Person statement Essay

My interest in the areas of multimedia and communication started from a young age as I grew up I always felt need to know everything that was happening in the world while also feeling the need to tell everyone what was happening in my life, however I would say it really flourished jouring my time in transition year. I got involved in every opportunity presented namely, Junk Koture, Rotary and Comhlaire na og. In these projects I learned a lot about myself and my desire to Cultivate, Captivate and enlighten . All my life I’ve been a people person and had a dream of making a difference in people’s lives, enlightening them I truly believe studying multimedia and communications is a stepping stone on some day making this dream a reality.

I was fortunate to work at Shannon side Northern Sound radio station for my work experience placement in Transition Year. My work at the radio station involved learning to cut clips, use the broadcasting equipment, interviewing people and, writing and editing stories. This opportunity greatly help my personal development as I was forced into situation I was not normally be in. My self-confidence developed greatly as I got opportunity to record news clips and speak on radio, while being surrounded with this work environment I also noticed the development of my creativity, getting the opportunity’s to crat ideas story board them then see how the end turned out gave me a sense of self-accomplishment as I heard my clip played on the radio . I also got the chance to develop my communication skills as I met the team. This experience was something I thoroughly enjoyed and gave me a taste of what rhe future awaits.

During my school holiday I worked part time in my local convince store this helped me gain lifelong skills . being front of house in this store dealing with consumers taught me great people skills and a insight into working with people , in this job I was forced to use my own imitative and act on it . These skills have helped me with other organisations I have been involved in from first to fifth year including Foroige, the Arch Club, and Rotary where we did a lot of fundraising and were involved organising social events. In Rotary I reached the final of the Youth Leadership Competition. Rotary rewards young people with clear leadership potential based on their extracurricular activities. In Transition Year I grasped the opportunity to become involved in “junk koture”, a programme organised for creative and artistic young people , my task was to form a team with my peers, design and make address out of recycled materials, We then promoted our deign and I modelled it in a large theatre at provincial level. This experience broadened my skills set and offered me many opportunities throughout the year .

Other extracurricular societies I am involved in include Monaghan Comhairle na Og where I hold the position of Chairperson. While I have been chairperson, I have been involved in a BBC broad cast, interviews with local government agencies and took part in Cross boarder EU talks. All of the duties and tasks associated with my role, aid the development my organisational, leadership and communication skills.

I have been on my school student council from first to sixth year and I am currently a school Prefect. It is my duty to voice the concerns of the students to the management and maintain a positive environment. I have elected “Prefect” for my final year of study. This role I hold with great pride as I engage in public speaking, represent my school at official functions and liaise with my peers and younger pupils. My willingness and commitment to be part of many committees is something that will hold stead to me on my career path.

I am a passionate team player and play on both the school basketball and rugby teams where we have been successful at provincial level. Currently I am the Chairperson of our Debs committee.

I study Art to improve my creative side, Design communication and graphics so I can be creative and design, Economics and Business Studies so I am informed about the business world and how it operates.

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