Personal Statement For PGCE Essay


Discuss these personal statement facts:
1. IT caught my interests when carrying out my GCSE’s in secondary school, from there I pursued IT through my A levels, FdSc, and recently completed my BSc degree which is revelent to the PGCE.
2. I was first inspired to pursue the PGCE in teaching when I carried out a small micro teach in the FdSc course, although the micro teach its self was only 30 minutes long is was an exciting experience bla bla.
3. I appreciate that students have different learning styles, I myself am a tactile learner so unlike most students who learn through auditory, visual manner, I learn by carrying out activities, being more “hands on”, so I’ll be likely to be a little more aware bla bla?


In order to develop my personal statement, I am in need of better understanding of my duty and essentiality which may let me to be applied for PGCE in teaching profession. In this section of the assignment, I am going to state what are the genuine issues related in this aspect.

1. Information Technology seems to have been highly fascinating for me from the days I started my career in GCSE in the secondary school. This was the place where I pursued my IT A level degree or FdSc. This seems to have been a significant approach which has engaged me in this experience. I have also completed my BSC degree which seems to be sophistically related to my PGCE degree. It seems to be one of the most sophisticated steps which manage me boosting up my interest at the same time. I have recently completed my BSC degree which appears to be quite relevant to my PGCE. Therefore, it can be stated an intrinsic leap in my IT career which has enabled me to get highly affectionate to this stream.

2. I was intensely inspired to pursue PCGE in teaching process when I have been carrying out a small micro teach process while doing the FdSc course. Although the micro teaches process was of 30 minutes long teaching process, however, I must say it was immensely interesting. I had also gathered a lot of experience in this process which seems to have enabled me developing my dormant state of mind. This seems to have enabled me eyeing to achieve this target. I was quite determined that a day will come when I shall be conducting this course. At the same time, it seems to be quite ethical in this approach allows me attaining better experience in this approach. I am quite determined that I shall be quite potential in my approaches to fulfill my dream.

3. Moreover, it leads me to attain the mental satisfaction while choosing it as my profession. I am completely aware of this fact that every student is having different learning style and teacher needs to be proficient in order to handle the different kinds of students. But being quite confident in this approach, I shall be able to handle all the constraints that come in my way. More to be added, it is seen that some of the students are accustomed in auditory approaches of studying while the others in visual approaches. For me the tactile effect is significantly applied and issued. Carrying out of the activities hand leads me to attain better providence in my learning process. Being aware of all of these approaches, I do not think that it will essentially be a problem for me to handle the students with different characteristics and essence. At the same time, my attitude is also quite friendly and affectionate towards my students which help them to get cheered up with me as well. I will also get some scope to learn different essential approaches and activities which helps me developing my personality as well.

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