Personality Development: Galore Contemplation Essay


Discuss about the Personality Development for Galore Contemplation.


Besides, pursuing my career in Counseling, I have also engaged myself in a job and other working spheres. However, the basic problem, which is affecting my self- confidence, is the Time management. Framing out a time period for my jobs and accordingly scheduling it has pushed me into the troubled water. In this regard, my foremost importance that I want to give is on the time management skill. After a galore contemplation, I have finally decided to take the bull by horn. This is a particular area where I am lacking. To work on this, I need to devise a personality development plan and implement it accordingly to strive for excellence in future. After six months, I am looking forward to see myself as a confident person with the capability to manage the time.

In order to develop my knowledge on a better skills of self- confidence and time management skills there are certain provisions which are to be outlined according to the given provisions

Current Performance in the role of my future role

  • The main problem that I am having is the lack time management skills which are affecting my self confidence as well. After evaluating myself I have come to a conclusion that despite having capabilities of managing the task that I do, I can hardly maintain my time management which I am lacking in my time management skills and also at times I lack self confidence to manage myself in the competitive environment.
  • I need to set out certain activities for myself to make myself ensure about my performance skills. I would like to work on my Time management skill by talking with my friends more and listening to my peer groups. I need to frame out a timetable which would reflect on my study plan and this time with full confidence I will try to manage the time.
  • In order to develop myself as a self confident person and by managing the time framework, I need to implement my time table properly that I have made. If I cannot manage the time properly, I would not be able to complete my work in time and make myself put into trouble in various ways

Strengths and areas for improvement

  • After my self evaluation, I would work on my time management skills by framing out a proper time table and follow it for 3 weeks.
  • I would utilize the opportunities by performing my tasks everyday and completing within a stipulated period of time. The new tasks will be taken care of in the same day.

Action Plan

  • The goals that I have set for is that firstly, to get organized, priorities must be set out so that I can meet the deadline. Secondly, I need to frame out a time table and implement the time table properly. I will effectively organize the daily actions and would involve myself to make the smarter decisions faster.

Application of SMART goals

Specific: In six months, a specific goal needs to be recognized with certain specific reasons

Measurable: Able to measure the goals that I need to achieve by completing some particular tasks in the first 3 weeks to build my confidence level.

Achievable: Need to make my goals achievable by setting out the process through which it can be achieved through the implementation of the action oriented decisions.

Realistic: I need avoid using the illogical expectations. The personal factors might affect to reach the realistic goals such as tiredness, well being and other commitments

Time frame: A time frame of six months I need to develop my goal. However, before that I need to frame out a time for three weeks, to see whether I have achieved my goals or not for a short term satisfaction.

I need to align my goals with my inner motives. I am committed to my goal for my future reasons. My motive is to become a self confident person with proper time management skill.

The tools that I want to use are Time blocking, weekis ( a web based application), Toggl for time tracking ( an application).

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