Personal Wellness Inventory Essay


Describe about emotional maturity, spiritual maturity and reflection?


Emotional maturity:

An emotionally matured person is the one with greater sensitivity and has admiration for every human being and for everything that is beautiful and true. An emotionally matured person tries to understand the nature and his surrounding and try to behave in a more matured way (Scazzero & Bird, 2003). They put more efforts on being and less on doing. This happens because of the great coordination between their emotional and intellectual life. A person is emotionally matured when starts dealing with situations in a more positive way. For e.g. an infant may get angry but laugh at the next moment, but as adults people cannot do so. They have to behave like matured sensible people (, 2015).

Spiritual Maturity:

Spiritual maturity is the measure of our compliance to God and our relationship with him. A person grows his knowledge for God by reading books on him, scriptures etc. when this intimacy grows more a person is suppose to enter a spiritual life. Daily prayer is a powerful medium to get connected to the God. A man or a woman is said to be spiritually healthy if he has a keen faith on God and he believes on his deeds. It is not as such that if a man has an intellectual knowledge of God and is warmly attached to him, he is spiritually healthy. There should also be a growth in the virtues of that person (Scazzero & Scazzero, 2005).


The question is- are we burned out? We get burned out because of the we are vulnerable . we have empathy and are likely to get traumatized and if the trauma remains unresolved for a long time. Scazzero says that our churches have people who are filled with sadness, anger, defensive and incapable of showing their traumas and weakness. This problems can be solved by the facing these problems, look deeper into them, by breaking the power of the wounds of the past, sins, failures, loneliness, vulnerability and by embracing the grief and loss. We can help ourselves against these negativities by loving others, helping them, by understanding the pain of others and by forgiving them. We are tired, compassionate and finally burned out. This is happening because we are emotionally too weak. Sometimes we do such things, which give us happiness for the time being but become reasons for our life long-sufferings. Being empathetic is good but sometimes it can also be the reason for our sufferings. Spiritual growth can be promoted by understanding the concept of Discipleship (??im??ek, 2010). Discipleship means a personal devotion to God and to the well being of oneself. Discipleship teaches to love others and love oneself. When a person starts loving oneself, his family friends and love the God he starts following Discipleship. Lord Jesus has said that if we connect with him without hating anyone in this world he will take us closer to him. Lord Jesus teaches the way to be happy in ourselves and if we follow it with true heart we would surely become better individuals and spiritually more healthy (, 2015).


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