"Pearl Harbor" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Battle of Pearl Harbor is one of the most important dates in the history of the USA. On the one hand, this is a very big black blot when massive but unprepared fleet was defeated by a small party of the country's aviation is considered not viable to conduct military operations, on the other hand, it was the beginning of the US entry into World War II, turning eventually to her victory.
However, the military component of the film, it is only a very thin veil stretched canvas general background tell the story. It is based on the story of two friends, almost brothers, from the very childhood dream of becoming a fighter pilot. The American dream has come true, and now, many years later, they were already participants in the Second World War. Branded love story turns rather dramatic and twisted love triangle, evolving sometimes in the most unexpected ways.
entire first hour on-screen is played serious drama where scenes of military strategy and preparation are the only rare diluting woven storylines, which is just a huge set. In addition built on two pillars, and that is, the characters, the plot plot, the film presents a great abundance of colorful characters of the second plan, each of which hides its own history. And each is told very clearly, it is always appropriate and very exciting. The film looks with interest, delving into the meaning of brilliant dialogues.
film raises and develops very serious issues and problems, both military relations and strategies, and relationships between people. 'Genius could have done without the war, said the Japanese chief, after praise for its beautiful strategic idea of ​​the attack, while recognizing all the desperate situation and clearly hinting audience that the war will be demonstrated in all its diversity. Military and military terrors romance battles, water and air, the discharge of bombs and shooting, dead sea and bloody wounded body limb deprived, burns, severe injuries. Potential war film disclosed to the maximum, and the realism of violence sometimes even surpasses. A wonderful sense of the frame contributes to Michael Beyu always as a visual fall right on target. Aggressive style and branded chips, coupled with a surprisingly beautiful game camera and well placed accents for a long time-keeping.
surprising that the film is 3:03:03 (at least the version I have) and military action It shall enter into force exactly one and a half hours after the start. Up to this point is played out as a beautiful love story and exciting staged drama whose dynamics will not miss even a fan of continuous fighting, preparing the audience for the second half of the film, giving food for thought, and simply providing video wonderful actors. Of participants in the events just scatter eyes. If starring are stars such as Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett and Kate Beckinsale, it is no less vivid characters remaining storylines presented a whole list of great star names. Among them Jon Voight and Alec Baldwin and Dan Aykroyd, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and, of course, Jamie King, brilliantly talented showing the game in each of his episode. With all this the participation of all those world stars in the film is very significant and long-lasting, as well as plenty of attention from the director. Just stir and many of the characters, no less vivid and important for the film, but slightly less well-known and popular performers on their roles. And I especially want to highlight Ewen Bremner and Cube Gooding Jr., these guys are such wonderful images defeated, well, just great! Each of the characters wants a standing ovation, the acting is impeccable and is devoid of any, even the smallest claims. All perfected down to the second, all the dialogue sounds sincere and every word uttered with complete empathy in the role! Not every film is able to boast of such a composition and such heroes!
After one and a half hours of action starts immediately. And it is in this respect not find a more dignified name than Michael Bay. Just god bombings and drive, with a unique style of directing these events. And, as always at the height of the camera work, helping to plunge into the midst of a terrible war, placing the viewer amidst explosions and bullets, throwing it under layers of ocean water, then throwing into the air, where planes simply create spectacular miracles of aerobatics and fighting for life and death!
impressive and spectacular shooting has always been distinguished from the Bay like him, and endless dynamics of events takes on all the pores deeper into the events. Action put on top, and is more than natural. Impressive fly and drop bombs with gunfights, explosions peppered brand and the firepower. Cruelty and a sea of ​​blood, the war in all its glory, in spite of the seemingly mild PG-13 rating. Blood stream flows here, and the number of dead bodies sometimes rolls over. The charred corpses, the screams of wounded, severed limbs, bleeding wounds, even in the bottle from the US under the brand name of Coca-Cola and then poured human blood. And the drama is heating up to the limit, when the hospital decides - admitting only those who really can save and return to the front. The human factor begins ruthless natural selection and the struggle for survival in the wildest conditions. Fire and water, war and peace, love and betrayal, all intertwined close relationship plot events, streaking fighters screeched to a wonderful soundtrack by Hans Zimmer!
touching to tears, sometimes shocking, cruel and sometimes romantic and beautiful story of the film It is gaining momentum with each new event, not releasing his weave intrigues and stories related to the final outcome. War such as it is. Happiness is cut off in one second, the faith needs incessant support, love is stronger than death, and the courage and bravery of severe pain.
powerful movie with a firm hand the genius of action, creation worthy of their awards and nominations, and even more. Very correct and intelligent film, where the film is quite obvious pathos of heroism of Americans, hiding a lot of deep meaning and great significance. In fact, a great work, worthy of respect and attention that you want to watch again and again. Well, for me personally - this is the best war film ever! A real masterpiece! Bravo, Mr. Bei!
10 OF 10

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