Pen0055 coursework #1: assignment (pair work — compare and contrast essay)

PEN0055 Coursework #1: Assignment (Pair work - Compare and Contrast Essay)

Choose one topic from the list below:

Every family, organisation or country has leaders and all leaders have their own style of leading. Compare and contrast female and male leadership styles.

Every family, organisation or country has leaders and all leaders have their own style of leading. Indeed, every individual are born to be a leader and we are born to lead. All of us have our own leadership style to success a team and we has been separated the leadership style into gender, aged and even on educational levels for contrast our leading power. From the statement above it related to the main topic of this essay which is compare and contrast about the female and male leadership styles. From the paragraph below, we will determine what is the differences between female and male leadership style is female tend to make decision based on emotions but male makes decision by prove and analysis, another else woman have more develop skill associate and male consider at decision-making and problem-solving.

First as foremost, in this era of globalisation, the statues of female in the society are more adequate equal to man than the era before. This fact also made the amount of the female leaders rise obviously. Based on the leadership style, female leader will tend to judge a decision according their empathy than male leaders and male leaders are tend to judge their decision according prove and analysis. For instance, the representative of female leader who judge with her emotion is our deputy prime minister Dato Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail a kind political woman and she had represented Malaysia government donated five hundred thousand Ringgit Malaysia twice and reach 1 million Ringgit Malaysia with Malaysia government fund to Indonesian victim to rebuild their houses from the tragedy of the natural disaster which happened in Palu, Sulawesi and Lombok. All of this because of she understands the increment of the death toll and she as a Women, Family and Community Development Minister in Malaysia she hopes those donations can conveyed her condolences to the victims and their families. Based on the event mention above we know that Dato Seri Dr Wan Azizah as a female leader and she is doing a good job to victims in Indonesia but adding financial burden to our country but to us she is making a good decision by her own emotion because it is a good deed to help people in the helpless whirlpool. Sometimes we can really make decision by own our heart when it did not harm us. After example of female leader, the example of the male leader who tend to judge their decision with prove and analysis is Warren Buffett who is the most successful investor in the world. He is an analytical type leader to deal with a decision especially decision of his stocks. Based on book published by him “Think Like Warrant Buffett” had told us his investing secret which is always doing research before invest a company even just a roughly research but make sure you are clear to the company. Financing data and the business operating performance will also not be lying to us. With his analytical mindset he owns 80.6 billon USD net worth to prove his success. Hence, from the example of Warren Buffett, we can know about the male leader are tend to being analytical for leading their way or team to success. Moreover, both examples show us we should always make decision by thinking from lot of angles and we can make our decision based on our emotions like females even being analytic like a man but make sure it is suitable and helpful but not divested our own good.

Even though it’s 2019, gender stereotypes haven’t gone away. There are always arguing over on male and female Leadership. When employees are asked to describe an effective leader, most of them imagine a man. According to research, such a pattern illustrates gender stereotypes. Most people tend to associate leadership qualities with men, and this problem has always been known by social scientists. Furthermore according to statistics, European and American senior-level executives agree that women have more develop skills associate with encouraging and supporting, while men are consider better at decision-making and problem-solving. Men are associated with leadership qualities, and many employees think of men as of those who can be in charge. Therefore, women often face a dilemma they can either demonstrate stereotypically masculine behavior or be criticize for not meeting gender expectations, or agree with the fact that others don’t see them as leaders. Numerous studies also reveal another problem, when men suggest some ideas to their team members, they are perceive as leaders and their ideas are getting more attention compare to female leaders. When women are making the same suggestions and using the same language, their ideas are not apply in the same way at the same time. Even though some people may defend such stereotypes, claims that men indeed are better leaders, facts and numbers prove the opposite. For example, research by Peterson Institute for International Economics revealed a correlation between the number of women at the C-Suite and profits of companies. Companies that have at least 30% of women in leadership positions show at least 1% point in a net profit margin compared to companies that don’t have female leaders. Diverse companies find more creative and profitable solutions, and they implement innovations faster, which is proven by a Fortune’s list of the most admired companies, which includes such giants as Amazon, JPMorgan, Starbucks, and Microsoft. It turns out that the most successful companies have more female leaders than less profitable organizations. Moreover, No. 1 on this list is Apple, which also has the biggest percentage of women at senior management position which is 29%, still a shockingly unbalanced ratio compare to other companies. However, according to 2018 Fortune’s 500 list, there are only 24 CEO are women.

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