"Persona (1966)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Without the introduction ... On «Persona» I came across almost by accident, and faced here with some amazing paradox. You can write a lot, and some impressions after viewing the left. But no introduction. I will not have it. But to remain silent after watching this movie do not want no means, but because - and about everything in order
Elizabeth Vogler -. Young and prosperous, recognizable in a circle of admirers of the actress on their own theater refuses to contact with others. He was silent for a few months she imprisons himself in a psychiatric hospital, where, however, mental or volitional deviations doctor she can not find. To assist the patient feasible imaginary soul-saving assistance and monitoring its overall condition of the woman puts inspired by the life and youth young nurse Alma . Together the girls go to the secluded abode on the coast, gradually between the two set a very trusting relationship, but then Elizabeth reveals to her friend of the soul, hidden by her veil of silence ...
word and language as a set of united within the meaning of the signs is a tool for show your perception of the world. Silence Elizabeth is as if a deliberate rejection of the interpretation of external events, conditions dictated externally. Rejection due to, first of all, confusion actress mired in a string of their own, vsamdelishnye social roles. Actress obezzvuchennoy sticky, suffocating fear of lack of the right, on the part of the natural environment of their reaction. Alma confesses to her friend again and again, again and again sports a child, in fact, the ambition and the same childish direct sins wildly burgeoning youth. Elizabeth fell in love with the girl attached to her as if a wise mother, to his patron. Having experience actress listens to recover from it all the most intimate, reassuring response full of sympathy and always look perfectly appropriate even smile. Kind in his life, many kinds of Mrs Vogler becomes a kind of psychologist for his guardian, was originally intended for their own healing women.
Fearing to dissolve in the abundance of conventions, and finally lose the sense of self, Elizabeth, however, the "locked" in itself only in appearance. So in the darkness of the night the woman his kind words takes care of the young girlfriend, dozed off in the wrong place for this. The next time the actress cried out from the fear of boiling water. The first minutes of the picture, watching wrenching images of suffering of ordinary, no innocent people, Elizabeth also distorts your face and piercing convulsive grimace of pain. Finally, the actress is trying to overcome the internal, the inherent women love an unwanted son
the example of Elizabeth cares about a friend can be observed that the love and care, as such, do not require the interpretation -. Originate from the inner attitude of man and his image, speaking on imperative with respect to all external activities. Those contrasting experiences of the implementation of mandatory looks at the background of silence actress - non-realization experiences attribute. But whether silence means complete rejection of interpretation? After all, in this situation, each character - a principle not in its new form, the silence - a sign, but it is not the negation of the sign - a new social role, instinctively protect women from new interpretations, new slozhnosochinonnyh collision with reality. Again and again, the nights are replaced by days, and poured into the streets all new, identical Elisabeth Vogler, who live in fear of burning flesh boiled water, frictional unemployment and rancid, drop down alone, which does not deceive including silence. And loneliness. Loneliness. According to the dank alleys of Prague, they huddle together, can not find no rest under the sky of Paris ghetto, nor the suffocating stuffiness of the Moscow subway. Is silence the output? Reinforced concrete grin, coupled with politeness foam sooner or later affect only tied on to Elizabeth naive Alma
In fact, the "Person." - movies very painful. Part of the audience wildly scare away tie in the spirit of Daly and «andalou», part of the recoil of the weird forms filed - in any case, at least. Yes, and I myself contemplate youthful surrealism for an hour-plus certainly not desirable. However, do not switch, please, and perhaps it still overcome.
fact that the notorious wildly form, and unusual camera angles, which periodically flexing operator working here is not on the atmosphere, so revered by me, until recently, time. Each frame is consistent from the beginning to the end of the style of the film works exclusively on the content and is, I think, on the screen can be seen infrequently. Unlike many contemporary works, executed mock and puffy "strange", which provides the right to be called highbrow "art-house for dedicated fans", the film of Bergman for such laurels here did not think chase. He just has an original and he built on the, at times, to the smallest details that are intuitive for everyone. For everyone who trusted relationships with close spiritual people at least once in despair cast off his glasses pink, disgust replacing them with sunscreen, which only seemed to distort the forest landscape. Not knowing that the next flight, and they are. After all, love is not terminated even where the instant hatred begins, to which, according to the proverb, hand file, which is raging squabbles - often only a kind of a new round of interpersonal openness, the necessary relations. It stops where the harm caused by the loved one, not even applied his newfound "hater." But the sly he inflicted on the environment and there it impartially. Such faces to the pain, too human psychology Bergman shows a single frame. The situation also does not work on the style and atmosphere, but the perception, and only him.
hard to say, would be "Person" is a magnificent free game Liv Ullmann and Bibi Andersson in the lead roles. Eyes play and do it all with the same tenderness, merging all the forest as the climax of the film, but at the same time sharpening his original, melancholy loneliness. Able to pass it to overestimate the severity of really difficult, and any further description here is unnecessary - at least for the sake of acting Bergman movie worth seeing
peaceful influx surf caressing the coastal shingle, but it is silent.. Over the horizon and gently melancholy laments about something Bach, but this can only only guess. Suspicion always tired, not even Elizabeth Vogler. Where does the weak, sincerely lying about the person and the person starts - honed social role, flaunting cardboard courtesy? Without giving obvious answers, Bergman makes us think, and, hence, the time spent on viewing, objectively not wasted.
In the light of my previous reviews "Persona" and deserved to assess and above the maximum score allotted to her, but in the absence of such - simply:
10 of 10

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