"Perfect World" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The film is definitely emotional in its impact on the viewer. Yet this film is primarily intelligent, full of thoughts, ideas, vision authors who are wrapped in emotional wrapper. Handwriting Clint Eastwood.
What is this movie? This is a film about the 'big world' and 'Small World', which are shown through the prism of relations roles and 'son' 'father'.
In a perfect world, the sons have fathers and sons their fathers. In a perfect world, children are brought up in families in love and care, rather than in brothels. In a perfect world, there is no violence. all dreams come true in a perfect world.
However, we see in this picture, that this world is not perfect. It has and violence, pain and death, and loneliness without a father - a 'Big World'. And this imperfect 'big world' collide two people - a fugitive prisoner (Kevin Costner) and a boy who is brought up in austerity without a father. And create something new -. 'Small world' relationship between two people
Each of us has his own world - 'Small World'. And in it, no one can prevent a person to strive to live in accordance with their own ideas of the perfect world. This desire to live in the 'present', which is similar to the Ford car rushing along the highway from 'past' to 'future'. And it is this desire to unite the criminal and the hostage on the road to their dreams
hero Kevin Costner -. A character ambiguous and contradictory. It appears to us as a result of exposure to a large imperfect world of the small world of the perfect child - the consequences of a difficult childhood without a father, upbringing in a brothel, and worries about his mother. As a result, it is firmly connected to an experienced criminal and the innocent child-dreamer. Hence, too, his tolerance of violence against children. The boy hostage-he sees himself and strives to give the boy what he was deprived of - the joy of life and fulfillment of desires. He himself is still struggling for his father to may thus find himself present, to get rid of the fact that it has imposed an imperfect 'big world'
boy Phil -. This image of a child who has already faced with limitations of imperfect ' big 'world, deprived of his father, cotton candy, slides and holidays. However, he meets a man who gives him the opportunity to feel the joy of life, the magic wish-fulfillment and the ability to smile. That is why Phil shot. He felt that Butch (Kevin Costner) is about to destroy the perfect 'small world' which exists between them. This shot he stops and rescues Butch from himself
hero Clint Eastwood -. Soon as the observer. He knows about the imperfection of the world. And he created a 'small world', in which he is the boss, in which he knows everything and nothing surprised. It is this 'small world' creates a footing and gives strong confidence in all for him. And this 'small world' hero Clint Eastwood is found in a large imperfect world with 'small world' Fugitive prisoner and 8 miletny boy. Then Sheriff saw something new, comparable to a miracle. Just as in a lifeless stone mountains sometimes grows a beautiful flower, in an imperfect 'big world' blossomed perfect 'small world' relationship 'father' and 'son'. Although this vision lasted a short time before it was destroyed by a great outside world, it was enough to always confident Sheriff (Clint Eastwood) said: 'I know nothing'. What does it mean - I do not know anything about this imperfect world, the ability to create such a miracle
girl Sally (an expert in criminal behavior) successfully completes the picture.. Its role - a counterweight confident throughout the sheriff. She is in search, looking for answers to questions. Her way of reconciling the contradictions of this imperfect world and smoothes them. It becomes a bridge between perfect 'small world' runaways and imperfect 'small world' Sheriff. It is like life itself unites the world through compassion.
perfect 'small world' Butch gave salvation, and Phil gave hope and a father, even if briefly. Butch wanted to find his father in Alaska, but found it in ourselves and through that freed. The boy found his father Phil - strong, confident and taught him to dream and to make decisions that Phil gives freedom of choice and, of course, will forever change his life
picture does not provide ready-made answers and conclusions.. The camera slowly removed in the final leaving the story to the participants and spectators leaving alone with themselves. That is the world in its diversity, perfection and imperfection. And everyone chooses for himself what the meaning of his stuff.
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