"Persona (1966)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

With 'Persons' I begin his acquaintance with the great Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. With it know in advance that I was not ready for such a deep perception, which may require that picture. And in the title and in the trailer, and in the global meaning of the name of Bergman laid gravitas that requires careful analysis and apt mind. Attempt to discover Bergman, I feel successful. I want to share.
Any person, not really delve into the film, it will be obvious when viewing the 'Persons', that monochrome palette and the construction of the frame is more than excellent. It's like a black-and-white photos Vouge such graceful and stylish, that immediately ask in history. A lot of bright white color, both in credits and on the walls, in the sky, in the people. Such white that dazzles and sharp black insertion as a stroboscope, simultaneously hypnotize and scare, forcing breathless. I sense the hand of a perfect master, a man who does not compromise, and knows what he wants. No schlock and no chance. Apparently the installation was very tedious. As recognized by the Bergman, many scenes of 'Persons' regularly make a copy: ' And, despite this, I have never, in any of the film did not do as many takes (under takes, I do not mean the re-shooting the same scene on the same day, and it doubles the necessity of which was caused by the fact that the shot of the day pieces does not satisfy me) '. of course, the main merit of the perfect image belongs to Sam Nyqvist, with whom Bergman worked well together since '45 .
well, if the visual advantages of painting are obvious, it is not so simple with meanings th napoleniem. Many admit that the 'Persona' too many layers, which could be considered. And probably everyone, as in any work of art, detect that something for themselves, there is a point of contact Bergman thoughts with his soul. Or do not find anything, falling into a state of emotional hibernation as the heroine. 'Person' is actually a very psychedelic and deceptive. If at first I noticed a powerful drama, in the second half of the film, separated aggressive inserts narrative locomotive hurtles into a completely different direction, which is on the map and is not indicated.
plot and simple, and interesting. Actress Elizabeth falls into a state of near shock. Withdraws into himself and stopped talking. Absolutely. Worried relatives put Elizabeth in the clinic, where it puts young nurse, Alma, chatty and cheerful, betrothed. Alma notes at the outset that if the patient is mentally healthy, it neproshibaemoe silence is a voluntary act, which requires an unusually great strength of will, and in Alma there are none, and she very much doubt their ability to help the patient. And Bergman not Julita and intriguing. He immediately from the doorway, speaking through a doctor, what with Elizabeth is not. Tired of hypocrisy and inability (antanionivskoy nekkomunikabelnosti) to be myself, to lie about the thoughts and feelings, it is hidden behind a wall of silence, to deprive themselves of the opportunity to be false and to gather his thoughts. In order not to use social mask, Elizabeth pulls the stone mask, depriving her of speech, but not of the mind. Doctors decide to settle Elizabeth Alma by the sea, where a nurse will try to bring the patient to the senses, but here opened theatrical drama and passions gleaned Bergman at the helm of 'Dramaten'. The entire film is based on the monologues of Alma Elizabeth and reactions, and in a small house near the sea exposed the antagonism of the two heroines, their exact opposite. Persona (mask) and a shower. Alma unlike Elizabeth, twitters day and night under the glass and without. Her first listen, and she begins to lay out the most intimate details of his life. Then the narrative breaks document that Bergman seemed very necessary and important. The letter, like a mirror, refracting a ray of plot. It describes Elizabeth Alma only positive point of view, recounting details of her story, noting that probably nurse in love with her and all of it is very interesting to watch. Somewhere here the story of a purely dramatic inexplicably becomes purely psychedelic and admired the picture is replaced by a complete lack of understanding send the director, and the one with the thought that it's time to connect the brain.
Something happens at night, heroine reversed. With the installation gluing, Bergman reveals the actual and psychological causes Elizabeth's silence, and gives her features Alma. It seems that a film is only one character, and has a split personality, or someone crazy or two people merged together. In any case, the story is a grand backdrop of the complex problems raised by Bergman. Inconsistency of the human soul and person. Elizabeth tired to lie, still keeps himself, play a role in the theater. The petty lies, but she thinks a little differently than he. With this you can tolerate. But the birth of the child puts the actress in an intolerable situation. It is at a crossroads in his career and in the soul throws. Dreaming of the baby's death, it nevertheless gives rise to a healthy son, and now forced to love him, because the mother is obliged to wear another mask that, Elisabeth did not this time, not to bear. The situation is hopeless, and it shuts itself off from the rest of the world a wall of silence. And here it is not important who is Alma. Maybe it is the other extreme of the soul of Elizabeth, silly candor harming herself. Golden mean no golden mean in itself false, but in an attempt to attain mental health two heroines become one, immersing you in prostration, and leaving all the complex issues involved in his mind.
So what is the 'Person'? Who is hiding behind it? The boy at the beginning and end of the film tries to understand this mystery, drawing his hand across the screen. In fact 'Persona' was born from the director of the crisis facing the choice to shoot a movie or take risks and continue to work in the theater, as well as its heroine, thirsting for the truth from ourselves and from mira.'Persona 'sneaks into the depths of psychoanalysis, the one which was the ancestor Freud. This is the area filming Bergman why his painting is not just about the personality and the soul, it acquires the features of scientific research picturized split consciousness, capitulated to the complexity of the social norms.
Of course, this is only one layer, which was made available to me. See, analyze. As seen, Bergman is inexhaustible.
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