Personal Development Planning: GSM London Foundation Essay


a) Demonstrate ability to reflect on chosen subjects to highlight the skills acquired and emphasise how improvement in performance is being achieved.

b) Exhibit motivation and confidence in engaging in personal and career development and planning.

c) Demonstrate progressive learning through a series of agreed milestones. ?


Personal Development Planning:

Personal development planning is a planning that helps people to increase their skills, experience, and self-awareness. So this is a process that designed for them to make them aware of their abilities, make them think about their personal development. It helps people to make a plan to develop skills which they need in future for academic studies, and thus they can increase their career opportunities (, 2015).

As there is a term ‘planning’ in PDP (personal development planning), so it cannot be a process of taking random decisions. First people need to make a plan for their future depending upon their abilities and skills then they have to set a goal for their life. After from that, they need to acquire relevant skills to accomplish their goal (Still, 2015).

There are three important parts that are an important part of personal development planning:

Using Social Media to create a Professional Brand:

It is an important tool that is helpful for creating personal development program for students. It is all about building relationships between people to stay connected with other people. When a person shares her activities with other people, this helps others to get knowledge about activities and accomplishments. This may create chances for others to take a advantage of success which again make others more focused and stronger (Robinson, 2015).

People become more accomplished if they allow this tool to make them aware of the unknown there and help them to overcome the fears. So a community or group on any social networking site helps people to expand their connection and creates opportunities and enables them to be more focused and organized. This increases their confidence that encourage them to take more risk in their lives. People get chances to stay connected with other strong people who inspire them (Nash, 2015). So a relatively weaker person gets benefits and becomes a stronger one. Connection with a business person is useful of making positive relationships with others; this also creates opportunities to them. When two persons who are more focused and confident, stay connected through social media then this is named as’ Master Minding’. So by sharing activities and lessons people experienced as an employee or employer, they can inspire others and help them to gain knowledge. Many jobs sites help people to search jobs that are suitable for them, and at the same time it helps the employer to find a better employee in their organizations (Johnson, 2010).

A job seeker who spends more time on the internet to get job notifications has more opportunities than a job seeker who spends his time in looking for jobs in a door-to-door basis (Cottrell, 2010).

Computer literacy skills:

This refers to the capability of operating and as well as use the programs with efficiency. A person who is well trained in computer programs often gets a good job in a good organization. Programs such as word processing, presentations, and spreadsheet help a person to arrange their thoughts in an organized manner. So if a person knows how to operate these programs can easily get good jobs in various institutions. A person is having knowledge of internet and can access it easily; can communicate with others people of her organizations. Various Financial institutions, banking institutions deal with different types of data regarding cost, revenue, etc. which are not easily manageable and analytics in those institutions could not handled those without any software. These data have many faults for which it does not give the proper estimation results to analytics. Therefore, they need software that automatically remove those faults and give proper estimation results after giving relevant commands in that software (Nash, 2015).

Even if a person starts her career in the lower-division job, she can get promotions to higher –level jobs after acquiring perfect knowledge about computer skills.

A person having good knowledge in computer programs can get a leadership position in a renowned organization. This skill does not refer that one who wants to get a job needs not to be well known about everything in the computer. But some basic knowledge and some programs that are relevant and important for a person’s job profile are needed. Basic computer knowledge enables a person to take classes in schools and colleges, but she needs to be trained in different programs to get a job. The computer is a medium through which people can communicate with others and can leave messages in mail accounts, Facebook accounts, etc. So computer literacy skills have become important as all institutions depend on computerized works (McKay, 2015).

Importance of presentation skills on Personal Development Skills:

It is common for many individuals that they all deliver their first presentations to a job interview. So they know the importance of a presentation. This skill is called ‘learnt’ skill cause if a person works on this skill becomes confident enough to explain their thoughts through the presentation. The so good presentation leaves a good impression about that person that presents professional skill. So this skill helps a person to speak at large internal meetings. Many people possessed good knowledge about their subject as well as current situations in the market, but this is not sufficient to get a job. A person has to present herself in a suitable manner and make the employer understand about her acquired skills in an organized way. The duty of a person is to make the employer understand the importance of her presence in the organization (Cottrell, 2010). Many people are afraid of presenting herself which has an impact on their work. So people who are well presented and well behaved in their organizations gets extra advantages. So to create good career opportunities, people must develop their presentation skills. A well presenter who is very good in speaking is appreciated by all. So knowledge is not the only thing that creates advantages and opportunities, it is the good presentation of people that matters most. So a superior quality product is not enough to gain profits, presentation of that product is needed the most. So there is a need for a leader who delivers clear messages, and it is necessary for a leader to promote his product. It is also true that better presentation is not sufficient to guarantee the success but this ensures chances of success (Wilson, 2014).


GSM London Foundation helps students in developing their skills, and it focuses on students’ strength. They have introduced a Year 0 programme that improve student’s job prospect; it helps people to begin their degree course. People who have enough work experience but do not have enough academic knowledge get benefits from this program. So this program has effective outcomes in both long terms and short term. In the short run, people find it interesting and useful for their future. As GSM introduced innovative learning program that combines learning projects. Seminars, e-learning program, online revisions, audio and video recording of class lectures, practice classes that enable a person to be more efficient. They can get a degree in various subjects.

It also has long run effects on the Personal Development Planning of the student. As it gives facilities to those who feel that, they are not able to get any degree after a certain age.

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