"Pearl Harbor" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I just say, my review would be contradictory to itself. Because, despite the fact that the film I am very pleased, I will highlight a couple of points for myself, that I have caused, at least irritation. Let's go!
As I said, I liked the movie very much. When watching, I did not expect such. It is assumed that there will be an ordinary 'voynushka' with snot and blood. Yes, in principle, so it was, in general terms, but if we consider the film in detail, it is not so simple.
I want to say at the outset that, since the film is based on the war, many expect him to complete truthfulness, any of its inventions that would be respected history. And then I ask 'Did you see the Lord, the film' Inglourious Ublyu DKI '?' Because if so then you've found disagreement with the truth and the lie, the 'bastard s' you do not worth watching, you jaw droop when you will see how to destroy the central command of German, and if only the jaw, then consider yourself lucky. In comparison with the film, this one - just a documentary. But on the other hand, despite the film immediately realize that the whole picture - just a big joke and ridicule everything. Here, everything looks very seriously, and we can say 'Since I started about the war, do everything as it really was. " But ... Still, as the saying goes ' who shoots a movie, that it and dancing' . According to your need to the entire movie the main characters talk about the glorious deeds of Russian soldiers ?! About how they killed, making each day of heroic deeds ... On what meal they are going through, etc. Or do you need to be told, in reality Americans avenged Japan for Pearl Harbor ? And, perhaps, the best final would be if in the final monologue was told 'Our deeds nor that Russian won without them nothing would have happened! '. What a nonsense, in fact it really ?! They took off, as they wanted and took off quite well. We shoot nobody forbids, but if you do not know how, who is there to blame ...
Now about the movie itself. The whole movie I'd like to be divided into several components, or rather, three. Love, Friendship, War. and analyzed each.
love . Here we see the relationship between soldiers, pilot and honey. sister. Love, kind of like, beautiful and sincere. But there would be no happiness in disguise, and everything changes in an instant. At first, it seems, and good, but it is worth remembering that it's still a movie and then nothing happens for a reason and everything does not end quickly. And now she is at a crossroads, what she should do, but there is a crossroads in my head ... the choice is already made, and how to do in the real world. But this, please note, different choices. The phrase, which I did not like 'I'm pregnant, and now the rest of his life spend with Danny '. Personally, I, the hero Josh Hartnett, sympathized more than his cine other. Maybe that's why I'm so these words are negatively perceived. But in the end, things are going 'convenient' and those who are destined to be together, and were together.
Friendship. This component of the movie I like the most. True friendship. Moreover, a huge plus Michael Beyu for that first showed us the main characters, kids, it just makes it clear what they are friends. To their friendship, I was filled with the very beginning of the film. In our time, this friendship every step can not be found, it is now uncommon. For that what is friendship, the film a huge bow in life.
War. I'm already a little earlier said on this point. Of course, you can talk a lot, even indefinitely. I'll tell you the points that I have been very unpleasant. First Things First - this is the final monologue, to be specific the final phrase. She's so that I, despite the fact that a few minutes ago, I mourned the loss of one of the main characters, it just ticked off. I am not an ardent observer of history in films, but here ... Not that that would disgusts me that this is not true. It is still very mildly. It is not just disrespectful to the Russian in her contempt for all who took part in the war. As if fighting among Americans. This could not speak. Here Michael Bay suffered a complete fiasco. Still, I did not like the Japanese general or someone out there (sorry, in rank, I do not understand) all the time praising America. Despite the fact that the attacks it allegedly initially aware that this is a big mistake ... Himself praises - no praise, apparently so. But in general, the war is a worthy, if not, even without the extra paint, but oh well. Not the essence.
Just say a few words separately about other components vnesyuzhetnyh picture. Cast: here certainly did not notice the stone game Ben Affleck it is simply impossible, well, a man can not shed tears because that would be all of them shed with him but for firing at Japs he gets to sit perfectly and the aircraft also comes out well in the cockpit. Josh Hartnett with its coped better than his colleagues, maybe it was a way more suited to the actor himself can more thing ... But he looked better, of course. Kate Beckinsale , about her game, I'll just say - okay, nothing more. Special Effects: here, anyway, and the Michael Bay have Michael Bay . Blow up and sink he can brilliantly. Here, nothing to complain about. Musical accompaniment: shine, all in harmony and synchronized action in the film. Mr. Zimmer, you are a master of his craft!
I recently heard that the launch of Pearl Harbor, it was planned that he will compete with the Titanic at the box office. Well, you excuse me, Titanic, Titanic, and he is. And overshadow it by creating an analogy, non-WHO-WMS-no. And different it's still a movie.
Summing up, I would say that the film is very worthy. Despite all the contradictions and shortcomings that I called, all this stuff. And you do not even notice if inspired with the movie. It can be reviewed over and over again, and the impressions will always be alone. I now can not watch the entire movie, and unwind in the last 15 minutes that would break through the emotions. But this, not everyone is able to film.
8 out of 10

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