"Perfect World" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The film is directed by Clint Eastwood. Such a phrase is already causing serious buzz, because there is a chance that the new / old picture of this talented director and actor will be a mini-masterpiece which will be remembered years later, or you will have to wait for a good and high-quality filmed movie in which shamelessly can pass the evening in any case - in the loser will not stay. No, of course, it had not two antiquities Eastwood's most successful film, but there's nothing to be done - no one is perfect. And here we have a film that confidently entrenched in the top-250 and leave it under any pretext is not going to. Why? What's so special about it? The answer, as usual, a little lower, but for now should introduce our guest, so it's - "Perfect World»
If our world would be perfect, it would not muzhbya throwing their pregnant wives and do not go away. We are in decline. If our world would be perfect, then a single mother would not have to sell their bodies in order to feed both themselves and their minor son. If our world would be perfect, the teens would not be put in prison for petty theft hoping that the child will be behind bars much better than in an orphanage. If our world would be perfect, the adults do not have vented their anger on the children just because the latter can not fight back. But our world is not perfect, but because human life is hard and unfair. And it is especially unfair to the young lad Philip Perry, who did not know his father, he lives in a house with three women (mother and two sisters), he has never celebrated Halloween, Christmas, or riding a roller coaster, and all because the boy's mother adhere to another faith, and if it takes a different faith, and her children should do the same. For their benefit, what else is? And then one fateful day in the house, where he lived, Philip and his family, broke two escaped prisoners, and it just so happens that former convicts considered a good idea to take the boy with him as hostage. It would seem that all finish. Kill monsters of the young boy and the whole thing, but what if not? What if one of the criminals will be much nicer people than those who pretend dobryachkami? What if it's not the end of life's journey Philip Perry, but only its beginning?
So, before us is the story of two people who could not find a place in the "civilized" society. Philip could not do it because he was too young and a role model for a young man was not, but because he always and everywhere been forced to listen to his mother. Robert "Butch" Haynes is a tired and cynical man. He was disappointed in life and in others. Life Robert was like a cage from which he was desperately trying to get out and run away to where no man has gone before, and escaped - take a deep breath and smile to say only one word - "Freedom". And Kevin Costner's character was ever close to his goal, but his eyes came across a lonely and frightened little boy whose eyes froze sadness and loneliness. In the eyes of the young Philip Robert he saw his younger self and seeing could not pass by. Robert Haynes, a man most of his life spent behind bars, decides to take the boy with him and teach him everything that he knows, self-esteem boy, teach him to be more independent and self-confident person, that Philip did not repeat the way of life of Butch and do not set foot on a curve track.
Meanwhile, on the heels of Robert Haines is taciturn and unsociable sheriff Ed Garnett, a person who is partially responsible for the destroyed childhood hero Kevin Costner. Campaign make him a criminologist, and in combination, and a psychologist - Sally Gerber, that only seems to mean the near and naive girl, but in reality it is, perhaps, the voice of reason in the group of sheriff. Just here I wormed insolent, arrogant and lustful FBI agent looking at which you want to ask just one question - the guy, and you do not mistake? Perhaps this is a place for you in prison, not Butch? That's only in contrast to the films "Fugitive / servants of the law," the pursuers will not be the obstacle that over and over again will arise in the way of the main characters. Oh no, the problem in Reda and his colleagues in the film is a little different. They are the people who will shed light on the past of the hero Kevin Costner, and moreover, each of the trio looks at the situation in different ways and one of them is right and who is wrong for you to decide and only you.
Inherently before us is an adventure coming-of-age story about finding yourself and the fact that the world is not black and white, a lot of people living there, who may look and behave like good Samaritans, but not actually be cruel and heartless creature, or vice versa. This film looks with ease, at least the first hour and a half, and then in an event interferes with Her Majesty drama. The drama that is the real feelings and emotions and causes the heart to contract in the chest. But when the screen starts the final credits, you sit like an ax hit and listen to sad melody, which completes this in every sense, complicated history
Summarizing, we can say that "perfect movie." - an interesting film. It's a smart movie. This powerful film. Here starring great actors, and even Clint Eastwood and does want to shake hands for the work done and to wish you a long life. This is a movie that is worth it to spend two hour of his life on his view.
9 out of 10

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