"Perfect World" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Sanudtrekom to this review I would chose "What a wonderful world" by Louis Armstrong, as it is not hinted at a cruel irony. Everything looks right it is the accompaniment of the song, I think.
So, "A Perfect World". Many theories and theorems proved there about the fact that our world is perfect, that our world is perfect. Whatever it was, but often this is probably necessary to agree, because life is given only one time and is given in such a world in which you find in the end stages of their existence, finds its "I". Life determines a lot in advance or persons personally creates the foundation for future progress, regress - in this regard can result in many different philosophies, but the fact remains - all this is real life, which must be taken for what it initially appears. And everything else seems superfluous
Still, all that has been said above, can be described in no way different than -. Calming the nerves and the spirit of the paragraph. Yes, you can resort to it only when you forget about your problems and you need to perk up. And so, as you know, a life without problems - it is not life. Each being literally "stuffed" a variety of things and situations that will eventually leave scars on the heart. All this fully demonstrates the fate of a man named Butch Haynes. This kid is still a child went wrong, and the reason for it was, of course, parents. Parents that their way of life and endless antics planted then still a young child his own moral code, articles which do not provide a better life than the life in the care of his mother suffering from the last stage of syphilis. Well, or a relationship with his own father, whose hands are so strongly and need to apply the endless strikes, always itchy hands. As might be expected, Butch's mother did not live long, and the guy had no other choice but to - to live with a lover to scoff at people, my father, I mean. By the way, he Butch became already earn one is not the best way of life and not the legitimate, so one policeman, respect the good intentions, decided to put Butch in jail in order to protect the latter from his own father, and life is not the best, well, as bonus provided vital school. What's in jail for Haynes? It's clear that getting rid of his father and seeing the prison way of life, you begin to imbibe clean criminal ideals that are unlikely to leave your sentiments, but even your soul.
Returning to the mention of school life, one must note that it is not all it is necessary for our liking, and on this basis, we can conclude that not everyone is able to withstand it and bring everything to its logical conclusion. Apparently, plenty of notes of swallowing prison, Butch decided ahead of time to finish their stay in places not so remote. What comes of it? From this comes the realization only escape from the prison places, which was most welcome in Butch lately. Haynes takes his companions Man is not with the highest IQ, but with sufficient internal rancor and ideological violence. In general, the two run into the city, and there, to plunge into the history, Butch decided to take hostage a little boy who eventually becomes a substitute to the most cruel prison companion.
And then crime drama with growing force begins to shine a little attitude boy named Philip and escaped convict Butch in excellent performance of Kevin Costner. The boy from the beginning shows itself very accommodating and did not resist, after all, really, the child will not be able to resist the great uncle. Moreover, Philip literally immediately begins to nurture sympathy for Butch, affects boys childhood without a father. Incidentally, Kevin Costner and TJ. Louzera turned out good actor tandem stands out for its understanding and quality work done. These two characters were true soulmates. Butch, watching bullying father and rosshey without the latter finds the father's feelings and tend to switch to Philip. Well, Philip, naterpevshis life without male council, it seems happy to continue to have the status of a hostage. The process of surveillance of these relationships is a deep interest in the relationship "offender - hostage" sometimes forced to simply marvel at all the situation that has developed on the screen
most important feature of this movie should be called the thin psychological line that separates the irony of the American system of law enforcement. the emotional drama component, when the fore the solid experience of the main characters, and then you get an inner cry of despair after the final outcome. Intrigued at the beginning of the picture, speeding fine, sliding to mind - interesting situations / boring situation. We say "interesting situation", and mean action associated with the character Costner and little boy Philip. We say "boring situation," and mean moments with Eastwood and company. Of course, due to this film and maintains its own bar, constantly keeps the audience in suspense and interest, showing intriguing situation with Butch, and then diluting them with "coffee" chatter police / Rangers. But we must pay tribute to that, if I did not talk Eastwood and Company, we would never have learned some important points that explain much and through which much becomes clear. Well, the main point that makes all the difference, in our brains, and in particular the whole situation the film, of course, is the very ending, which has become a landmark and dug in the memory of many moviegoers and critics the world.
course that fate arranged a chance encounter of a little boy and a man with absolutely no established life has benefited, one as much as another. Characters recover their emotional gaps cherpnuv what they during the crisis was needed. Well, for us the meeting was beneficial and acted as necessary precisely because the "A perfect world" Eastwood gave a look at the world sober eyes.

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