"Perfect World" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

A very rare number of film actors, can boast both the highest quality of all their talents. Spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone gave a great start of her acting career Clint Eastwood . Then he has already knocked 40 years and for the past less than half a century, he argues his excellent acting talents. In this connection, it can be called one of the greatest and most brilliant actors of both current and last century. Having built up a great acting career, Clint as perfectly leaned in the direction and took a huge amount of at least worthy of tapes. This film is no exception. Quite the contrary. This film can be called one of the best in his career. I remember, as I took out a tape with the film and revisited it 3-4 times a year as it should be. Movies Clint Eastwood always amaze accentuated realism, which is combined with the emotion, sensuality and many others. Which, in turn, perfectly adapts the film to the viewer. Despite the fact that the film is almost completely absent spectacular and violent scenes, the film still looks incredibly interesting. Because, Clint could fill that void, its very powerful directing, which was always hard to describe what or words. Even if your vocabulary is a record number of words. The entire film rests on the atmosphere, which is very easy to pull the film throughout the film. The entire film is perceived as something quite unusual. Indeed, in certain moments manage to laugh or just smile. When the remaining moments of tape filled with sadness, and the like. Especially the last 20 minutes of the picture, which has withstood so touching and sad that I have not bought up to tears every time you watch this tape. Clint Eastwood removed and thriller, and drama. This is most likely the same philosophy on life, which was his last work "Otherworld". Is that, then, the quality of work is much higher and it is proved by the fact that even after 18 years, the film is still love and can be considered a real masterpiece.
As I wrote above, Clint succumbed to the topic philosophy on life and what kind of life makes the world perfect. Especially given the fact that nothing is perfect in this world there is an objective and everyone has their own definition of these words. The film reveals a great story, which presents us with a whole bunch of really deep and complicated characters, for which, it becomes very interesting to watch. Get at least the main characters in the name of Butch Haynes and Phillip. Butch seemed to be a real scoundrel and a criminal. But it was not there. It is worth remembering his quote, "I probably would not have killed them. I killed the only two people in his life - one hurt my mother, the other you ... " . He did not choose the path of the offender. So there was a case that punished him on the most can not. In this connection, it thus as it is made from life itself and is, in many respects is a pity to his person. Yes, we see Philip, which infringes his family. The foundations of his family did not allow him to dress up and ask for candy Helllouin as others do. Celebrate holidays, overeat sweet, ride the rides at fairs and much more.
We see how these two completely different characters strongly influence each other. Butch gets better and becomes obsessed with finding the perfect world. When both Phillip efforts Butch feels, what is freedom. In this connection, they went all the way along. Because if they started it as a kidnapper and the hostage, then finished as a real friend. This philosophy stresses and how parallel with this evolving storyline Texas Ranger Red's Garnett. He's a real old wolf and incredibly experienced policeman, who torments that perhaps he who broke the life of his actions. Throughout the film we see the events that are incredibly realistic. And most importantly, people who are charged with this and are a collective image of our friends, acquaintances, and even ourselves. After all, there is no good and bad people in our time. Everything is going just in comparison and in degree. Finals at the picture is very tragic and sad. Frankly, I myself without realizing it let a couple of tears.
I never perceived Kevin Costner, as a talented actor. I can be identified only calculate the number of roles that you can really be called decent. Including the wildly popular among the people of the role of "The Bodyguard" and Oscar of "Dances With Wolves". This role, I can safely be attributed as one of the best in his career. Kevin got a very complex and deep character. I would have played it not everyone. However, Kevin is managed and in many ways, he even beat him without further ado and relying solely on facial expressions, deep eyes and is like. Clint Eastwood in the form of a Ranger of the old school, is simply amazing. Acting talent of Mr Eastwood, I sang an ode to above. So, I see no point in continuing. I can only say that the Eastwood, as well as the Costner, stretched image exclusively with their appearance. T. J.. Louzer just adorable. Look at this charming and sweet boy without a warm smile, is simply impossible. The boy played so vividly that was not lost on the background of such giants as the Costner and Eastwood .
music once again, created a close friend Eastwood, composer Lennie Niehaus . Eastwood worked with Niehaus more than once. That presupposes the fact that Lenny great feeling that has to be in the film. For this tape, he created an incredibly touching, sad and poignant music that perfectly captures the mood of all the paintings. I have no words. Some emotions.
My assessment picture
9 of 10
very deep, sad and emotional film. Perhaps one of the best works of Clint Eastwood. The film, which does not require unnecessary guidelines. It must look at each.

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