People And Organization Implement Strategie Essay


Discuss about the People and Organization Implement Strategie.


In order to attend to my deficiencies in regards to conflict and negotiations this action plan is made. The scope of this action plan is to implement strategies for the next 6 months period such that I am able to establish myself as a good manager with capabilities in negotiation and conflict. As I am an introvert and low compromising person by nature, I need to up skill by knowledge and skills in regards to being open and compromising for being an effective manager. The following course of action can be taken by me for attaining to areas of improvement.

  • I can select a mentor for guiding me and developing this skill within me. My mentor will be one of my University Professor and if I show keen interests developing my skill set I am sure he will be guiding me. I will communicate to my mentor areas in which I am facing problems as against my skills and knowledge. I am sure that my mentor will be the appropriate person who will be able to provide me the necessary inputs for becoming the desired person I want to be.
  • I will devote time in the library for developing my skills and knowledge in the particular area. We have a highly resourceful library which contains a variety of books. There are several books and case examples that can guide me through the process of developing my skills in being open and compromising. I will primarily refer to self-help books and audio-visual trainings for improving these skills of mine.
  • I aim to attend a short-term course within my University that will help me improvise my skills in conflicts and negotiation. This course is especially designed and suited for professionals and managers in the field who want career improvement opportunities and prospects by attending this course. By attending this course for a period of 6 months I will also get a certificate which will be an added advantage for me in my job prospect.
  • I will maintain a self-reflection journal in order to maintain my progress in the area. I will get feedback reading my skills in conflict and negotiation from my friends and colleagues through Johari Window Model and then maintain it. After completing the short term course and going through mentoring as well as self-help books, I will ask my friends to reconsider my characteristics in regards to conflicts and negotiation. This self-reflection journal will act as a guiding way for me to ensure whether I have made progress through the improvement planning undertaken or not. This self-reflection journal will also help me develop my characteristics as a manager.

  • I am an introvert person hence in order to convert myself into an open personality, I will take various steps myself. I will indulge with various persons form other communities and University groups. I will make friendship with them and try to make myself as friendly in an effort to becoming an open person. Further I will henceforth not hesitate in mixing with new and unknown people and will not shy away from striking a conversation with them.
  • Being a non-compromising person from the beginning will make it difficult for me to become the reverse of it. I will start improvement in this aspect by trying to accommodate friends views by sharing my views with them I will also try and negotiate all possibilities with them in a conscious effort.

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