People, Organizations And Leadership: McDonalds Essay


Describe about the People, Organizations And Leadership for McDonalds.


Problem solving application case

Improving Customer Satisfaction at McDonald's

Application of the three stop problem solving approach to OB

Stop one: The problem

The problem with McDonalds was not it was not being able to satisfy the customers. The complaints from the customers were increasing overtime and the main reason was the unfriendly behavior of the employees and late service. The delivery of the products at McDonalds was the slowest. Hence, the company lagged its competitors. The reason for the delay in service and unprofessional behavior of customers is low wages. The outcome of dissatisfaction of customers was the loss of relevant and loyal customers of the company. The company has used many strategies to solve its problems over the past but has not been successful.

Hence, the most important problem of McDonalds is its inability to satisfy the customers and the employees. The main challenges or the problems faced by McDonalds are:

  • Inability to satisfy customers.
  • It also faces service challenges due to expansion of menu.
  • Employee’s wages were low and they lacked proper and efficient training.

Stop two: Evaluation

The personal factors that were responsible for customer dissatisfaction was the low wages paid to employees and an extensive menu that was set. The other factor that was responsible for such an outcome was the unprofessional behavior of employees and lag in delivery of the products to the customers. The other challenges was the lack of communication and inefficient communication process by the employees and the management.

The external environment plays an important role in affecting the business and determining the strategies formed by the company. The main environmental characteristic that McDonalds should consider is the strategies that are used by its competitors in order to achieve competitive advantage.

It is essential to consider the management should directly solve the processes that the employees use in the organization and the problems. It is essential to for McDonalds to revise the menu and make it simple so that the consumers do no face any problem. The organization should also consider revising its service provision and delivery process.

The concepts of public relations, software’s, responses, operations, PR news, brands, business plan, QSR magazine, effective communication, increase in wages and extensive menu will help in solving the problem faced by McDonalds.

Stop three: Recommendations

It is advisable that McDonalds should provide less choice of foods but should provide high and good quality. The company should increase the wages of employees so that they treat the customers professional and in friendly manner. The communication process should be efficient and the services of the organization should be improved. The management team should directly handle the problems. It is essential for the organization to concentrate on employees and provide them good working condition so that the rate of turnover is low and the customers are satisfied. It is essential to improve the speed of service by changing the use of technology. The company should modern technologies that are efficient. Incorporating new software and hiring new employees is essential to improve the business process.

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