropriately etc.

2.Societal standards are very helpful in our daily life decision making as because we meet many people in our daily life and behave very differently to every person because its depend on us which social role we adopt so our behaviour changes with expectations and social norms. For example, if I have a friend which is very close to me meets me I will meet him or her with smile face and enjoy with him or her and give attention but if I meet someone I didn’t know I am not much happy as I meet with my friend and give less attention. Moreover, if my any friend need help emotionally or financially I will help without any thought but if I must help any stranger I will think I have to help or ignore. Further if I have any disagreement with my elder I will feel harassment to give my opinion while if someone is younger than me I have no harassment to give my opinion. As we noticed from example we have different behaviour and decision dew to societal standards because awareness of societal standards stop me so I can’t hurt anyone.

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