Personal Care Products Essay


Describe about message appeal used for the advertisement of the personal care product, internal and external influences that affect the consumer behavior and consumer’s decision making process.



In this report, being as the marketing manager will look into the marketing strategies of an organization which is going to launch a new range of personal care products in the U.S. market. The price of this personal care product will cover the income ranges from the lower to mid-level consumers, the target consumers are males between 18 to35 years old. This report will help in understanding the consumer behavior analysis for making the marketing decision. This consumer behavior analysis helps to know the behavior of consumer buying because consumers are playing three different roles of payer, user and buyer. So, according to the need and the expectation of the consumers the marketing of the personal care product is done for the success of the product. Relationship marketing is the way for the consumer behavior analysis (Huang and Tang, 2015). The aim of the consumer behavior analysis is to know about the past and present customer and about the future customer and their behavior to increase the performance of the product. This report will discuss the marketing plan for the doe’s, body perfumes.

Message appeal used for the advertisement of the personal care product

Commercial ads contain some type of the appeal to attract the consumer towards the product. Advertiser’s use this message to promote the purchase of the product. Most of the appeal uses the propaganda of fear, humor, rational, sex and bandwagon.

Fear appeal

Fear appeal target on the negative outcomes of not using that type of products. The personal care product advertisement uses the fear appeal such as isolation from the society due to the bad hygiene of the person.

Humor appeal

Humor appeal helps to link the customer with the product emotionally. A well planned humor promotes the customer to evaluate, recollect and intent the purchase of the product.

Rational appeal

Rational appeal or the logic appeal relies upon the need of the customer both personally and functionally. This appeal relies upon the product cost and features. This type of appeal attracts the customer towards the benefit of purchasing the products (Kidwell and Jewell, 2003).

Sex appeal

This type of appeal captures the attention of the costumer and also seldom increases the purchase of the product. The sex appeal ads give specific type to the target customers. For this personal care product for men the message appeal may consider the attention of females by using this personal care product.

Because the message appeal should be made for the doe’s and body perfumes for men so the message appeal should include the fear and sex appeal. This both types of appeals can attract the 18 to 35 years old men towards these personal care products.

Target cultures and demographic cultures

The culture which should be targeted for these personal care products are men from high profile societies and highly status societies. The target cultures for the Doe’s and body perfumes are customers of age between 18 to 35 years because they use these products on the regular basis for the attractiveness and for a status among friends.

Educated customers are also the target to these personal care products because they are more aware of their personality and try to have an attractive look whole day as compared to illiterate peoples. Occupation of person such as bankers, salesman etc. who has to interact with a number of people’s daily are also the target for these products because they should have a good personality to attract the people. The cultures which have high income or double income use the personal care product more than the low income culture. Black race of US will be the best target for these personal care products. As they use these products to improve their personality (Mihart, 2012).

Group influence

Human are social animals and they are influenced by their surrounding a lot. Analysis of group influence on the individual is called as the reference group and this can be used for the marketing of the product (Tsarenko et al., 2013). Different types of group influences are

Inspirational reference group involves the influence of a group of people by an athlete or the actor. These groups of people want to become like the actor of athlete or actor by which they are influenced and then use the product they advertise.

Associative reference group involves the influence and suggestion of their coworkers, friends and neighbors etc. People go for the shopping with their friends and family and they suggest him what to buy or not (Tsarenko et al., 2013).

Dissociative reference group

This type of group influence involves the people that the individual not like to be such as uncool, like their older parents or other. These types of group influences can be considered for the promotion of products by using a popular person from which a lot of people are influenced. The other behaviors which influence the buying behavior are such as demographic, psychographic, knowledge, personality, motivation and beliefs etc.

For the group influence of these personal care products, in the advertisement there should be use of an attractive or famous personality such as any sports person or actor which has a high number of fan-following. The people, who are influenced by this famous personality, will surely buy these products after visualizing the advertisement. This is the best way to sell the product by group influence (Yap and Yazdanifard, 2014).

Need recognition

Need of customers can be recognized by their occupation, their socio-economic status, age and education. Because, as already discussed in this report that all these have an impact on the use of personal care products (Duffy, 2003). As the personal care products are Doe’s and body perfumes their smell should be such that they can be prefer by every above mentioned customers. Their smell should attract people towards the user and also the customer wants the best thing in reasonable price.

Consumer’s consideration

For getting the product consideration by the customers, the promotion of these products should done by advertising on Television, newspaper, social networking sites such as Face book, twitter, Instagram. The advertisement should also be done on the sites which are mostly visited by targeting customers (Nohynek, 2011). The advertisement also can be done by giving free samples, demos of the product. The packaging of the product also plays important role in the consideration by the customers. So the product packaging should be in glass bottles and attractive.

Search Behavior of Customer

As this report already discussed that the search of any product starts with the discussion between friends. The product which is famous or used by the maximum friends will be best for the customers. After this the customer’s search for the suitable products is done by online searching of the product and also through the comments of experts and friends. Last but not the least there should be best quality product in minimum price (Wortel and Wiechers, 2000).


The consumer search behavior starts with the move to the information search for that type of product. For this company should make policies and tactics for the communication with the consumers. The strategies should make for the competitive analysis of the same product of other brands. This enables us to promote the core strength and benefits of our product in our advertisement. The marketing plan should also be made for the retention of consumers and the loyal relationship with them (Wortel and Wiechers, 2000).


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